2017 Honda CRF250L Review of Specs | Dual-Sport Motorcycle / Bike | CRF 250 L

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HondaPro Kevin says:

Want to learn even more about the 2017 Honda CRF250L changes? Detailed engine, frame, suspension info plus more @ —-》 http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2017-honda-crf250l-review-specs-motorcycle-dual-sport-bike-crf-250-l

Canadian Dave says:

I think it’s 320 pounds and that alone sucks

TeamWake-N-Bake says:

I’m like 5’7 or 5’8, I’ll be tip toeing, huh?

The MotorradAbhängig says:

how tall are you ? because I am thinking of getting a Honda CRF250L 🙂

danodbdb says:

Sharp lookin bike. Wish it was a 450.

Frank Dow says:

5 grand for a 250 cc bike ? wholy crap ! not worth it .

Stevie Gee says:

That’s awesome, still love my 2015.It’s been very modified though, I love it.

Control Point says:

Swingarm looks cool. Kinda worksy.

SBW says:

That brake line placement tho ……

Dam Sun says:

mom walked in on me watching this and i felt embarrassed.

Jay _ says:

Really would like to see the supermoto version of this bike for sale in the US.

Jeff Ferguson says:

changes are good but the bigger 300 cc engine and a 3 gallon tank would be nice

IRQ1Conflict says:

My opinion is no one is doing dual sport bikes properly. They all have at least one serious draw back. That stems from then not listening to their customers.

Ironbeast42 says:

yo bro how many strokes is it im looking to buy a bike and i like this one, great video btw!

Icansee u says:

It’s just so damn expensive here in the UK.

Wainer Rinkler says:

I made some Wallpapers in 1440p for those who want some. Credit obviously goes to HondaPro Kevin.

King's Lyfe says:

Pretty much the same bike as before now you just don’t have to get an ejk, fmf full exhaust, and a standalone tach from what it sounds like by the numbers. I like the new additions but I’m sure it’s still lacking on the torquiness you need to get the front tire up without dumping the clutch.( or ripping it into second gear xD)

My Damn Channel says:

Honda please do something with that damn brake line.

Dom says:

I’m 5″4 I can’t fit on this. why do bikes always got to be for the tall people? I have rebel 250. love it but not enough power.

John Wesley says:

I wish it came in another color besides red!

JinKazama92 says:

Honda Pro Kevin im about to buy one. Whats the topspeed bone stock?

Kevin Ritz says:

I’d like a 300 but the improvements to this one were very much needed. Thanks for the review

RusiTonkkari77 says:

Is that updated muffler as quiet as old one?

mike brennan says:

Hey what plastics and graphics from the 450 are interchangeable? Thanks!!!

Thanh Ha says:

is it truly water cooled?

Tenshinheit 亀 says:

great video, what is your camera?

Adam Batchelder says:

Weight is about the same as a 1983 xl 600 how does Honda do it?

Jay Ash says:

Honda CRF450l is what we need, something with a bit more go on the roads, come on Honda hurry up with the 450 and take my money

Superrps31 says:

Is there any talk of Honda evolving the XR650L into a CRF650L? The styling of this CRF250L wins hands down over the current XR650L, which now looks so dated.

JRat says:

Love it but wouldn’t buy it just because of that front brake line.

Julius Baumgartner says:

I would like a 400cc supermoto

Johny Cash says:

I just picked mine up yesterday and can’t wait to cut up tail light mud flap assembly.

thomas laux says:

Is the 650 or this one thats quieter? How is the power up hill?

SeeK says:

Nice overview, thanks!

Sam 123 says:

“Larger fuel tank” I think you got mixed up with the Rally…

Rajath K S says:

Man what’s with your voice..?its irritating


If they made it a 300 then everyone would ask why not a 350? If they made it a 350 we’d all ask why not a 450/500/650? The Rally should have gotten the 300 engine.

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