Victory Motorcycles: Cruiser Riding Position Comparison – Victory Judge, Cross Roads and High-Ball

In this video five riders of various heights compare three totally different Victory cruiser style motorcycles and discuss the riding position and characteristics of each bike. The bikes used for comparison are the Victory Cross Roads, Victory Judge and the Victory High-Ball. Since the riding position of the Cross Country is basically the same as the Cross Roads, this video covers much of Victory’s Cruiser lineup.


fernyblue says:

Thank you for the vid. It helped me purchase the 2016 high ball bike unseen. Was very well explained. Thanks.

Ken Cooley says:

I own the HIghball and put 10,000 miles on it within 8 months. Best bike I’ve ever owned. Love the ape hangers.

Sunilnand Vijayarathna says:

Hi there, tks for the video , and dont you have a Cruiser 250 or 350cc pls …?

john harris says:

Weird crap of very little interest.

eric grant says:

so basicaly no tall riders in this vid 6′ is not tall im 6’6 thats how you tell the position lol

Johnny W says:

nobody likes the Judge riding postition…your arms would go numb after 10 minutes

fernominal says:

Being a former V-Max owner, the rider position of the V. Judge is awesome! It would be great for riders that like the sportier riding position. Also, some riders (myself included, I’m 5’11’) prefer the riding position of the Judge. (being used to riding so that I can feel the wind, which adds to the thrill, and must have the body leaning slightly forward, arms slightly bent. Plus you have you have the 106 ci motor that gives an acceleration factor, when called upon. ) I am very pleased to see that Victory has a motorcycle for any type of rider, whether a hardcore, or a sunday rider!

Imperial Maniac says:

5″6?! Wtf are you designing bikes for midgets?

thomas maffetone says:

very nice way to give a presentation on the different bikes and size of people comparison.. great job

jc632k says:

Can you change rear fender on the highball? Stock looks hideous

ShooterJackhammer says:

Where are the 6’7″ guys? That’s what I want to see. Hey! Get Shaquille. That would be great!

Chris Johns says:

at 5″4 – 5″5 I’m thinking about a Judge with Ape Hangers….

leonard bullhock says:

Good video to see different riders on the bikes but kinda disappointed me. I’ve been looking at Judges and the general consensus was `awkward` position. Me being 6`2″ I might get away with it. I’ll need to seek out a Victory dealer here in Scotland. No easy feat. FWIW the Judge is the meanest looking bike on the road for me.

Guy Warmoth says:

Im sorry they are just ugly. Go to Google punch in Victory Choppers and hit images and you will NOT find one thats not uglier than heck. I was going through all the pics and suddenly Bam! there’s one thats cool!…nope fazed in…Its a Harley Chopper. So they start ugly and apparently you cant make them cool. Sorry they may be great mechanically, but they’r ugly! BOOM TA’DA’ BOOM! THEY’R UGLY!

Okie Rider says:

How much does this guy get paid from Victory to demo their bikes?

1400IntruderVS says:

I sat on the 2013 Judge when they were available and my favorite bits were the handlebar and seat. It gave the bike attitude. Which is what Victory claimed it had. However the following year they replaced the handlebar with the same pulled back piece found on their other cruisers. Effectively removing any personality the motorcycle had that may have separated it from the other Vegas derived machines. By 2015 the Judge was no longer in the line up. Victory’s worrisome marketing department never really gave the Judge an opportunity to catch on.
A more attractive rear fender with out the stylized external bracing and a wider 180 section rear tire, standard analogue tachometer, shorter mufflers and optional rear set foot controls probably would have been better refinements. For an otherwise great motorcycle.

Fudrukur says:

Where did they find all these short people? EWW!

richhosssify says:

I agree. Why no hammers. Own an 05 tribal red hammer…everybody looks…

vividconcept says:

been watching your recent vids……victory makes great bikes dissapointed however that you haven’t included the hammer or hammer s in your recent comparisons….in my opinion the best victory built to date……….

Douglas MacLaren says:

Great info. I have never seen anyone do a video like that. I have been thinking about a highball and at 5’11” I now know how it may fit me. Thanks for the extra info. Great job.

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