2013 Suzuki DR650: Regular Car Reviews

We review and ride Suzuki long-produced dual sport bike, the DR650.



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richardfld says:

I’ll keep my XR650R thx.

brett allison says:

Best review of a DR650 I’ve seen. As a former Dr650 commuter… I can absolutely confirm 100% about your statements regarding this bike. I rode dirt bikes in my young years and when I started commuting via motorcycle I started with a Kawi Super Sherpa. I soon got the itch for more power… I’m 5’3″ ,klr650/xr650 too tall, Bmw valve adjust =$1000. Bought a Dr and put a lower gel seat, can tip-toe at lights, did 7k miles in a year commuting and loved it. Only stopped commuting due to work relocation. I loved the Dr and am planning on buying a new -to-me used one. But as you stated …. they don’t last long on Craigslist.

shahzad jamshed says:

U drop something while u start riding

Fusion 3D says:

Buy a dual-sport…….
Cuz you know ur picturing yourself shooting zombies with your off-hand while pulling a wheelie thru burning traffic on a post apocalyptic highway.

JoshJLMG Productions says:

Heck, my 1981 Honda XL125S, with low compression and a clogged carburetor can wheelie better than that!

JohnBernard Newsom says:

Can you guys do a klr 650 review

Kitty says:

regular vehicle reviews

tim doe says:

I’ve had one and it is quite capable off road..sorry lol. You just need to know how to ride and have decent tires. I ridden lots and lots of offroad trails!

john harris says:

Never had one, never rode one, but I think it’s a great bike, I think it would be great for commuting, and taking the occasional shortcuts. I’m sure it would get better mileage than my hopped-up Cbr1100xx, which gets about 32 mpg highway!

Sal V. says:

You wanted 13 minutes of my life I can’t replace

Drew K says:

This was my first motorcycle. No regrets :- )

It was also my 4th motorcycle and its about to be my 9th

Grim Times says:

So.. stick to 450?

therealtruth says:

They aren’t bad, I just got done rebuilding the engine on mine. I do wish it had quite a bit more low end torque.

Andrew Mccrossan says:

I have a 2011 dr650. Bought it brand new. The tires from the factory suck in both conditions. But I’ve also had the bike on 80/20 street tires And it was great on the road. Obviously off road sucked. But, then I had a 100% off road tires on it and driven it on the road and it wasn’t that loud. Now, I am back to a 50/50 tire, It does both better than the 1st set did.

Alex G says:

Honest and to the point review. I liked it.

thomas williams says:

I hated my klr650, horrible street bike and horrible dirt bike…… I rode a dr650 and liked it much better, but I still have to try a XR650 to be sure

Chuck M says:


HydeMyJekyll says:

My first bike was a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R- most fun I’ve ever had on the road, and it did great at track days. Got to ride my buddy’s DR650 a number of times, and it was a remarkably easy bike to ride, very forgiving and simple. Think about it- have you ever seen a sad person on a DR650? That being said, I got to ride a KTM 450 EXC set up as a supermoto, and OMFG what a blast! Thing would power wheelie at 80 mph if you goosed it good enough, so light and flickable… mmmm I need one.

ChristianRX7 says:

This review could also fit my 89 Honda NX500 Dominator. Great video. 🙂

1000 subs Without videos says:

Looks like something from 80s

Wecanhelp says:

Yay Safety Wire !

Aidan Acebo says:

lol i did everything RCR claimed to achieve this thing can do on an 03′ Honda Shadow 750. ALL the dirt roads/washes in Hudson/weekie watchie. hell, I took it through Sun West mine! (they left the gate open…) Dirty bike. blown shock absorbers. fun times.

hulkhatepunybanner says:

Wait, you’re 37?! Mr. Regular is Gen X. My search for a perceptive Millennial continues.
(Oh, I’m subscribed so I’m not getting off this crazy ride.)

Kārlis Kārlis says:

Maybe somone smarter than me can explain, i cant find any good info.
Im looking for buying an older dr650, but i cant understadn whats the diference between the older DR650 RSE and the newer DR650 SE(only diffrent fairings?), is RSE still the famous legendary DR650? Im getting confused.
Thanks anyone for any answer 🙂

daironpower says:

have you done any honda VTX reviews? I cant seem to find one yet!

Jake Shumway says:

The biggest turn off was the carburetor ew

Slavomír says:

You cant ride off road on 80% road tyres (:D The DR is really best from old enduro bikes and also is not so big vibrator how were the european enduros how KTM etc .

low_e says:

Of all the bikes I’ve had, the DR650 is the one I wish I had kept. Mine was set up quite nicely for my usage (commuting and hooliganism) and ran exceptionally well. FCR39MX carb, high comp piston, Web cam, full exhaust, 16T front sprocket, stiffer springs, 19″ front wheel, Trailtech Vapor, and a few other odds and ends I can’t remember. No, it was not great off-road but it handled dirt roads and fire breaks well enough. Single track was out of the question, ha! So much fun on the street though and power wheelies in 1-2, and occasionally 3 were plentiful. Would love to get another one at some point.

Kyle Ensley says:

Or you can just by a KTM 690 and tear it the hell up.

E-Nonymouse says:

The CTX700 was recently described as the man bun of the motorcycle world. 🙂

KRAZYkKID12345 says:

I’m still waiting for your honda rebel 250 video.

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