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This is my review of the 2003 Yamaha Virago 250. This is arguably one of the best looking cruiser motorcycles available in the 250cc class. I ride the bike and give you my impressions and ride up to the top of Cypress Mountain.

I’ve ridden the bigger brother Virago XV750 before and also the Suzuki GZ250, so that’s my experience with cruisers. Overall, I love the styling and fuel efficiency of this bike but wish there was more power on tap. In comparison, this Virago is already able to go 10 to 15kph faster than the GZ250 (my first bike) and has a nice vtwin sound. However if you rev it out it does sound like a lawnmower.

What are some good beginner bikes? What bike should I review next? Let me know in the comments below. Thumbs up if you like motorcycles and want to see more bike content.

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Jeremy Lee

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Jdm262 says:

Beautiful bike. Can anyone tell me what type of handlebars are those?

Oscar Yerena says:

I’m 290 pounds and 6 feet 3.
I found one for sale. I wanted to get your input on it. do you think it will fit me? Or is it too small? not looking for speed just a beginner bike to commute with.
Hope to hear back with some input.

dondi2261 says:

That bike would look even better with a boattail.

Tyler Coates says:

I love my little 250, its surprisingly quick compared to other small cruisers. it loves to rip up the town too.

Kostas Dalakouras says:

Can you make a trip with virago 250??(for distance about 500 km)

Aaron Jones says:

u should review th yamaha star 650 it a biginner bike for bigger people

Mike S says:

I’m getting one!

DJust787 says:

Sick vid, nice filming, quality info. more subs deserved

joshatronify says:

Love seeing Vancouver and your review was great as well. Keep it up bud!

Kyle DeSmith says:

How would you rate the engine vibration?

ambesa1 says:

My first bike was a virago 700. Didn’t know know what I was getting myself into. Lol. Instantly fell in love, especially as a new rider. Great bike, especially when maintained.

Don Aldo Trampi says:

ugly sound sadly :((

Shakeem Pierresaint says:

Seems like if you just double the cc to 500 you’d have the perfect all around bike. enough power for the hwy, but the nibbleness for a city.

Александр Поляков says:

How tall is the driver?

21jellost says:

rebel looks way better and will last longer. and can be customized more

Brett Sutherland says:

It’s fast enough it’s responsive corners really well sounds good costs stuff all to run stops quickly all you need . Japanese reliability looks good easy to ride customise lane split accelerate . If you don’t have a big ego and a small dick it’s the perfect Sunday cruiser !

ihopeutubedies says:

How do I take off the seat? I need to check the fuses cause my headlight won’t turn on. Have to check the fuses.

john marston says:

i have an 08 and it came with a windscreen on it made highway ridding terrible from the increased wind wobble

Nam Nguyễn says:

intend to buy it =)))

Gold3n GM says:

subbed. i like your reviews

duane willis says:

I’m looking to get into bikes & the Virago 250 or 650 are my top picks because i like how they look bobbed out. But can anyone tell me why the used 250’s i see are so close in price to the 650’s? Maybe i got spoiled from previously looking at cheap GS500s, but why are older Virago 250’s still around $2.5k to $3k USD?

ihopeutubedies says:

I have this bike. I’m over 6ft. Great starter bike if you like cruisers. Just know that you’ll probably out grow this in about 6 months if you eventually want a bigger bike. When the gas tank is halfway full I fill it up with $3.

Flyerboi333 says:

can u ask Jeremy if I can test ride it?

Joel says:

Ahhhh all these videos have me wanting a motorcycle so bad. I’m 13 so I won’t be able to ride a bike for a while now so I just do my research until the day comes. Cruising around town on my pedal bike should do for now. I plan on either getting a Honda Rebel or one of these as my first bike. This video was very informative so thanks alot, I subbed 🙂

Jordyn Kerrison Jones says:

whats the top speed

Roadmaster 96 says:

change benzin import ant air iompoir you get accelaration an d by 7 -8 kmh …

Eme400 says:

This video made me fall in love with the bike!

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