Cycle News compares the Beta 500 RS and the Husqvarna FE 501 S, two amazing dual-sport bikes that are fully capable of tackling any off-road terrain. They both are street legal but where they work best is in the gnarliest of off-road settings, like the Nevada 200 ride. No better place to do it.


joker rc says:

ktm resell value out ways these bikes , and KTM 500 shits all over a husky in out right power ,poor air box design restricts the huskys mid /top end ,

Dirt Beard says:

must be fun getting parts for a Beta.. I’ve never seen one IRL and nobody sells them.

Belicose777 says:

I’m assuming the Beta and Husky is tame in comparison to a 450 race bike.

Nomans land says:

Where is the Beta made?

Thomas Halley says:

So this video says its not good for extended highway, my curiosity is what makes this different from a dr650 that would make one highway ready or not?

Juney Shober says:

drz 650?

tdub9899 says:

Pizza bike for the win! #sbab

jack schitt says:

what is maintenance schedule comparison?

The Last Rebel Show says:

I’ll take a TM.

Bradd Petersen says:

Hello who make them ?. and where are they made thankyou very much from down under Australia

CycleCruza says:

Thinking seriously about picking up a 2017 Beta 500 RR-S.

Jake Vale says:

your guys overall conclusion was quite surprising,… I havent rode either bike yet so thanks for your inputs.. I just assumed the beta would do better in the tight technical stuff and the husky be better at the wide open stuff. thanjs for the video!!

Dan Sneyd says:

do these bikes have the same service intervals as their enduro based cousins?

Ernie Desjardins says:

both are very fuckin cool. I want one lol

madcanic says:

great bikes but i want something more for highway crusin

Rory Hassett says:

It’s strange…the whole review starts by stating “Dual sport is no longer synonymous with bulky, heavy or slow. In 2016….etc etc” Wow…KTM has been making world class endure bikes for decades and you’re only realizing now, in 2016, that enduros are no longer synonymous with bulky, heavy or slow?!?!?! I owned a 2007 KTM 525EXC that cranked out more power and torque than any mortal would need, and weighed a touch over 230lbs with all fluids and a full tank. Very nice review of these two bikes however, very thorough, I just wish you’d have included the king of the enduro class.

Zach Bishop says:

honestly this was a shitty review. you didn’t even review them stock. also the opinions sound biost too me. hot the husky any plus was made to sound like a negative. and why would a taller rider prefer a shorter bike, because the Handel bars come higher? wouldn’t they be more concerned about the seat then bars. it’s 30 bucks to get your bars higher then 100’s to get your seat higher. guys listen to me, if this is your options get the husky. your spending more time in trails and on hills then flying down fire trails and even if you are it’s a small difference. oh also husky last longer and is made in Europe and America

Zack Grindle says:

how much are. they

cw127cw says:

Guys if you had to chose between the 2017 FE 501 or the 2017 KTM EXC 450 (SIX DAYS) edition which would you chose and why?

Lala The Dullahan says:

The Husky has Brembos factory. My 16 came with them.

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