Top 5 cruiser Motorcycles for beginners – how to buy your first motorcycle the right way

In this video we continue the series on how to buy your first motorcycle. This time we are focusing on the top 5 best cruiser motorcycles for beginners. I realize that there are a ton of great motorcycles out there, and an incredible number of fantastic cruisers, but these are simply the top 5 best cruisers for a beginner in my humble opinion. This comes from years of helping people buy the right bike, and new riders are my favorite! So here is a short list of what are in my opinion the best beginner cruisers.

This series really focuses around how to buy your first motorcycle, specifically how to buy a used motorcycle for your first one.

This list includes the: Honda rebel, Yamaha Vstar 250, Yamaha Vstar 650, Vulcan 500, and the gz250.

I will be doing several top 5 motorcycle videos for different riders so stay tuned, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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zeus c109 says:

My first bike was a 1984 Honda Shadow vt700 just five years ago a great starter bike and now riding a Suzuki Boulevard c109rt 1800 CC

goldmartijn says:

Bought my first motorcycle 3 months ago! 🙂
Honda Shadow VT 750 C2 ACE 1998 – Bought it with like 4800km. Carb. cleaned and runs like new!
It’s an awesome bike

Cory Rade says:

Looking to get my wife her first bike. She is fairly petite (5″1″, 115lbs). We were looking at the Shadow 750, just so she can keep up on rides with me. in your opinion. would the Rebel be a better buy just to get her time in the saddle and keep her 2 up with me if we want to ride together until she gets more experience?

ShaneSharpVlogs says:

Alex I’m wanting to buy my first bike. I like both sport and cruiser motorcycles. I want to keep it between $6k – $7k. I’ve looked at the FZ-07, Rebel 500, Royal Enfield, and even a Grom lol. I’m 6 foot and about 190. Any suggestions, thanks!

y2knoproblem says:

Start with a moped. LOL

Tommy Weese says:

Went from a rebel 250 spent 700 on it put some work into it and rode it for 6 months got 1250 back out of it. Really fun bike. This was spot on man.

Savage Kock says:

My girls first bike was a intruder 1400 , haha, crazy bitch !!

Emilio Aguirre says:

I went through some of those 250 cruisers in my MSF course. While they might not be the coolest bikes to ride, goddamn if they aren’t fun.

Rhyan Kruis says:

You deserve alot more subs man

dantae666 says:

cruisers the danger is brakes. heavy cruiser and very strong brakes makes it far to easy to lock the front wheel and end in disaster

Clarence Swope says:

My first clutched motorcycle the first one that I had to get legalized was a little bitty Kawasaki 125 Eliminator yeah I know it was small but I used it to learn the very first bike I ever rode was a Honda Spree LOL hahahahaha everybody’s got to start somewhere

oldschoolbuck says:

Harley Sportster is a good starter, and you may not feel the need for anything bigger, lots them too for well under $5000. Very customizable, and hold their value.

Jesus is Lord says:

Honda Shadow

Monty Kay says:

s40 and shadow 600 are the best starter bike IMO . Rebel is just too small

Nobible Black says:

Good advice for the newbies. The Honda Rebel 250 is often one of the main bikes used in Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) 2-day license endorsement courses along with other 250 cc street bikes. It’s a good starter for someone not too big in height and weight for a comfortable riding fitment. Like shoes, the size of the moto needs to feel right immediately.

Lawak Jaa says:

Yamaha Virago 535 is actually quite good for beginners

Alex Simmons says:

For you really big beginners out there:

Justin Bailey says:

I Was gonna get a rebel 500, but I figured I’d outgrow it in a couple months, what about the phantom 750?

Adrien F says:

hi friend, what do you think about the shadow 125 ? Ty 😉

supakamario says:

This is one of the most butchered debates out there. We need 2 stop telling ppl to get these small bikes. Everyone doesn’t have the time and resources to resell that small bike in 2 months. Futhermore if your your mature enough u can start on whatever you want. I started on a road star warrior 1700 cc. Never dropped if and love it. Yes different strokes for different folks. But enough with the “cut and dry/black and white” start with this. Plus I’m 6’4″ 300lbs. I couldn’t even fully turn bars on gz250 I took msf test on, it felt very unsafe being on that tiny bike. Also my heavy ass made that 250 an 80……

RoGuExPaNcAkE says:

See I’m looking at the lil’ 250cc bikes and I’m thinking I am gonna get one that isn’t nescicerilly pretty so if I drop it it’s ok. I wanna turn it into a bobber for cruisin round town then get a bigger bike for anything else.

james hardin says:

This was about you not bikes. bla bla bla

Soldier Of Light says:

I bought a 2017 FXDB Street Bob. Check mine out

SharkGlide17 says:

Sportsters are sort of an expensive starter bike but you can start on an 883 and Do a hot rod 1200 kit later and trick it out any way you want. The bike can grow with you. The EVO engine is rock solid and it can make 100+hp if you want. I think if your coming from some experience on a dirt bike you should start on something with 2 cylinders and 600+cc at least. Otherwise you’ll get bored fast. 250s are for people starting completely from scratch and don’t even know how to work a clutch I’m 6 foot tall and 250lbs and started on a shadow 600 I made Into a cool little bobber, 3 years later I’m on a 2017 Road Glide special.

Dimitris Kosmidis says:

Hello Alex. I have found a bike named Kymco Venox 250. Have you seen it? Do you reccomend it for a beginner ?

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