Yamaha V Star review. The affordable custom-cruiser

I take a spin on a Yamaha V Star, the affordable end of the custom/cruiser bikes.
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col bikes says:

custom????christ next year this guy will have a beard and be full of cliches .

Richard Darlington says:

I would think almost all bikes are capable of exceeding all speed limits anywhere in the U.S. Low end torque is way more useful than high horsepower.

Joshua Jones says:

You should not leave your bike on while it’s not running for that long!

maoristereo says:


Richard Brooks says:

The Yamaha VStar is without a doubt the best bang for the buck bike on the market

0 1011000110 says:

shat the fuck up and rayed

Bleach Latte says:

Do you think i can ride this? I am 5’7″

Elia Faraj says:

hmmm.. need money.
i used to have honda shadow 🙂
i miss my bike 🙁

Captain Troll says:

i would love to give this dude a nice right hook to his stupid face

eric grant says:

This guy doesn’t know bikes as well as he thinks

Adrianna Serna says:

loved your video lol

Oliver Velasquez says:

y el casco?

Talcum X says:

Thank you for not wasting time.

Mike Volpe says:

I love my V Star I just hope I don’t kill myself on it.

Lukasz Szewczuk says:

co to za cipa ???

Chief Broseff says:

Fairly certain nearly none of the major motorcycle manufacturers made carbureted engines in 2005, however, I could be wrong.

Border Patrol says:

loud pipes saves lives

chuknorth says:

Thanks for the vid!

David Abernathy says:

A little bit more visual over facts would be appreciated. 🙂

Dieter Dietzen says:

Not gonna hate, but Ive seen MANY sportbike riders over the years who like to rap their pipes and gun their engines at lights.

Wes thisdoesntmatter says:

the noise is necessary to let other people texting and animals know you’re there.

Jeff S. says:

Nothing custom about this bike!

thm4855 says:

First of all, go and fix your glasses……………

Bruce Blake says:

bought a heritage soft tail at ten times the price. I loved the vstar fat boy frame, but needed (hope yamaha is listening) another gear, and the floor boards lower, oh and the bars a lot higher, thats it.

el bimbo says:

you talk to much.

Laura Muller says:

Guys, purpose Does anyone see smarter this video @%

prima yes says:

this is a piece of shit

MrCrowart says:

i have a 08 vstar 1100 and it loved being hurt on a regular basis gear changes are usually on the rev limiter love it

Robbie Castle says:

custom? looks standard to me. good looking bike though.

GTOAviator says:

No offense, but squids lane-splitting everywhere on 600’s is far more annoying to me than the sound of a cruiser bike.

Oracle Gaming says:

it’s a cruiser not a custom bike

Bizaridoo says:

I bought a 2007 Yamaha V Star Classic with 5300kms on it as my first bike this summer from a private seller. It’s an excellent bike for a new rider especially if you’re a smaller guy like me. Personally, I like the full fenders a lot more than the high rear fender on the customs. The previous owner modified the exhaust a little bit (baffles are further inside the exhaust pipes) so it has a better sound than stock. I adjusted the clutch cable a bit to tighten up the feel and it shifts nice and smooth. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and I’m amazed that so many people comment on it. All that chrome catches their eyes I guess.

Laura Muller says:

Conservative interpretation limit integration

0 1011000110 says:

if you fall you’ll kill your ass

Alvin Fehr says:

I`m no cruiser enthusiast, … but it is a great review Nick! … excelent sound and image!

bubbatime says:

What a wanker

joan & peter Vincent says:

actually I do walk around in a helmut during work hours

Kristopher Nielsen says:

Custom bike? What are you talking about? Do you mean CRUISER? lol

Intuitive Observations says:

what you call street bikes are sports bikes. You got them confused. What you call custom bikes are street bikes. I have never heard of the phrase custom bikes to refer to a type of motorcycle.

Mark Salter says:

what a douche what’s custom about it because it says custom on the front fender it’s a stock V-Star 1100 o look at me running around the parking lot what a douche

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