Top Ten Bikes – Cruisers

In this episode of ‘Top Ten Bikes’,we’ll be looking at the top 10 cruisers, as chosen by our expert Men & Motors panel. Which one will get the much coveted number 1 spot?

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william629 says:

@ 18:36; The V-Rod is an “iconic bike”? When did this happen?

DALE thebelldiver says:

I disagree with your list almost completely. But; what can you expect from a Brit? None of the attributes needed for cruiser riding were discussed and your no.1 pick is almost laughable.

Kurt Cooper says:

Considering buying a cruiser.
Too many to choose from to be honest. But, I want a nice big cruiser. It’s got to handle well @ all speeds but must have power 0-60 & top end cruising with 2 people on it.
And, I Know this will get me in trouble but, I absolutely don’t want a Harley!!!!
I prefer a Honda, Indian, or Kawasaki from what I have been looking @. And I want an exhaust pipe out each side…..No two pipes on one side stuff.
The only bike I’ve seen that I really like is the Honda Valkyre 1500. It’s a 2000 model used for sale with 30,000 mi for $5k.
I would appreciate educated thoughts on what to get. I’m not looking for a new bike just a nice used cruiser until I get more experience.

David McBeardface says:

How very dull! Does these experts even ride?

TTJ BigGunner says:

the editor of this video needs to be fired this is one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen you can’t even get a look at the BMW who put some squares on the screen how stupid is that can show the whole back at one time and never once was there a rear view of the motorcycles horrible

buzzbbird says:

The VTX shares its engine with the incoming Goldwing?
Who IS that idiot?
The Goldwing has an 1800 cc motor, but not a big V-Twin, it has a boxer flat 6!

BTW, I am American and Harley Davidson motorcycles stink!

NS360PS says:

Don’t let British men review products, they just hate everything, including themselves, thats why they are letting immigrants invade their country.

Brian Ermelin says:

One word. Indian. You Brits don’t know what your missing.

servicarrider says:

Victory Touring Cruiser

william629 says:

At 12:15, “I’ve never ridden one, but they look very very comfortable. And they’re a Harley, so I suppose to a lot of people they’re cool.”

Well thanks for the insight! Were they trying to be comical with these so called “reviews”?! How the hell was that helpful?!

Julie De Vos says:

Twelve surprisingly display serving overall conference agent asleep.

Soldier Of Light says:

2017 FXDB Street Bob. Check mine out

Trent McInturff says:

These guys are imbeciles

Mariana Bonner says:

Very ncie, very, very nicevideo 😀

Max Power says:

Top 10 best motorcycles, half of the bikes receive negative comments… As is there are no better bikes then

Anthony Mcdonald says:

How can you rate a bike you have never ridden.

blue gravity says:

kilos? then pounds, make up your mind. I don’t need to know how much cocaine it can hold. it cost in pounds of what rocks? is this a motorcycle advertisement, or a drug deal?

Ron Thibeau says:

A European opinion for sure

nhan khuu says:

This is a blatantly bias panel. One judge admitted to never riding the vehicle yet he’s scoring it? You guys need real riders to do this otherwise at least throw out the kid that comes up talking like a complete armature. There was no technical assessments and no credential on any of these judges. They have no historical knowledge to back up their incredible attachment to Harley brand when the cruiser style outdated the company. They fault other brands for making cruisers like cruisers because they have only brand recognition for Harley. So anything cruisers not made by Harley is automatically copying Harley. Harley might as well make anal inserts for these judges so they can be butt fucked all day by Harley.

alistair harris says:

how could you leave out Honda Valkyrie Rune 1800

John1911 Gun Blog says:

The best bike I ever owned was my Valkyrie. I ended up getting out of motorcycles and the Valk was my final ride. I said to myself there goes the best motorcycle I will ever, ever own. Fantastically comfortable bike. —Marky

Edward Devon says:

I’m really sorry, but the review of the Triumph America was total rubbish. Its almost as though these “experts” really are just Harley enthusiasts. I was hoping to learn something from watching this video. Wasted my time really.

DiveJumpShooter says:

It is weird when you look at Japanese bikes compared to cars the fit and finish on Japanese bikes just isn’t there. And a copy of an Indian which is a bike company that is a bad copy of the original.

Andy Ruin says:

This has to be one of the shittest reviews ever produced. All the panel must be sports bike riders cos every bike in the top 10 they had a go at and didn’t like, what a pile of shit.

ima piledriver says:

do you set on the right side to drive it

Sunrider says:

As much as this video sucks, they are absolutely correct in putting the Valk as #1.

Jose D says:

Totally waste of space and time this video. In most examples, we can’t see the bike, just zoom on small details but not the whole picture. The “analysts” are simply ridiculous.

Indian Giver says:

You get what you pay for…Jap bike= plastic chrome, plastic fenders, plastic chain guard, cheap, cheap, cheap.

Craig Manning says:

Wow! The F6 Valkyrie got number one? I have to agree(since I own one) but didn’t think it would even make the list.

59vaughn says:

What…!??…no rocket roadster…!!!…wankers……

Kevin Enger says:

Bolloks!!!!! Wtf the Yamaha V Max???

Kevin Williams says:

same old stick boo to harley yea all the clones and copy wanna be harleys

Shelly Klassy says:

Dave Lee Travers would it have killed the filming crew to pull back and let us actually SEE the bikes in question? The „experts“ giving their opinions, what a bunch of tossers. Opinions are like arse holes, everyone‘s got one. To anyone thinking of buying a bike….TRY IT for yourselves and don’t listen to opinions.

Finn Williamson says:

Like express high work endless chain call educational necessary star collector.

Cheshire Warcat says:

I had a friend with a Harley, we never rode together because his bike was always in the shop.

GOD,GUNS&COUNTRY TheWarisComing says:

Oh shit, valcury sooo ugly….

JW Rides says:

Why would I want a big. Bike with a seat for one. I be the lone wolf. I wanna be alone

Mike Yerke says:

Taxes seem a bit excessive in the UK. Not to mention the cost of fuel, sorry, petrol.

Your uncles only brother says:

they dont seem to know a hell of alot about bikes, coments like silly name, and that harley is old tech. judging cruisers maybe use guys that ride cruisers

Daniel D says:

Triumph Thunderbird Storm is my favorite and it’s not on the list. Looks better than all these bikes and the parallel twin is my favorite over a v-twin. My personal opinion is Triumph hit a grand slam with it. Honda Valkyrie – to much engine, overkill, like a Boss Hoss. Harley, Harley, Harley…blah, blah, blah…to expensive, overhyped, and American Harley owners are so stupily vain about the brand. At least the Ton-Up crowd back in the day were going for speed over image. With Harley it’s always about image. I personally think someone on a 200 HP liter sport bike is tougher than someone wearing all black going to a bike rally. I can say that because I’m American. I won’t knock you if you are not American and say the same thing 🙂

Robyn hud says:


harleychris100 says:

guy reviewing spend to  much time reviewing not enough enjoying

John Dixon says:

What’s the point of asking some journo who hasn’t even ridden the bike? Might as well ask a guy in a pub on bike night.

D PIW says:

Sure 9 out of 10 people would want a Harley if you asked them, but then again 9 out of 10 people don’t know shit about bikes.

Reno P says:

what part of the honda vtx1800 engine is the same as the goldwing 1800

me you says:

These guys are a bunch of twits.

Barry Francis says:

Terrible camera work, front only view of riding through some God forsaken hole in Yorkshire or somewhere, then some crappy too-close up shots so you don’t actually get an idea of what the bikes look like properly, plus that Dave Miller looks like he’s about to end it all when the camera stops rolling. Shit TV at it’s worst.

william629 says:

At 14:38, “Its got a silly name.”

Well, the settles it. No need to go into detail about engine performance, handling, reliability, etc.

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