Top 5 Cruiser Motorcycles (Fastest Cruisers) | MotoVlog

My Top 5 list of my favorite FAST cruiser motorcycles!
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christopher 600cc says:

yea cyclecruza you forgot the triumph Rocket 3 that bitch has a car engine in it

Travis Walls says:

What is the failure percentage for Indian???

Contra Bullshit says:

Your underwear must full of jizz after every ride. And while supersports have awesome acceleration, their riding position is fucking rediculous.

Von TheButcher says:

Yamaha Raider?

Scott Putman says:

haha my rocket 3 would smoke the vrod the suzuki and the victory….

Mel Richardson says:

this guy is a fucking idiot lmao

harleychris100 says:

you was talking about bad brakes..why when they know how don’t all bikes have great braking and damping.why do they turn round and say we can put shit brakes and make it do the twistys shit..come on put brakes on these bikes that really stop safely

Matt Russell says:

Yamaha Raider all da wayy all dayy

Straight Buckets says:

Nice good well done had fun

Marco Polo says:

I been told in the past that the VMAX can go pretty fast on the first gear. Something like 100-120 km/h maybe.

john silcox says:

be careful going in a straight line. haha

ed politowicz says:

check out the Honda F6B…bad ass!!!

Freddy G says:

what are you riding in this video?

philip hawker says:

Why is it that on EVERY video you have it’s fuckin grey and shit. No leaves what so ever. If I watch your videos for too long in one sitting I start getting all blue and shit

M J says:

I really like the v rod night special 2017

white craft says:

cheap fuck

Marco Polo says:

Stop stop stop you might have an orgasm. Not go for you young heart.

DC Comics are the best says:

v max looks sexy imo

eric o hater fan club lol sma for life says:

victory is no more

Anthony Hendricks says:

What’s your opinion on the Kawasaki Vulcan? I was hoping to see it on here

Squirrel Panda says:

HONDA GOLDWING.. 933 lbs of reliable long lasting
off-road machinery

Michael Kastner says:

How did you miss the 2300cc Triumph “Rocket 3” The no-1 performance cruiser built!!! Phyco iam very disappointed in you!!

Joey Sanchez says:

5… 4… 3… 2…1 !!!!!you are amazing CycleCruzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin noneya says:


Nalla Nosnarb says:

Too much rap…just give the report…much better

Floyd Burdett says:

VMAX is also shaft-drive…
Also be mindful that the ‘cruisers’ have more weight on the rear, so there is a lot more braking help…

nofoyourbusiness i says:

156 HP on the Ducati and it weighs 545LBS

darrell mount says:

You are right ! If it don’t stop right it just isn’t safe period, if you don’t feel confident in your stopping power ,you need to find something you are confident with or you will end up making bad decisions when something pops up out of nowhere.

charles dickens says:

Hey dumbass… none of the bikes that you mention are cruisers.  The best/fastest cruiser is the Harley Lowrider S with the 117ci upgrade.

Chris C says:

Arent these 5 bikes “muscle” bikes?

Νικολας Βουργαρης says:

the yamaha v max what do you thing cycle cruza

Godzilla Wins says:

rocket 3 ? indian scout ???

spacecats says:

All I need is a shit ton of torque maybe a bit of speed and a helmet with a big ass cat decal and I’ll be happy

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