2015 WR450 Dual Sport Review

The WR450 is Yamaha’s Wide-Ratio enduro motorcycle, but how does it do as a dual sport? This WR450F has been modified to include turn signals, headlight control, taillight, horn, and GPS, all while running DOT knobbies.

With all the trimmings required for both street and dirt riding, this dual sport is ready to conquer whatever trails you may encounter, and to help get you to and from there. A steering damper will help keep the wobbles down while on the highway, and helps make riding on the trail an absolute breeze. If you’re having problems with rocks grabbing your front tire, consider adding a steering damper.

Properly set up suspension and a well-tuned engine give this bike plenty of power all across the powerband. However, this particular WR was tuned not to have too much off-idle power, which required higher RPM’s for basic riding. This made riding in higher gears difficult in tight terrain, and required frequent downshifts into first gear to make the tighter corners. With a better engine tune and a slightly larger sprocket in back, both of these issues would be resolved.

Overall, I found the WR450 to be an excellent dual sport, and a bike that I would gladly ride to and on the trail.

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UpBeatYamaha says:

I want one

dry509 says:

Would you recommend a WR450f for riding around on the street in my neighborhood and on paved country roads which are near my neighborhood? If not what else have you ridden that you like for primarily Street?

SoloRide ZX says:

CRF450X Vs WR450F Vs YZ450FX..which to choose..?!#*^

Deserted Cake says:

I have the 2007 model :^)

KtmGuy says:

I miss my 2013 so bad

Jimmy Barns says:

You know nothing about motorbikes do you tool.
And your a shit rider

Jake C says:

where are you riding in these videos? Colorado or Montana or something?

blaneysiktube says:

can’t wait to get one of these


why don’t you just get the YZF 450 for just off roading only anyway if that’s what you’re going to do go completely dirt unless you want to be able to drive it to and from whatever You’re going to which will miss you know these are really good because your Nobbies will wear out really quick!… And it’s not that fun or the tires I should say like you said is wishy-washy it’s more like the suspension is a little softer so that when you hit bumps or go up and down whoops there called so that you don’t feel the bumps as much or when you going over the whoops that you’re not going to get bounced off your bike with a stiff suspension what you need I’m pretty stiff suspension for racing mostly or on the street what a medium suspension setting but more along the lines of a medium stiff…

RoastRyder says:

Nice, can’t wait for more

Deep South says:

“That pull is so close to the base- I think I may want that a little harder”- That’s what she said- sorry I am a child in a grown mans body- lol

lakaiyak says:

what’s your inseam? just curious, because I know the WR is a pretty tall bike

Bob & Briana Russell says:

I am in ca a plated a 2016 wr 450 I still need to regear what is gearing on the wr in video


honestly bro you can be in 2nd gear and cruise around you’re just not used to cruising on dirt in 2nd gear because you’re not used to going fast on dirt or actually watching closely in front of you more to the floor and basically you gotta do two things at the same time watch are far from you and was very close to you because you want to make sure that you don’t hit anything while you’re going at a high rate of speed and you have to have cat-like reflexes to get out of anything situation but you can be in 2nd gear on a 450 and ride around and get the proper amount of torque out of it and throw it around with the horsepower and torque but like I said you used him more of a street bike and not a Road off road Enduro bike!…. But with the little bit of practice and you’ll be flying through into 3rd gear and so on and so on and so on and beside the fact that it’s awesome that he has a steering damper on it because you could actually fly through the little straight-aways you just got to worry about your rear end coming out on you!…


but I love the video it was epic and badass I like to see you guys go off-roading a lot and well it’s because I grew up racing motocross in Orlando and endure Racing and shit like that so it’s great when I get to see you guys go off road but like I said you guys would like it if you went off road more I think it gives you more basic skill and basic Instinct on what to do and not to do and it also helps with the street riding as well!!!

machinebuilder3535 says:

To bad Illinois sucks and you can’t covert this bike to street legal here 🙁

Calvin Gunn says:

how much difference is there in terms of weight. I have a 2004 wr 450f and find it a little heavy!

Czek says:

where were you at? city / state. it looks gorgeous

Average Dave says:

Can never go wrong with more than one WR 🙂

zacharkom03 says:

First plus you’re the best revzoot


that is Y u should go for the dirt bike and it’s set up already for the dirt already!!!!

MΣNT0R™ says:

1:14 thats what she said 😉

Andrew Jackson says:

I’m thinking of getting a wr 450 2005 would that be to old 4500 km

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