100 mile review and ride on the RPS Hawk 250 Dual Sport enduro

100 mile review and ride on the RPS Hawk 250 Dual Sport enduro. I do a little offroading, some dirt roads, get it up to top speed!

Hawk motor is designed from a 1975 CG125 Honda, single cam single lobe engine
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Tyler Anderson says:

Would this bike work for my ride to work going about 60 mph or will that rag it out? This woukd be my first motorcycle btw

whalesong999 says:

My daughter is looking to buy one of these, contingent on it being legal to register in Kansas. This one sound good with nice gear spacing.

Sam Cyanide says:

Housatonic? I’m right in Guilford, like 20 mins to the east of new haven. We should ride sometime dude!

Tv Tv says:

What do u think the top speed is on one of them


hey moto I just got 50 miles on my hawk today I fill like in first and second gear it’s reving hight is that normal and my bike only does 50mph and while I’m giving it full throttle at 50mph it acts like it can’t go anymore like it’s having a hard time did you have the same problem

Nick Hourihan says:

does it wheelie well???

herowho says:

hey, one of my friends found your channel. he also is the one who told me about these.
I’m also in CT and found one for sale on Craigslist today. I read your comments about the VT reg. so do not have to be a VT resident to reg it there? I appreciate the info!

Right2Lefty says:

Hey Moto, I am a completely new rider and I was looking at a similar bike to the RPS Hawk: the Roketa 250 enduro dual sport. Would you happen to have any insight on that bike or brand, and/or would you recommend a different 250 cc model in the same price range?

Brian Crockett says:

Got mine registered in Arkansas easily, if anybody in my state is wondering

S Tho says:

Warning to young riders. Before buying any odd ball maker’s bike for the street, go talk to your courthouse tag office or DMV. Go to your insurance agent to see if they will even write you a policy and for how much. Surprises happen at either office.

If you want less drama, you can probably buy an old Honda XL or Yamaha/Suz dual sport used for under 1500.

Hick Life says:

VT? I’m from NH. Buying a Hawk 250 for this coming season

balls deep says:

can i register this bike in California

Shahin222_3 says:

I am 15 and live in Vermont, if I got a permit and had my parents register it, would I be able to legally ride it on public roads? (I am a responsible teen btw)

Jared Seiple says:

Sorry for the spam but does this bike go 80 MPH? How can I upgrade it to go 80 if it can’t go 80 at stock.

Kaw Rider says:

Thumb up, subbed and clicked the bell. Great content. I am thinking of grabbing one of these bikes for 600 bucks and you made the choice easy.

Thetathata Way says:

Looked like a nice 100 mile mark ride.

Sam Cyanide says:

Ayyy! VT registration in CT! I got the same setup bro. Considering this bike from my 175 2 smoker

Marco Chapa says:

My hawk 250 bike handle bars are stuck ..how can I losen them

anthony chaney says:

Did you have to assemble the bike after it was shipped or did it come assembled?

One more question, is the electric start fairly reliable?

ZAP says:

Nice vid

Dominic Wilber says:

How does it do on average gravel roads with the tires it comes with. I’m 5’11”, would that bike be to small for me? thanks

get saved says:

What kind of helmet cam you got?

Philip Avila 719 says:

Hey man I watch all your hawk videos. What’s the difference between the hawk and hawk 2 what do u prefer?

Kracker says:

your videos convinced me to buy one of these, thanks. do you still like it?

Brooke Miller says:

Does this bike come to you fully assembled?

Zach Jordan says:

Cool videos!! This bike seems pretty decent from what I can see. I really want to do part of the trans American trail (tat) next year and was thinking this could be a cheaper way since i need to get another bike anayway. Do you think with a few upgrades it would hold up?

Phill Rez says:

Hey moto, I live in upstate NY. I’m getting one soon but want to know what the regulations are. How would I register it, and do I need a motorcycle license to operate it legally? I want to be able to use it in public roads, is it possible in NYS?

Adventure Dad says:

shoulda went for the water man. disliked 2 min in 🙁

Its Endless says:

Hey Moto, Me and my buddy are from the NA, MA area, and are wanting to get Hawks, what are the chances we could ride with you?

cdel9 says:

So the bike is not street legal? I live in wisconsin if it matters

Xavier Game's says:

Is it go to be rode on the highway, innerstate

PsykoWheels says:

I want to get this but… will can it be registered in Philadelphia ? this city can be kinda fucky sometimes

Bent Lady says:

Is this louder than a honda rebel? If so, how much? My neighbors have thin walls and thin insulation. I don’t want to disturb them when I ride at night. Thanks.

Michael Zimmerman says:

useless, please dont waste my time

Blackwolverine 31 says:

Does the bike have turning signals?

Parker Merry says:

Alright cool thanks

Scott Steiner says:

had money to get a hawk Enduro most site claim bike is Street legal but in Ohio they can’t find it in there list,so this doesn’t help the way I see it hawk dealers are responsible for title and registration it’s why they asked ​for $39.99 extra in title fee’s .I really want it but if I can’t ride legally on street then it’s of no use.

Bryan Whittemore says:

I like the way you have your camera placed…is it on your chin? Thanks man love your videos.

Marco Chapa says:

Bought Hawk 250 new for $1600 at Harwin motor sports…is this a good buy

Parker Merry says:

Huh, ok my friend has one and Saud his goes about 75

Parker Merry says:

Do you think this bike is decent for like highways or long rides

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