2017 Lightweight ADV Shootout

What does adventure mean to you? Wait, let me narrow that down: What does adventure motorcycling mean to you? Maybe your idea of adventure on a motorcycle is setting out, destination unknown with nothing but a paper map and the Blue Highways to guide you. Or maybe, to you, adventure means setting out across the American southwest with a few friends in tow, using trails and highways to connect yourself to our vast array of spectacular national parks. Perhaps your sense of adventure riding involves knobby tires, an ever-changing trail system of sand washes and fish tacos as you make your way down the Baja peninsula.

That’s just the point to touch on first and foremost – adventure riding means different things to different people. Marketing in the motorcycle industry would have you think you need to be jumping a 1200cc-plus, 550-lb, $18,000 “Adventure bike” over a mountain, through the woods, and to grandmother’s house (in Siberia) we go.

For those who want to get their feet wet having an adventure on a motorcycle, or maybe just want to add a more versatile type bike to their garage, we put together a shootout of small-displacement motorcycles that point in three different directions to help you decide which bike would fit your definition of adventure best.

It’s the CSC RXR vs. the Honda CRF250L Rally vs. the Kawasaki Versys-X 300. Read the full story here: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2017-lightweight-adv-shootout


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Sam 123 says:

Lol, why in america doesn’t the rally have LED indicators? It looks a huge amount worse with those big old ones.

martin martin says:

Wait before making the purchase of the wee versys cause the new ninja 400 is here and that mean the versys will probably receive this bigger engine soon .

Javaid Iqbal Shah says:


Sef Isred says:

Why os the 310gs no there

690 ADV says:

very informative and well put together!

Bob Taylor says:

As a dedicated dual sport / adv rider (klr 650, vstrom 650) I have no idea why they do these comparisons with oem tires. Anyone who rides these type of bikes know tires make all the difference. The oem tires on both my bikes sucked. The klr is much better onroad with Trailwings than Dunlops. The weestrom is much better offroad with Continentals than Tourance. Based on their comparison I’d probably go with Kaw and different tires. You can always tune suspension and tires. Wider handle bars are cheap. Its impossible to get more horsepower out of low displacement bikes.

shadrock99 says:

386 lbs wet for the kawi is not light weight…. that’s pathetically pigfat.

Mike Callaghan says:

Great video Guys the more i watch these type of videos the more i think that you dont need big cc bikes to have fun and versatility.

Mattingray says:

I like the Honda 250 Rally, but the mfg counted me out as I am not 6′ tall. While the Versys-300 fits a wide range of riders, unfortunately it is a bit heavy for off road.

Google User says:

It would have to be the Versys for me. If the Honda had a bit more power, larger tank etc then maybe that. All 3 are decent bikes though. The price of the csc is amazing!


Looks like some fun riding, throwing them into the turns like that

Rob G says:

I’ve had the Versys-X since mid-October and I LOVE THIS BIKE.  It’s absolutely fantastic, and is way better off-road than it’s appearance would suggest.  Its suspension is quite firm, but softens up nicely after 500-600 miles, but stays really well setup for aggressive off-road use.  I’ve been able to catch some minor air without bottoming.  The biggest downside is the hard seat, but Seat Concepts has one for it now that is a very nice improvement. I put some Metzeler Karoo 3 tires on it and they’re fantastic on this bike.  But I HIGHLY recommend this bike!

Mathilde Chevalier says:

Within ought wander top red recover presidency distribution.

Story Moto ADV says:

Excellent video!!! I have the Versys 300. I’ve had a lot of fun with it on and off road around my house but about to take it on and off road and live on it out west! Almost got the Honda but happy with my choice in the end!

Harri says:

i would like to see the royal enfield himalayan in such a shootout.

Ben T says:

The 3rd guy you added for this video was super cool! Hope to get hear more from him in the future.

RAY C says:

For $3500 buy a used KLR or DR650 for light trails like that.

Asad S says:

Great video. I would definitely take the Versys as someone who just wants to explore the back roads but would still need a decent mode of transportation.

RC says:

All three bikes have fairings. No thanks.

Ahmet Ariari says:

KLX 250 should be a better opponent then versys 300

blkcpdconure says:

I love that Honda. I would absolutely buy one new for my first bike and take it on road trips to northern MN all the time. Just make an adventure of it and avoid I35. If I decide down the line that I want a street only bike I’ll keep the Honda and get a 2nd bike. These little bikes just look like so much fun!

bernardo galan gil says:

Just bought the Honda!!!!! Lucky me

Its all about Rc fanboy says:

Don’t like poor man’s adventure bike comment some people don’t want a 1000cc

mse says:

bmw g310 gs would be nice to see

TEAR says:

This was a good test. I wish all motorcycle tests on the internet could be so conclusive.

Matthew Hoopes says:

They keep mentioning the “$3500” price point. I would highly recommend finding a clean, used Japanese bike of any variety before buying an almost no name Chinese motorcycle. $3500 goes a long way in finding a small, clean dual sport.

Vincent Nistico says:

I testrode the crf before buying the Kawi. The Versys is an absolute delight on the highway. If you plan to actually go any distance on a fast road it definitely leaves the crf in the dust. As someone with only minor off-road aspirations, it is the clear choice. I haven’t seen anyone on the csc though.

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