2012 Husqvarna TE250 vs. 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400 vs. 2013 Yamaha WR250R – 2012 Dual-Sport Shootout

Despite few changes in the DS segment in the past few model years, we decided to sample some current DS offerings to see if there is a do-it-all bike that doesn’t suck the fun out of one type of riding or the other.



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Christopher R. says:

I saw nothing about the WR250R. C’mon man.

NicheRiding says:

Watched the ENTIRE video and damn that WR250 review was fucking epic! Thanks for it……/facepalm.

J says:

the drz400E is a dam good off-road bike after sup upgrades

pan theMan says:


Trollygag says:

I see DR’s around, but at least around here, the DRZSM is hot shit. I see probably 3x more SM’s than I see DRZ-S’s

Franks Ride On says:

wouldn’t the TE 511 be more compatible to compare to the 400? Franks rideon.

testify221 says:

Ill stick to the drz400 because that shit wont break

nVuS bloodrage says:

was i the only one that noticed that the title said that they where goin to review the yamaha? bc if so i never seen it in the video at all i dont even think it was menchtioned

Aleks Tan says:

This video was less than useful since like many others I came to see the Yamaha review. Change the title to make it accurate or do you really need to dupe the viewers into watching your video? Thumbs down for baiting viewers to watch your video but the reviews you did on the TE & DRZ were fine.

Fritz#456 on 2 Wheels says:

The Yamaha WR250R is my favourite bike, i so glad i bought that…

Michael Piziak says:

Where was the Yamaha? It’s suppose to be built from the design of the YZ, which would make it kick ass.

Roy Diedesch says:

Sold my 2006 DRZ400SM a month ago and bought the Husqvarna TE450 today. Miles apart, the bikes are. The suzuki was super heavy, spongy brakes, and mediocre throttle response. The FI husky makes more power (about 10-12 more hp depending on who you talk to), has brembo brakes, and starts right up with the fuel injection. Most people claim that its just barbaric on the street, but in my opinion, all it needs is a 15/47 sprocket swap and the gearing is fine for the street. It performs much better. Might require more extensive maintenance, but its actually a lot easier to work on. You have to take the tank off the suzuki to do really anything to it, whereas, the only think the tank needs to be taken off the husky for is valve inspections, which take 20 mins to do. Dual sport bikes are never good for long distance riding, so if you’re torn between the two, save your money and go with the husky, Go big or go home.

Long Beard says:

Love the comment about the “fucking tire review” how about that drz suspension. You have to take the whole damn bike apart to adjust the pre load and the front stock forks garbage.

Google Man says:

Where is the Yamaha?…

J says:

the JAPS has done waved the White Flag in the off-road woods bike market ((suzuki & kawi to call them out )) at lease honda makes crf250x & yamaha makes wr250f,yz250x

Trevor Jameson says:

I have a DRZ400s, and I can tell you, it is a GREAT bike! It has too many good points to list here. You can take it literally anywhere you want, and it will do it all just fine. The engine is probably it’s best point of all. I have no idea how they built such a gem of an engine, but they did. You just have to ride one to understand how great that 400 engine really is.

You Toober says:

Yeah, you need that for the cRaZy mofo car/taxi/truck drivers out there.

ss96impala1 says:

Im happy i sold the drz400s bulky, super small battery goes dead if not driven often. drz elcheapo steel rear swing arm, cheap galvanized spokes that corrode quickly. frame welds that look like a blind ninja got a new job. its rather slow, handling is crap on trails, seat is uncomfortable, weak braking is poor on street. I got the Husky now, its a far better machine from top to bottom. perfect revs, perfect shifting when hot, i believe with an experienced rider husky can easily keep up with the 400s on the streets, off road huskys 10 bikes ahead. wheres Honda or KTM ?

alefstein1 says:

I’ve got the DRZ400s, it’s very heavy but i love it 😛
best for the city, best for trail riding. it isn’t a good endure bike.

tosgem says:

OK, so yamaha sent the wrong bike for the review but that doesn’t mean you had to put it in the title of your video, as I came here to see that bike and you gave me nothing. It’s not your fault you couldn’t review it, but it IS your fault for putting that in the title

Hpv Pro says:

Look at that durtbike

WeRideLikeThis says:

my drz fucking wrecked the 250’s in everything, over 2 minutes in front. while i was riding the 250 the power was not as good mind you it is a nice bike, i could not power wheelie in 4th like i can on the drz or 5th clutch up

ChuddleBuggy says:

@ 4:31 the reviewer says that riding thru the real ruff stuff he could feel it more on the Suzuki because it’s got the “PLUSHER” suspension. That kinda didn’t make sense to me. Plusher suspension means softer ride so how could he feel the rough stuff more? Does he mean the bike bottoms out a lot–or lose traction over the bumps???

JohnFrumFromAmerica says:

dont forget service intervals the DRZ400 is 5000km i think the TE250 is 500km

GraymanTactics says:

Seriously…tires can be changed…why was that even a point in the comparison?

Sean Wallace says:

Hmmm… No Yammie?

blackbk18 says:

the ugly of dr-z400 cannot be beaten :)) that tail light and turn light are so big that even a blind man can see it:)

Andre Pelletier says:

WAY better than anything from motorcycleUSA

wil20111 says:

Who leaves stock tires on anyway?

22dagget says:

This comparison makes absolutely no sense, and i own BOTH of these motorcyles. The DRZ competes against DR’s, XR’S, and KLR’s. The TE250 competes against KTM’s and Beta’s.  Never would someone consider buying these bikes for the same type of riding.

Cameron Straley says:

I watched it for the yamaha…

upurnose46 says:


PTK says:

Apples to oranges,top speed,range out of a tank of fuel,its funny that the drz 400 is better than its own Dr 650 ,review sucked didn’t say what the price difference was.Stating the obvious is NOT a review!

GraymanTactics says:

if that is all you could find to complain about, maybe you should just not bother posting a comment…really, unless you are just that much of an ass

snowBlind says:

The ending… Yamaha sent them the wrong bike.

Johan Thor says:

Its really pronounced more like huus-kvarna not huska-varna 🙂

Kristjan Hočevar says:

fuck u Husqvarna is beter

Hanibaltherogue says:

And thats what you want, on the road mate, thats what keeps you alive 😉

GraymanTactics says:

why no CRF250L?

guy6751 says:

This comparison is awful. The drz is a real dual sport, it’s heavy enough to not get blown around on the highway too bad. It might not be comfortable, but the drz will cruise 60mph all day long. The husky is a dirt bike with a tag, it’s probably geared too low for the street, and it probably gets blown all over the place by the wind or draft from other vehicles. All I hear is people complaining about the drz’s throttle response or its power output. If you want to whine about it then don’t buy a drz, and you idiots act like it’s so terribly difficult to pull a choke. It’s proven reliable tech that was tearing up dirt before your husky was even designed. If you don’t like the drz that’s fine, but give it the respect it reserves because its gonna still be going strong when your husky grenades itself. *rant over*

Matthew Creager says:

screw this no wr250r it was the best out of all 3

Spartan-Surfer says:

Hodaka Ace 90 Rules

J says:

the yellow drz is nicer

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