2017 KTM 690 Enduro R Review

Big thanks to Ride On Moto of Winchester, VA for allowing me to review the 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R. If there’s anything else you’d like to know be sure to ask me in the comments section. To see the bike in person please visit Ride on Moto.

Ride on Moto
4110 Valley Pike
Winchester, VA 22602

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Roadstar 1963 says:

HaHa valve check at 6200 RPM. Go for a ride check the valves, go for a ride check the valves. But seriously again a great review. Oddly enough I was torn between this bike and the 1290 super adventure r. Deciding factor was riding with a passenger although my wife hasn’t ridden on the back of the SAR yet because of weather so I guess we’ll see.

Ian Curtis says:

Hey, thinking about getting one. How does it handle at high speeds? What’s realistic top speed can you expect from a bike like this? Thanks

R Lo says:

I’ve seen where the Suzuki’s , if memory serves, suspension can be lowered about 1.5″ for shorter stature riders… I am 5’10″… ish… (spine issues, shrunk a little of the years) with a 30″ inseam. I am very interested KTM 690 Enduro, is there a way to reduce suspension height to make it a little more ride-able for us non 6′ types? I don’t on doing any severe off-road, just trails and hunting/scouting trips, mild manor adventure riding so the 11″ ground clearance might be a tad bit more then I need.

cumnmrmpt aaa says:

Thats the same tail light on my 2007 exc lmao

Chris Cozine says:

Great all around review.

cesar william says:

que região é essa do video?

p0weraid says:

I use to own a drz400e and was wondering how this would compare off-road? I understand this is a little lighter just overall looks bigger I’m sure it’s better on road tho!

Steve M says:

Video was ok but I’m not sure I’d call what he did around @16:00 “dirt riding” When I was a kid I’d ride an old 10 speed street bicycle on rougher terrain than that. My ’07 DR650 (which hasn’t changed in 20-30 years) is about 25 lbs heavier and even with mods, probably 20 less hp and I can take that through really tough stuff so I’m guessing this one would easily be better.

Wedidget Fooledagain says:


690 ADV says:

another great video, keep it going.

Alex Morgan says:

Rides an Enduro bike not on dirt or trails, but on smooth, dry tarmac. LMAO!!!!

Chris DellaCroce says:

for a $10k to not come with a wind screen and an alum. skid plate is insane!! been eyeing this bike for months now. I may pull the trigger on it this winter.2019

80sruler says:

Man I wish someone would make this style with a seat 31-33 and not 36-39

Mark Music says:

Great review…..Thanks

mrbigg7255 says:

Nice review.

2 Wheeled Rider says:

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CycleCruza says:

Just remember KTM doe NOT cover any electronics under their warranty.

Brandon Asselstine says:

Is this the same engine as the 690 duke

Julien Monney says:

The switch under the seat does not change the fuel mapping but the responsiveness of the “ride by wire” throttle. In the sportiest setting it gives you an either “On” or “Off” throttle. Very enjoyable! Not more power but all power available at a touch of the throttle.

Shaky Hand Pictures says:

Well done.

M. Lo says:

Can you ride this bike on the freeway in California?

Terran Stasis says:

Lot of good information in your video, but please when your reviewing a Dual Sport spend a little more time in the dirt/technical and not on a woods trail that a bicycle could peddle thru.

Edgar Daniels says:

Lmao, jump up on sidewalks! I do that all the time on my z125pro. Can’t help it. Love my Africa twin but it’s too heavy for TAT. Selling my fat boy for one of these. Thanks for the vid!

Robin Mossing says:

Had a nice 2015 Ducati Hypermotard 800 SP….loved it, yet, I think this 690 R will do a great replacement

traveling random says:

those damned cables are right in front

KTMVU says:

Isn’t the rear wheel 19 instead of 18?

Kaegis says:

How would it compare to a Husaberg FE570? Husaberg around 30kg lighter and still a lot of torque.

huskyf0x says:

i thought the 500cc class was the real enduro … i thought everything 600 its dual sport and touring … i thought what im saying
its right… well i am

James Fairmind says:

Had to laugh when you said not really designed to ride 2 up very far. I am 6ft 2′ and 180 lbs and my girlfriend and I rode from New York to Miami on my 690 ER in 2014 in complete comfort with full luggage too. Admittedly she was sitting on a folded air-mattress but it all worked out fine!

The MX Guru says:

I was about to skip past the video until I heard West Virginia. ALMOST HEAVEN

Antonio Carluccio says:

my friend if you are reviewing an Enduro bike why are you traveling in paved road???

Vise Diesel says:

3.2 gallons yeet

Terrance Coleman says:

Are these legal in California ?

orange70383 says:

Good review, even on my lc4 640 I found the seat height to be way too high, and I missed a gas gauge but the bike was rock solid.

MotoEMNK says:

Got one of those too, love it, but gotta try that performance mode thingy under the seat

Indy Pup says:

Those dirt trails aren’t what I would call tight. 😉

Draven Weber says:

If you or your buddies have this or other bikes, check out Knight design llc for parts. They’ve made every bike I’ve had feel just that much better

Vlad Troyanker says:

How does 690 Enduro compares vs exc 500 provided that 500 can be made street legal?

Steven Shelp says:

I’m 6’1 and sitting on this bike I couldn’t get both feet down. Things so tall

Alex Trajano says:

Nice review. Can you switch off the abs?

Matt Benson says:

Cool bike wish I could buy one!

Mike Murray says:

The 100mph limit is for those tires

kloppskalli says:

dear America, it’s not ‘Husqavarna’.. Swedes say: ‘Hüsqvarna’ 🙂

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