Why this is the best entry level cruiser bike

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Chug Chug says:

Low maintenance. Dependable cruiser. Yamaha makes great bikes.

Michael Troutman says:

I owned a 650 custom a few years ago and they are great for around town and occasional freeway rides. Rode mine from Wi to WV and back…….. that’s when I found out that I needed more power for extended freeway runs. A couple of hours here and there on the freeway and you will like this bike.

glk001 says:

I can’t say enough about my 2006 XVS-650…Was stored last year and only 400 miles on it in the last 8 years, and bought it with just 2828 miles 2 months ago…It’s the custom with the bags & windshield…But as one reply says, can’t ride it like a sports bike and you’re shifting out way to high on the RPM’s, gotta remember you’re on a V-Twin and use that low end torque and cruise!..

Sam Iel says:

Nice looking bike sounds sweet low mpg and cost not bad

elliot dobson says:

shadow 750 is better. easier oil changes, faster, lighter….

Synergy Techs says:

White Dudes Should Not Being Saying Dope!!! That is Just Retarted

Michael Norman says:

Excellent video sir. I love your honesty and humor. Thank you.

Michael Zimmerman says:

useless… it would help to video the bike….

heffoandjuff says:

I hate floor boards also. I cut my motorcycle teeth on foot pegs and I find shifting and braking a little awkward but that’s just me. I have a 2014 V-Star 650 and love it. I have been riding for 48 over years and have owned Harleys, Honda’s, Jawa’s, BMW’s and the list goes on. Now I am an old man and have finally found a motorcycle that I will spending the rest of my life riding it.

The only thing I dont like about this machine is that it has carburetors which when I start it I have to modulate the choke a little until the engine will run on its own, but still a very superb motorcycle!

Sam Mills says:

Remember to give the CC’s.

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

7316bobe says:

It seems to be idling too high. Really not enough cruiser riding experience to give any sort of review for this motorcycle. You can not ride them like a sport bike. At least we can see the speedo fairly clearly most times to see how fast it is going with the sound of the revs. I am either going to buy one of these or a VT750C Honda. The Honda weighs a bit more but it only has 1 carburettor and it has adjustable tappets that are easy to set. The Honda also idles much lower making a more pleasant sound when you start up.

CruiserCor says:

I got a Suzuki Boulevard S40. A smaller cruiser, but I love the way the single cylinder 650 sounds.

Jeff Link says:

I am quite sure its a good bike, Yamaha makes great bikes, looks very similar to a Suzuki C-50. Which is what I have, for some reason I think I need more power more comfort more period, but in the end my Suzuki C-50 does it all just like the V-star

B Buse says:

650 or 1100?

Richard Parker says:

Great bikes! I have a 2006 V Star 650 Classic that has just a little over 6500 miles on it. I’m 66 and this bike fits me just fine as being short in height. I had 2011 Heritage that I sold and bought a 93 Goldwing Trike…..love that machine as well. But the 650 is my go to, two wheeled motorcycle for fun. I’m itching to ride it now……thanks

mahlercdo3 says:

Like it better when Shawn did it

loveforthegame3 says:

i have a 2003 and it was a perfect first bike. I bought a 2006 stratoliner and it was like hopping on the same but wider and faster

matt kukla says:

nice bike and bible verse

Steven Marrone says:

We’re is Shawn? He get tired of testing the vstar 650 lol

Hippy Ken says:

I did watch your channel for bike reviews …. If I want a bible lesson ill read it myself thank you..

bansheemania says:

I like my Shadow ace. Mabe for Christmas me and my father might have to take a stop down for another honda.

Ratatosk T. Silent says:

They run out of steam at about 85 in a headwind with a windshield, but a really nice bike to start with or get back into riding. Put about 35k on one then upgraded to a Honda Interstate 1300.

Sean Butler says:

Haha yeah Sean said he was sick of test riding the vstar 650s

stan broniszewski says:

Have you guys test ridden a Virago yet? My wife’s dad owned one and he loved it. I told him he should have bought a V-Max, but he loved the Virago more.

David cox says:

thanks for the word… its a blessing you’ll never know who needs it…

ut1004bp says:

Did you mention what Model?  650 or 1100?…lol not well sized for 6’2″ and taller

Tom JW says:

First impression cool . Like it.

David Raye says:


Baird's Bikes Videos says:

Caleb is comical. Good man!

XVS650 says:

The VStar 650 isn’t just for entry-level. I’ve been riding street bikes regularly since 1992, and I’m pretty happy with the 650 I bought 3 years ago. It’s not a very exciting bike, but it never spends any time at the local mechanics shop either – I wish I could say the same for some of the other bikes I’ve owned over the years!

Most riders seem to complain that they don’t have enough power (40HP), they find the clutch abrupt, or it feels like it could use a 6th gear. Those things have never bothered me, but if there’s one thing I could whine about it would be the brakes. They’re best described as ‘adequate’. I find they feel rather wooden, but they work… okay.

Electronicdawg says:

Sounds like it needs oil. Lifters kinda noisy.

Lewis McRae says:

Nice bike

DoomFinger511 says:

I just got a 98 vstar classic 650 w/ 9800 miles last week as my first bike. It feels a little big at first but after a few hours it’s pretty comfortable. At first I didn’t like that the clutch only needs to be pulled in about a half inch before it disengages; however now I’ve learned to love it. I can keep one finger on the clutch and barely pull it to switch gears. It also has a very forgiving gear box that lets you do clutchless shifts. The seat is super comfortable (I’m 5’11” 165lbs).

MegaJay70 says:

Hi Sean. I was thinking about one of these before I got my second hand 883 XLH Harley Sportster in 2014 on a budget as a beginners bike (now sold). Saw you were thinking of maybe going to Scotland from your excellent youtube channel a few hours ago. If your ever over Norwich way in the south east of the UK then pop by and you can have a spin on my 2005 ‘RAT’ ‘Catch-22′ Dyna Street Bob that’s customised with 16’ ape hanger etc which balances the weight of the bike much better than the stock bars. Also it has the most comfortable seat I have ever sat on. It’s more like ‘Feards and Bikes 😉 Type in MegaJay70 and its on there. I am loosing the gut btw with a new exercise program and am trying not to hit the horn when I get onto the bike lol 😉 Peace out 🙂

Chug Chug says:

I had one when I got back into riding. Great bike to start out on. Loved that bike. Got taken out by two little spotted deer. So I bought a 1600 midnight star. Now I run them over.

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