2015 Ultimate Sports-Adventure-Touring Shootout – Part 1

In this, Motorcycle.com’s biggest shootout to date, we take nine of the latest and greatest Adventure-Touring bikes and head north to the Oregon border. Along the way we face good roads, bad roads, and sometimes no roads at all! Be sure to watch Part 2 for the conclusion to our trip.

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Nima Heidarian says:

thanks for great video and test but still believe yamaha fz1 fazer could be best choice, or second choice after bmw s1000 xr, why don’t you compare these two awesome bike for the first time, there is not any same video like this, who ever do this, will be the first on history and youtube as well

FlemishADVenturer says:

Can you make a 2017 one!!! please


ROFL WTF is a “Sports-Adventure-Touring” bike? They’re 3 different bikes.

diamonddog257 says:

Pointless…the winner is…………………………….:
Super Tenere
[…but I’m getting a Africa Twin….and found one……in AUTOMATIC….better for offroad ! ]

Strider 010 says:

Guys, you shouldn’t of bothered, This was the worst adventure shoot out I’ve ever seen. SHIT

Ed says:

where is a Honda Crosstourer 1200DCT?

Supernova12034 says:

No africa twin….

Finn Maes says:

Super Duser. ! guess shape What do you think, guys2.. 1!

Paul Langford says:

A friend of mine rode his Yamaha around Australia. He met others doing the same from time to time. One had a BMW, where the forks broke due to fatigue fracture, from running on the dirt and gravel roads!

Don Lovell says:

Good grief… Could you “journalists” more ridiculous?

kyle stewart says:

2 Beamers, 2 KTM’s. NO honda Vfr1200X, no africa twin, no Yamaha S. Tenere

Useless video.

MrLankruza says:

Title should be Gay Biker Club California Coast Gang Bang.

Sherjeel Chaudhry says:

1k likes and 142nd comment so early lol.

Al Brik says:

How ridiculous. The BMW GS as SPORT-tourer, and NOT the BMW K1300S ??? Useless !!!

Brian Luttrell says:

Love the video but Jesus was, before the trees

Brian Fisher says:

what happened to Honda African Twin

zone6 channel says:

all i ever wanted….u did a hell of job…

master wing says:

I was all in till you started talking about Jesus. have fun riding.

Alan B'Stard M P says:

1200GS too big and heavy for offroad . Deffo a bike for the blacktop and hard packed dirt

paspax says:

Where’s the Bandit?

jeffrey shanholtz says:

thinly veiled BMW commercial

Sky King says:

Apparently Yamaha is aware that the Tenere is the best sport adventure bike in it’s price range at this time. My 2015 BMW R1200RS is back in the shop with electrical issues again. It’s still under warranty and they are waiting on parts. It will be two weeks until it’s running again. Thanks BMW.

John Williams says:

What a beautiful part of the world. Stunning.

neonyx22 says:

Completely useless video, one or two things about each bike.

You Toober says:

@ 7:05 – whoa, road bikes on dirt!

Andy Peterson says:

BORING pointless and Uninformative !

Justin Townsend says:

The constant narration and lack of objective analysis makes this video unwatchable

Steve Mama says:

You guys are bought and paid for by BMW.

D. Paul Riderman says:

California? Really? Do you know most of the people in the USA live east of the Mississippi River???? If I was Yamaha, I wouldn’t give you a bike either.

Giulio Buccini says:

One bike is missing: that crappy piece of iron called Moto Guzzi Stelvio. I love that rusty metal thing!

peteruk65 says:

Video about bikes or the presenters?

andreas stefanou says:

Always bias to Bmw.I don’t wonder why Yamaha didn’t give you the super tenere.

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