2015 Honda NC700X Adventure Bike Review

Miles Branman reviews the 2015 Honda NC700X Adventure Bike and finds it to be a great cruiser and commuter motorcycle, just don’t confuse it for a dual-sport


paul-andre guenette says:

They make a 750 since 2014 in canada they dont do 700 any more.

Ali Cankaya says:

Hearing U.S.Citizens complaining about fuel prices brings tears to my eyes. Good bike though.

Budinx Gaming says:

Not really much information in this review, would have liked to have seen more specific detail.

Omgwtflmaololrotfl says:

take it offroad before judging. there are plenty videos of the NC offroading and its a very capable bike with a few mods.

zordflea says:

Good camera shots. A decent review. Btw, it’s called a “top box” not “container”.

TheThinker39 says:

Nice review. Thanks.

Daniel Pearson says:

Good review but annoyed at all the negative comments that cow-sukys and ktm and very thing else ate better in everything they do.

NWMOTO says:

This ain’t no adventure bike it’s cheap and nasty with cg 125 suspension and a swing arm that’s made from a bit of box metal ..poor machine not worth 6k at all .

John Burley says:

Nice review. With the dct can you still manually shift or is that gone? I’d love to have abs on my next bike but I want to be shifty on my own.

Daniel Balfour says:

You should add ‘DCT’ to the video title to more accurately reflect the model you’re showcasing

DervMan says:

Great video guys.

Christopher Unger says:

Lake Elsinore in the background?! I havent been on that road in 6 years… best place to ride by far! Great video!

arman sesar says:

You look great doing it…lol

Lance Flanagan says:

Hearing an American complaining about fuel prices is cringe worthy!

Arno D says:

4 Dollars per gallon, HAHA, go to Europe, more like €1,50 per liter.

Jimmy Zelski says:

The seat is “great?” I’m going to guess you didn’t ride that thing more than 50 miles, because nearly every NC700 forum I’ve read is full of owners who hate the seat (me included). Long trips on the NC700 ended up being excruciating because of the OEM seat. It was fine on short trips though. Many have replaced the OEM seat with a wide variety of aftermarket ones. I replaced mine with a Seat Concepts seat and all’s well now. Also, as far as mounting and dismounting – always do both from the left, and it’s much easier to clear the luggage if you stand on the peg while doing so.

Ivan Strong says:

you look like a cross between chris evans and bradley cooper

Push Back says:

No offense, but at 6:10 what the hell kinda way is that to get on a motorcycle? You’re pulling the bike away from the kickstand, so your chances of going over with the thing are pretty high if you lose your balance. You always want to pull toward the kickstand, so the bike will be stable when you get on.

Will Rides On says:

At 9k this Honda underwhelmed me… You could spend another $1000-1500 and get a Tiger 800xc triple which produces far better hp, torque and it’s built w/ far superior materials all the way around. The Triumph may lack a “trunk” but it beat Honda it in every other metric. I test drove a 14′ Honda w/ 18k mi’s and the cheapness really showed. The plastics get little knicks/scratches and they’ll sun fade quickly if it’s left outdoors for any period of time.

Jeff Martin says:

The forward storage is so big that there is no reason to buy or worse install that butt ugly top heavy handling spoiler tail box. The company puts everything low for a reason. Why cancel the benefit? See how clumsy the tester looks getting on and off the saddle? It is not because of the saddle bags..it is because of that phuqueing tail box!!

Craig Ferguson says:

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your review of this bike. You pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the bike very fluently. If you don’t do this for a living you should. You’re very good at it. I’m buying the NC700 soon and your review helped me make that decision. Good job and keep up the good work.

XDTinman says:

Just bought a 2015 NC700x 2 days ago. with nearly 200 miles since then, I can say this is a fantastic bike. Will handle trails but does not like potholes and washed out sections. Loves the highway and twisty two lanes. Around town it pulls out strong and is a great commuter. Chose this over the CB500x and I don’t regret it!

Wellingtons says:

Nice review. In UK, both versions come with ABS as standard. Honda USA is taking the piss not giving this as standard on all models. Also we seem to have got the 750 at least a year before the US.

Sean Naughton says:

have you compared this with the CTX700DCT? Would love to hear if there are any significant differences

John Claiborne II says:

not a review.. commercial go ahead and praise the worst heated grips ever made in the history of the universe . shameless mouthpiece. $$$$ for horrible saddlebags. come on dude say one thing that gives some semblance of credibility.

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