2017 SWM Superdual Review

The SWM Superdual is a single-cylinder four-stroke go anywhere bike that comes in at the bargain price of $9990 + ORC in Australia. The Superdual on test here is the version with the 19in and 17in rear wheels and road based Adventure Sports tyres. For the full review, check out Kris Hodgson’s test on BikeReview.com.au and thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe.


يوميات عراقي في بلاد الغرب says:



I have it, it’ is a good bike! Great value for money!

shiva sandeep says:

Is the ground clearance 180mm or 230mm via adjustable suspension and how’s the seat comfort

Duarte Silvestre says:

Hi guys thanks for all this!

Just a question: how tall are you and what’s your inseam?

I’m a short guy (1,70m). With my Super Teneré I use the seat at higher position of 870cm, and is my maximum. I know the SD seat is even higher, however perhaps not so wide like the ST one…


Paul Chidgey says:

You cannot even reply and said you wanted to hear from SWM owners

White Raven says:

I have a 5 year warranty with my DR650SE. It’s proven. If SWM RS650R is still around in six years holding good reputation, and selling with 5yr warranty, l may consider it..

Alex Frankl says:

2018 model is improved , switchable abs , starts easy , etc , now available with a wheel option and panniers for 11500 on the road , outstanding value .

Kai-Uwe Och says:

One aspect most reviewers forget is to take a look at the service scheme of the bike, both for intervalls and intensity. That engine should get fresh oil and a valve clearance check / adjustement every 5.000km. For an adventure TRAVEL bike this is already at the very lower acceptance limit. During my 2013 Trans-Canada trip this would have required five big services (26.000km in three months). But it gets even worse: somewhere in the Yukon I would have needed to find someone who could replace the timing chain after only 20.000km! This a an absolute no-go. So all the bikes using this engine are in my opinion disqualified as long distance travel bikes – and that’s what they are orignally intended for!

Paul Chidgey says:

Iv got a Superdual and have 3000kms on it , it has not missed a beat, I think you are wrong about the brakes, I think seeing the bike does not have ABS and it only weights 179kg wet the front is about perfect for both Tar and dirt, I think the rear is to harsh ( on the dirt ) I will be putting a harder Pad in the rear so it does not lock up as easy , Yes I agree it can be hard to start sometimes , as you properly know it comes from the Husky TE630 Motor it was the same ,Like on all bikes they have there niggles and you get used to it ,I modded my seat just like iv done on my $20,000 bikes ( no 2 asses are the same ) I think its the best Solo Dual sport /Adv bike since the DR 650 or KLR 650 and it has 6 gears and fuel injection. Does road very well and has a cush drive rear and also the trails Very well also with around a 400km tank range its a fantastic bike ” yet again this bike has been underrated by comparing to I’m not sure what category ?  So this bike is a Light weight long distance Dual sport ( not a full on dirt or enduro bike to go jumping over logs or massive jumps ) I’m running Shinko 804/805 on mine and they work fantastic on the bike. I organised a ride in North East Vic about 1 month ago with 26 other bikes from 1200 gs, Husky 701, DR,s KLR.S , DRZ,s , WR 450 ,RMX 450 and many more my Superdual and Brother in laws were up with the front 4 bikes most of the day and iit was 85% off road and 50% fire trails and the SWM 650 Superdual surprised the hell out of most if not all the riders there. And you can operate the dash while on the move , yes its not as easy as a handlebar mounted controls ,but do agree it needs a temp gauge but its a fantastic bike

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