Top 10 Touring Motorcycles for Comfortable Life on the Open Road

Technically, any road legal motorcycle could be taken on the open highway to cross continents and live on the road. However, it goes without saying that touring bikes are the most perfectly equipped machines for such tasks. Besides being merciful to your body while riding long distances, a touring bike is capable of carrying quite a lot of stuff, no surprise why the alternative names of these motorcycles are baggers.
In this episode we will be showing the best full dresser models on today’s market and ranking them according to performance parameters, price, reliability and of course our personal unjustified tastes. If you agree with our selected models, then this video will serve as a great buying guide for those who are shopping for a tourer in 2018 or planning to buy one next year.

Motorcycles featured in this episodes and time codes:

00:38 #10 Indian Chieftain:

Indian Chieftain is a mix of a classic long-distance tourer and a cruiser marketed as a bagger bike. It is sold in 5 models with a price ranging from $21,499 for the entry level model to $31,499 for the limited Elite trim.

1:32 #9 Harley Davidson Road King:

The Road King is the most basic touring model in the lineup offered by Harley Davidson. Just like larger and more expensive full dress sibling it is brought to life by a great mill 1746 cc Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin.

2:34 #8 Motoguzzi MGX-21:

What do you think about the new Motto Guzzi? Please let us know in comments and feel free to correct our pronunciation of this iconic company’s name.

3:46 #7 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager:

Though the Vulcan family dates back to 1984, 1700 Voyager is among its younger models. Released in 2009 it was thoroughly updated in 2015. The king of Kawasaki cruisers is powered by a liquid cooled 4 stroke 52-degree 1,700cc V-twin.

4:53 #6 Honda CTX1300:

This touring bike is a relative newcomer to the market, since the very first model was introduced in 2014 as a successor of the ST 1300 Pan European. Its name conceals the abbreviation Comfort, Technology, eXperience.

6:14 #5 Yamaha Star Venture:

Yamaha Star Venture is the company’s all-new top of the line “transcontinental” tourer featuring a big 1.85-liter air-cooled V-twin with 126 lb-ft of torque. The bike is priced at $25,000 with an optional transcontinental package available for additional 2 grands.

7:17 #4 Indian Roadmaster:

Indian Roadmaster is one of the classiest looking touring motorcycles on the market. It is available in 3 variations, Classic, Roadmaster, and Elite, starting from $27k.

8:15 #3 Harley Davidson Electra Glide:

Electra Glide is an iconic motorcycle that existed for more than half a century and it owes its name to the fact that it was the first ever Harley Davidson to receive an electric starter.

9:22 #2 BMW K1600 GTL:
BMW K1600 GTL is the ultimate BMW touring bike by many accounts. In addition to superior handling, 125 mph top speed, and 160 horses of power, it offers the highest level of comfort and luxury imaginable.

10:24 #1 Honda Goldwing Tour:

The history of Honda Goldwing started back in 1975 as a quite shy naked style 1000 4 cyl, however over the years this bike grew in size and became a legend of touring motorcycles with more than 600,000 models sold all over the world.

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Top 10 Touring Motorcycles for Comfortable Life on the Open Road
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Gilad Gur says:

I find myself agree on all 10 models for this list. Well done and thanks

Edward Childers says:

The mgx 21 stole that fairing from batgirl.

Edward Childers says:

And who picked the colors of the bikes in this video?

Zoltán Ormos says:

From all these bikes the BMW has the best touring capabilities. The road king and the ctx are some touring bike jokes. They could be used for commuting but definitely not for riding 8-10 hours/ day, maybe in rain.

jalopy rips says:

Triumph thunder bird 1700

MarktheHunter says:

All other models are 2018 and beemer is the only one 2016, why? Something to worry about,he he and by the way Grand America is awesome,both for me and my wife,super comfy and fast( it’s gonna be way faster as soon as I get that computer from Germany),lol. I never thought that I’ll fel in love with motorcycle,but I did.

Nouman hassan says:

Great video thanks

Zunaid Kajee says:

Any reason why the k1600bagger and grand America never made the list?

Batal Jamal says:

What about the victory motorcycles

Enzo Anania says:

You guys

Luca Ferri says:

bmw rt 1200 ????

lastreak says:

Try the Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra for Touring

G says:

Goldwing = King Tourer hands down.

K1600 = King Sport Tourer hands down.

Matthew M says:

The new Goldwing sucks. There is no storage on it, wind protection is gone and the front suspension design is a joke. Just call it the new Honda Gold Winglette.

Sankar Narayanan says:

Awesome collection

Steve Todisco says:

You seriously missed the best touring bike HD builds. The Road Glide Ultra. Much better road bike than the ElectraGlide.

tony butt says:

You missed the CVO road glide

Dave Brewer says:

Nice Bikes all . But till they can figure out a way to prevent today’s insane drivers from running into your ass at 60mph while sitting at a Red Light ? I’ll pass .

Steve Lawrie says:

A good roundup of touring motorcycles. Of course people vary on what they want in a motorcycle. My favorite would be the Road King by Harley Davidson. My reason is because I like retro and I would use helmet mounted communication and entertainment before mounting it on the bike.

John Spears says:

It’s pronounced “ MO DOW GU ZEE “


Fuck Harley Davidson!!

MarktheHunter says:

Gold wing #1? He he,very funny

Enzo Anania says:

You guys have no fuckin clue of what your talking about..

Marcus Russell says:

Yamaha FJR?, who picked these POS

Indy Vin says:

Why HD was higher on the list than Indian is a complete joke. If the torquey power core doesn’t beat HD, then the extras you get from Indian should…… pfff….

Graeme SYDNEY says:

I doubt if anyone associated with this vid can even ride a bike – it is just regurgitated bullshit from start to finish.

Shady Abbas says:

I think you forgot about yamaha fjr 1400…
yes it’s sport touring, idont know if we have to consider it in this list but it’s really a masterpiece.

Warren Johnson says:

The voiceover guy has a weird delivery and even stranger enunciation. It got me wondering if the narrator was an actual person or a robo-voice. I’m still not sure.

Stephen Roth says:

FYI: Back around 1900 for about 4 years both Harley and Indian made a bicycle. They had the attitude that the man of the house would ride the motorcycle while the lady of the house would ride the bicycle, they had wooden wheels. It didn’t go over. So they were only made for about 4 years…

nick21sammy says:

touring with these bikes is just boring. you may as well use a car…

seeratlas d' Tyria says:

i am curious as to your definitions. How could u exclude the Triumph T-bird LT in a ‘touring’ comparo? At several MC events I’ve had many curious Indian/Harley/Goldwing/ etc riders ask if they could “trade” for a few miles of the tour. NOT A SINGLE ONE has pushed to return the bike early!!! Power/torque/radial tires/handling, and especial “THE SADDLE”- which is univerally concluded as perhaps the finest touring saddle EVER put on a mc. When they ask how much it cost me, well the downturned grimaces are almost comical. (, btw, I have ridden each of the bikes in your article except it was an earlier but similar Guzzi)

Going across one particularly bad stretch of highway in South Dakota on an LT, I passed about ten harley riders lying on their backs in the grass off the side of the road. When I stopped to ask them if they needed help, they explained the frost heaves in the road seemed like they were ‘tearing their insides loose’ and they were stopped to ‘recover’ for a bit…..I am sorry, but I almost laughed out loud and had to force myself NOT to grin too broadly as I happily motored away…. Oh, one last thing, ultimate “touring” bike test: LAY EACH OF THEM ON ITS SIDE IN A PARKING LOT AND HAVE THE RIDER PICK EM UP W/0 ASSISTANCE, THEN INSPECT THE DAMAGE. HINT-I’ve been riding mc’s for 60 years now, been a few places, seen a few things- enough to know that if you can’t pick it up, u can’t use it for ‘TOURING’.
OK, Last hint: make sure you have some anti-hernia braces for the “900” pound plus riders, you don’t believe me? Try it on an Indian Roadmaster.

Robert Polkamp says:

Highly doubtful any of these examples make trip a from Florida to Alaska and back, in particular the air cooled models. Long distance touring (10k+trips) inevitably encounter less than perfect roads that require much lighter motorcycles than the Goldwing and interstate riding is dirty, dangerous, and boring.

Gene Clarke says:

Nod to the BMW since it can easily perform touring duty and, drop the bags, and its a nimble daily commuter. The Honda CTX 1300 is a fine daily commuter and when pushed can perform light touring duties. Glad to see Honda redesigned the Gold Wing with a wealth of improvements. Gold Wing is in a class all its own and thank you Mr. Honda.

Nsureu hamp says:

Can Am Spyder.

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