2010 250 Dual Sport Shootout

Motorcycle USA highlights their 2010 250 Dual Sport Shootout where the Honda CRF230L and Suzuki DR200SE face off while the Kawasaki KLX250S and Yamaha WR250R fight for supremacy. Check out these motorcycles in action and find out who reigns supreme.


Two Sheds says:

But Brawndo’s got what plants crave, its has electrolytes

Jesus Chil says:

i wonder how much this treasure troll looking goober got paid to sell 2010 yamaha wr250r 

stephenmwyatt2 says:

did your barber die?

TheSummit396 says:

this guy thinks women deserve a weaker crappier bike. some women are excellent riders!

motanelustelistu says:

So the tallest supermoto/dual sport is KTM ?
Also,why don’t they make a more resistant solid supermoto like Husqvarna Nuda 900 R or a combination of a Naked and Supermoto.Something resistant like a Naked one with the easyness of the supermoto.

I just can’t imagine my 100 kg on a motorcycle so small,with that weird (and ugly) tank,the seat too thin and narrow (uselessly continuing over the tank) and that flimsy (flymsier than supersport ones).

And yes,i’m 1.92m tall.

Ram TheCowboy says:

what did you say to your barber

BeardedRancher says:

I would like to see another 250 dual short shootout

Welfare States says:

You guys obviously didn’t ride the WR off road, because the rear suspension is shit for that year. It feels like a springboard, and will literally buck you off when hitting large bumps.

DrenchShaman says:

Good god. This isn’t a beauty pageant. Its a bike video will you fashionistas stfu.


Great review. Learned just what I needed to know for making a buy.

Anna Mertens says:

What’s up, I really like it different list 1!

Dom says:

5″8 how about the people who are 5″4?

Mocking69 says:


Allen Ayler says:

Man I want one. Anyone have one to sell?

Ram TheCowboy says:

tip your barber next time

Travis Donald Stanley says:

Time for a update. The DR200 is still the same. The gas tank is a little smaller, but with new fairings and fender. The CRF230L has been replaced by the 250, and the 250 just got its first update in 2017. The KLX250 is dead. The WR250R will die soon. The XT250 has been EFI for a few years (not shown in video).

Nicholas S says:

Terrible mashup wheres the Husqvarna?

vlad202 says:

You were complaining about how the Honda was carbureted. Was the fuel injected 250 not out yet when this was made? Since the 250 is like 100000 times better than the 230…

diane dodds says:

Is he saying if your a woman your automatically a novice rider?

FlipperBikes says:

Really helped me out! Thx guys!

Archie Bunker says:

OMG, it was comical watching these crap riders flailing all over the place. I’m not sure if they were purposely cranking the bars left and right as a joke, or if their puny, spaghetti arms just couldn’t control these massive bikes!

Bill March says:

U uptalked everything…

MyBikeKnowsNoSpeedLimit s says:

LOL that hair became the center of attraction……

Anita Gurung says:

u forgot ktm, dude. without ktm this shootout isn’t even a shootout at all.

Nick Jokhai says:

make a 2015

fuscia says:

Have you all tested the redesigned 2015 Suzuki Dr200S? I’m torn between a new Zook and a used CRF 230L. I had a 230L and thought it was really nice.

ChuddleBuggy says:

How the heck is this guy’s mullet even relevant to the video??? You guys ever exercise a little self expression in your day to day fashion…thingy? I know I don’t but heck this isn’t a job interview!

liakos says:

can i drive in the highway for about 250kilometers with the WR250R will it be comfortable?

Tim Arbon says:

Why not the yamaha TTR 250 comparison

Taen says:

RATE LOOKS POLL: Go from 1-4 || I want to see what you guys think!

1. Honda (I like the 250l better though)
2. Kawi (250s)
3. Yamaha (wr250)
4. Suzuki (Dr200 Redesigned)

Only rate the dual-sports in this video!

CatalystMetal says:

Ayyyye reppin Mammoth Lakes here

bissch 6 B says:

Tt-r 250?????? Bruh? No tt-r? What is this crap???

MapleBalls says:


el brujo says:

la klx 250s es la mejor saludos desde argentina 

bissch 6 B says:

Oh i forgot that USA tt-r is only offroad lol stupid America

bullet ben says:

Why the dr 200 and not the drz 250??

Paul Taylor says:

I thought the yamaha xt 250 would be a better comparision than the wr 250 its a bit unfare

Chris Brewer says:

wtf this dude looks like Christian Guzman

Honest Customer says:

i would shit bricks taking curves at those speeds on them bicycle wheels. now on the 600rr I’m way more comfortable

Ryan Frizell says:

I’m sorry but, dude, look at your hair every once in a while, like dam

Randomyou101 says:

Could I change the off road tyres for normal tyres and make it a daily driver?

Ava and Lauran says:

Dat haircut do

Zeus Razor says:

How does the yamaha wr250r stack up against the honda crf 250L?

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