2013 Honda CRF250L vs. 2013 Kawasaki KLX250S – Lightweight Dual Sport Comparison

With the introduction of Honda’s all-new CRF250L in October, the 250cc dual-sport class grew into a collection of motorcycles that truly offers something for everyone looking at this segment and displacement range of motorcycling.

Now let’s see just how well the new CRF250L stacks up against the solid-performing KLX250S.

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FPVgearhead says:

They fail to mention the Honda also has a helmet lock and seat pegs.

ossa60 says:

wider pegs and better tires??? Come on guys! Those you can buy aftermarket for no money at all! But can you find adjustable suspensión for no money at all??? I don’t think so.

Slizz says:

Im gona get one of these bikes cant wait…

zootsuitriot says:

Would I have trouble on this bike in regards to height? im 5’7

LSX_ moe says:

And when your fuel pump fails on the Honda then what? My vote goes to Kwai

c0uchsl0uch says:

looks like somebody was paid for a positive review

Uros Cirkovic says:

Yeah, Honda is superior in off-road cause of the pegs and tires. Who cares about the Kawasaki’s adjustable suspension, who needs suspension for off-road riding… Paid fckin clip.

D. Alex Oprea says:

I’d choose Honda

Sports Highlights Channel says:

can anyone tell me the minimum height required to ride these bike with ease?

jamen brooks says:

Fuel injection over carburetor any day

Liberty and Justice says:

I HATE finicky little bitches! They’re just so hard to turn on in the morning, but when they’re finally up and going, they ride well!

CycleCruza says:

It’s 2015 and they are STILL making bikes with carbs, unbelievable. Message to japanese manufacturers: Update your dual sports already!

Егор Скутерец says:

расия рулит американца лолы

dblock2626 says:

Thank you to everyone who made this video possible, its absolutely loaded with valuable information. one thing i dont like is, doesnt a fuel injected bike shut down if your not on the throttle? i rode my buddy cbr125 and wen i got back i had it in neutral and it just shut off. I was like “wtf” but my buddy said thats normal.. is he right or was his bike fucked?

SM says:

I can vouch for the 2013 Honda CRF250L- rented one last year in Thailand for a 800km road trip over 5 days. It surpassed every expectation. Good power, fun on the twisties, easy to strap a pack to, starts everytime without fail, economical and all around fun. Im 6’1, 186lbs and it seemed to fit me perfectly.

Ended up on some mountain trails that i would even be hesitant to take a Trials or Motocross bike on, but the 250L smashed through them without too much trouble. Only complaint that it was a little heavy on inclines that steep.

On normal country roads, back roads and reasonable offroad track- the 250L is a treat!

Mark Lee says:

Most would say the Kawi is a better off-road bike due to better suspension. The more I see this review the more I think it’s a poor comparison that misses the mark.

I think Kawi is treating this bike as a cash cow. They don’t want to retool for the US to pass CARB standards. If they could simply bring the EFI bike from Europe they would. Take note that Kawi USA has not released a 2015 or 2016 KLX250S. What I have heard is that they can’t pass emissions. And yes, it’s also possible that the KLX250S is not a profitable line for them. They soldier on with the KLR650 though.

Adam Edward says:

no kickstarters on them? can you push start fuel injected bikes?

Poul Hansen says:

which should i choose crf 250 l or klx250s? I live in Denmark where the klx250s got efi

bomb00000 says:

so its 2015 nothing haves changed expect that the KLX and the CRF are just $100 apart! If only the KLX was fuel injected I would have gotten it.

bravojonas says:

in europe the klx is with efi 2009 and up

LSX_ moe says:

The Kwai had trouble starting cause you had stock jetting. That will not work right at your altitude

More Bad Ideas says:

bout time the Honda won something on theses shoot outs lol

Tim Henry says:

carb vs fuel injection Honda wins. Lol.

that’s it?

I’ll keep looking

RC says:

I wish they’d make these dual purpose motorcycles shorter. Like a 32″ seat height would be nice.

Demon Pig. says:

Horrible review. They just got stuck on the carb vs FI dilemma.

Paul Lorenzini says:

If you park the Kawasaki at the top of a hill every night, you’ll whip Honda’s ass all day long. Cheers!

Cristino Mendez says:


Luis Lazcano says:

crf 250 es una moto muy potente y cómoda de conducir..

tosgem says:

No mention of WR250R? It chews these up and spits them out all over the ground, haha

EDIT – also, between these two, the Kawasaki beats the CRF in a race, and it’s 20kg lighter. I’d go for the Kawasaki

Tom Brady #Tbreezy #12Hunnit #GOAT says:

No Yamaha WR250R

Al Castillo says:

Their saying the Honda is a better dirtbike cause of the footings & tires when every other comparison states that the Kawasaki is more of a true dirtbike than the Honda. The Kawasaki powers up hills & takes offroad-only hits way better than the wallowing Honda. The Honda is more of a playbike!

Break Man says:

So what if in your country KLX comes with EFI and you can get model year 2012 new 0 kilometers on it for 15% less money then CRF250L which only sells current model year. CRF still remains more modern, more comfortable, maybe even more economical machine..

dylan duelsport Nagy says:

Danm, wish my Honda vs Kawasaki video had this many views

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