Why the Honda VTX 1300 is the Best Cruiser bike for the money

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Phillip Snell says:

I had an orange one. To much plastic. It weighed a few lbs less than a fatboy.

The Chad says:

As a previous owner of a 2003 VTX I can say that this bike is a phenomenal bike to own. Add the Cobra Longshots and you get a deep, throaty vtwin sound. If you like the twisties…you better get used to scrapping your floorboards.

One thing based on research I have found…NEVER use the choke. Over time it causes problems with the carburation. I live in Canada and we have cold springs and falls alike…twist the throttle a few times even when cold and it will start.

Never leaked a drop of oil and I always used synthetic. My VTX was retired with 63000km. It’s going to head off to a new home!

Dennis Berreth says:

I bought a Vtx1300r 2yrs ago for my 65th Birthday after a 35yr furlough. Love it. It has 118000km. on it and runs like a clock. The only drawback is the seat. I recushioned it and now is much better.
Like your reviews, especially your words from the Bible. God bless!!

Riaan Ferreira says:

I have the 1800, absolutely love it. It’s my first Honda. Favourite of all my bikes I had, including the M109R

Rumple Stiltskin says:

$2,700 bucks….. Wow…. Ok, so how much would it cost to ship it from Pennsylvanian to Southern California? The part I don’t like is that you boys don’t give us the “Seat Height”, which for us short guys makes all the difference in holding up and riding a 650 Lb. bike. I had to sell my Yamaha FJR 1300 because it sat so high I could not form a three point stance with my butt in the saddle and with both feet flat on the pavement. By the time if fell over with me for the fourth time I sold it. With only one foot on the ground I could not hold it up if it got past its balance point. Now, don’t get me wrong, the FJR was one of the best balanced bikes I have ever ridden, and being a Sport Turing bike it did sit too high for me.

lsppapas says:

I got a vtx 1300 a couple months ago and love it.

catesg says:

Great review, appreciate the shout out for my favorite starter cruiser. Plenty of power for long trips once you replace the factory seat and install some highway pegs. Reliable, reliable, reliable, enough said. Inexpensive and easy to maintain yourself. Excellent handling at low speed, carries its weight well. Only other downside is the factory suspension. Not a deal breaker but the bike will rattle you over the big potholes. Lots of aftermarket parts including seats and progressive suspension. I love mine and won’t sell it; cheaper to keep her!

Roger Bird says:

Sean is not wrong here. I have a 07 VTX1300R with 96,000km (around 60,000mi). I picked it up in June and put 6,000km on it. It has always started and run great. Enough power for my 250lb heft plus gear when travelling. It is also fine 2-up with my wife on the back (not saying weight lol).
Great value, reliable, fun, powerful.

Jo-han Goh says:

Don’t use the choke to start the bike!! Twist the throttle a few times before pressing the ignition button and the bike should start up! Using the choke WILL foul the spark plugs!

scott morgan says:

I’ve owned both……

Wait till the breather tube clogs and it blows out the shifter seal and pukes it’s oil out. The petcock also develops issues that usually result in a FIRE!

My 02 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 is a better bike for the same money.

Barry Witt says:

Speeding, crossing double solid lines….

David Neiggemann says:

I’ll stick with my 750 Honda aero plenty of power. light weight. rides great

Karl Muzer says:

I own a 2005 S model great bike,great sound,fairly comfortable for a 6’1″ 270lb old fat guy.Nothing like my 86 wing but has a good ride to it.My 03 VTX 1800 was a perfect fit and tons of power but this 1300 does a good job though a bit smaller.God Bless and ride safe.

Jeffry Gilbert says:

Downside is that I’m in Thailand and these are more than $10,000 here. Gonna have to be happy with my Honda Phantom TA 200.

Manny Diaz says:

Thank you for the Bible verse!

Alberto Santiago says:

I really like my 2005 vtx 1300c I was going to sell it after I purchased my m109r but changed my mind..I like it to much to sell..only thing I’m not crazy about like someone else stated is the stock seat I upgraded to a solo seat (I forgot what brand) and when dual riding I have put on my Mustang seats.

Barry Witt says:

That doesn’t look that the stock speedo graphic

David Bennett says:

Needs more ground clearance. I would rather have a Guzzi V11 Bassa. I might be 70 years old but put on blacktop with lots of “twisties” and I want to ride fast. I also really like the Kaw bigger v-twins.

Josh Langer says:

I have a vtx 1300. Bought it last year. Excellent bike. I do wonder why Honda stopped making them. Did they lose money on them? Any ideas?

Edward Miller says:

I just traded my 2003 VTX 1300 for a 2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse. I do have to say that I love my VTX and it was a great ride. It was just time to upgrade.

Carl Munger says:

That’s what I really want!

Jared Klr says:

VTX 1300 is a great bike. I’ve owned 3 and would buy another without hesitation.

Thomas Walter says:

They are great bikes. I have the same year and color. They are bullet proof.

I'm Simon says:

I usually like SRK’s videos, but this bike is a pig… I had one (a few years back). Slow, Overweight, Handled like a truck…

Digg Rouze says:

I’m looking into getting one of these or the 1800

Elie Nehme says:

Amen for the words of wisdom.

oumadmike1 says:

Please continue the words of wisdom! Excellent addition to these great videos. God bless!

jt elevenoyd says:

There’s a lot to like about bikes like this one. Unfortunately I’m 5’6″.

Painter D says:

I got my 1300 VTX for several reasons. It’s comfortable, powerful, plenty fast even with two up riding. I like the simplicity of tuning with the single carb and shaft drive. And that single pins crank gives me that classic sound I wanted.  And my friends say, “But it’s not a Harley”. I say, I never wanted a Harley, and never will. I want dependability at a great price and less maintenance. I don’t leave my bike parked in front of a bar all day to show it off. I ride it and enjoy it! The 1300 VTX is a great bike.

Rivers Matthew says:

I was shopping around for something bigger. I went to look at a vtx 1800 but when I got there it was the 1300. Test drive it and it was so dang pretty I bought it.. loved riding it. It’s a great bike. But wanted something bigger. Found a Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 so sold the 1300. Can’t go wrong with the vtx 1300 if you don’t mind a smaller cc bike.

Rob Craft says:

I loved my vex!!! Very comfortable cruiser. I would recommend this bike to anyone.

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