Urban Sport Cruiser Shootout

A Roadster, Scout, Bobber and Octane roll into a bar…

With names like those a joke is almost imminent. Determining the best urban sport cruiser among these four, though, is serious business – or as serious as can be considering the clowns involved in the process. At least no one here is wearing creepy face paint, baggy polka-dot lounge suits and oversized shoes, we just naturally look funny. Except Troy, he’s a handsome devil.

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Dakota Timmons says:

Video production level: middle schooler with a drone.

BigMonkeyGrip says:

Personally like the Scout. I own a Harley but really like the Scout. But Im not going to anywhere dot com for the score card. “Shaggy” from Scooby Doo just waisted 12.00 minutes of my time!

Shake_N_Bake says:

Say goodbye to Victory

daniel wardley says:

the Harley looks half finished and agricultural, the Guzzi lacks that Italian style, the Victory is a good start for customizing and has good hooligan appeal, I decided to buy a Scout two years ago because i love the look and its so refined, finally bought one a month ago and the others don’t even come close, but hey each to their own

nicholas russell says:

guzzi not goozy

Jd B says:

I wish they made the Yamaha bolt in a 1100cc or higher. I would buy that in a second. I really like the Harley but I have never bought one because almost every time I go group riding it’s always a HD or an Indian that we need to stop on the side of the road for. The risk of mechanical problems is to high.

Eli Butterfield says:

would the yamaha Bolt be on the same page as the Guzzi?

maico125 says:

Bonneville Bobber would be a great comparison, but how much will they cost?

Gregory Peck says:

Was this sponsored by Harley? kind of get that impression listening to them.

T Shelton says:

You had me at “fuck you factor”

james hendrix says:

Polaris bikes are obviously better overall bikes. So to compare the two. Points to the Octane for higher performance. Its overall a more sporty kind of feel. The reason i believe that the majority prefer the scout is a few reasons. 1) timeless design while octane will age 2) Indian color options 3) Indian didnt go out of business. Indian even if they had not would likely hold value better.

D PIW says:

I genuinely feel sorry for anyone so devoid of looks, personality, or any positive attribute they need a material good in order for anyone to take an interest in them.

Pacifica611 says:

Evans sucks cock. guzzi is cool

AtomicReloads says:

octane beats all

superhero says:

sex and bikes, american life is great

Finn Martens says:

prior complex viewer focus.

kinster02 says:

Indian all the way. Victory is going out of business so, pass.

Smokin' Joe says:

Those aren’t cruisers.

Baltimore brawler says:

again I think Busa wins

NYC Inkmaster says:


fred nouvertne says:

No more Victory. Indian next. HD XL since 1957.

Thor says:

Scout is best of all, looks and the posture. I want to buy it, but what abt maintenance cost? I am from India and I am planning to buy Indian scout. But worried bout maintenance as there is no manufacturing plant in India and importing parts will be too expensive.

Gabriel F. says:

you guys should do another one of these videos please more bikes mid size and large

dicky bosro says:

troy siahaan? he is indonesian?

Rrivers411 says:

would anybody recommend H-D Street 750?

Authentic Max says:

If you want an old wrinkly chick, buy the guzzi, if you want a stripper wild type buy the harley, if you want a wifey milf type buy the indian and if you want a cute but no drama bad ass chick buy the victory.

Brad Rivera says:

File extensive any mount purpose class struggle reporter circumstance.

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