The 7 Cruiser Riders You Will Meet

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What motorcycle do I ride? Erm… Currently none, my arm doesn’t work too well.

What do I do for a living? Professional Male Escort and Bald Head enthusiast

Can you wheelie? No, I suck.

Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.

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Why do you ride so dangerously? I have no regard for my own life and safety.

Do you go to the track? Yep. Currently addicted and trying to find more ways of going

Do you play video games? No, I don’t play no games. #teamhustle #superserious

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Moto 90 says:

Harley is for douchebags who are in their mid life crisis trying to pick on kids.

Chris Weber says:

“who wants to get a mustang or camaro, but ends up getting a trans am or something” except the trans am is a better car, not to mention depending what camaro you get its essentially the same just visual differences

Rico Gutierrez says:


Cloud Of Time says:

Oh, and there’s the “I’m better than all these other bros, because I like certain bikes a certain way and I like to ride a certain way, so I’m the best, snob douchebag” bro. You forgot about that bro, bro. That’s you, the total douchebag bro.

Rapidfury13 says:

Holy shit it’s a street sweeper

nivo yoyo says:

I love my Sportster!

thesexybadger says:

To be honest though Japanese bikes are seriously fucking reliable, give me a Japanese bike over a yank one

Ian Excalibur says:

This is bullshit…….

LarryRickenbacker says:

My scoot is a Honda Shadow Sabre 1100. What kind of rider does that make me? LOL.

Chris B says:

Not sure where i fall then. I bought a dead bike that sat in a garage for 2 years and got it running in a day then really fixed it up by redoing electrical and carb rebuild. Its a 02 Shadow vt750. I didnt get the matching black leather logos or anything. I just got a license and ride. Its a cruiser but a small one. For easy riding. Im 34 and i have a brown leather jacket but a full helmet. So am i like a weird mix? Lol 😛 i dont talk about my bike unless asked i only went to a Harley dealership with my Uncle once and allthough everyone was friendly, i only liked one Harley model. Seemed like a place for old retired people to me. I have been riding just under a year and put just over 4 thousand miles riding from San Antonio to Lake Dallas. I eventually want to find a bigger bike but not a land barge and not a sport bike. I guess im waiting for Honda to make another Rune but i fear it will never happen. Oh well. I dont care what brand you ride on two wheels as long as you enjoy it.

Cory The Viking says:

All the hate for Japanese riders? One of us steal your girlfriend bro?

YukitoOnline says:

Sad… No mentions about Indian Cruisers…

Joe Hammersley says:

ur a pussy how about u learn how to ride on the road

N9710A says:

Young man, you hav a new fan!

Hal McAdams says:

I got to 1:05 and bailed, whiney voice needs to loosen the neck brace so he can get some air to his brain. Why are all the worst comedians on Youtube?

Marcos P says:

And then there is they guy that thinks that only a Harley is a cruiser.

Steven H says:

I’m kind of ashamed to ride my shadow. Everyone else has a Harley and I’m here with my little jap cruiser.

Cameron :/ says:

Shadow 1100 because I didn’t want a Harley like absolutely everyone else

maoristereo says:

Im a proud Metric cruiser bro

Anthony C says:

I like my 01 vulcan. It’s ugly as sin but compfy. Not trying to fit in. It was just a cheap bike I bought that needed minor work. I wasn’t trying to buy a cruiser it just happened.

Zaquariu5 says:

Woops… yammy noob vid, let me get the fuck out of here before my brain cells die.

mike miller says:

Don’t take my bike out of garage for anything less than a 1000 miles.
Usually ride from 4-6 weeks, then put it away for a month then back out for another 4-6 week meandering.
Have a destination only as a turn around to head back. Never stop for more than gas and a sanwhich at the pump. 10k to 20 k rides. Lots of 600-900 miles per day, and some 1000 miles days. No stopping for attractions just the ride itself is all I need.
Sleep on a sky tent with my bear spray handy.

Jaimie Katcher says:

This guy blows!!! Sounds like he hates all bikers and is in high school…

Two Genders says:

I have a vt 600 bobber and it’s a great bike. Some people can’t really afford NICE harleys but are still riders lol

wunder8962 says:

Your a moron

Hesperides says:

Did you just…call trans am a one-off muscle car? Trans ams are just as badass as any camaro!

tom rebel says:

Cancer of youtube.

Tim Jansen says:

Wanted to get a mustang or camaro, but ended getting a trans am, an arguably better and more bad ass muscle car

michael scott says:

OMFG my ex stepdad is the fucking definition of the poser bro

Stabber McStabby-Stab says:

Aaaaand then there’s me….

Always riding other’s bikes because I never have gas on my own and spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time cleaning mine and making sure its spotless and always gets SO FUCKING BOTHERED BY THE SLIGHTEST SMUDGE OR FINGERPRINTS ON MY RIDE THAT I SPEND WAAAAAY TO MUCH GOD DAMN TIME KEEPING IT SPOTLESS so I always ask to borrow my friend’s


Oh my god I’m so sorry………

Johnny X Cash says:


megalo Dan says:

7 or 9 who is counting, right

steve camaro says:

If me and my Yamaha XV750 hadnt both got totalled at the same time, id really have to disagree with you about the dorky uncle bullshit. My 94 Virago was fucking awesome. Never broke down, always started, super comfy, and looked fuckin sweet.

Daniel Wright says:

Started riding not long ago but it seems like I’m gonna go the Japanese cruiser route, it describes me pretty well

adam davison says:

Ok, I don’t want to sound upset, but trans ams are a more worked over Camaro, it has sway bars when the Camaro doesnt. It has more power per model year and it has better interior and better usability. Basically a trans am or firebird is a Camaro on steroids.

plowboysghost says:

You left out the ” Middle aged, never lost a fight, 1000+ mile per month riding despite serious health issues, outlaw(not a patch wearing wannabe seeking the safety of a gang, but a REAL sumbitch you want as a friend), single action revolver-in leather western rig-toting, worn out cowboy boot wrapped in duct tape wearing, 10″ bearded dude on a loud V Star 1100 who don’t give a got-damn about brand snobbery or what the hell anyone else thinks about him or his ride-….biker.

Dolnor says:

Bought my 750 rice cruiser for $5000 out the door new. Rode it 86000 miles in 5 years…all over the USA. Rode it with my Harley friends…they didn’t put more than 2000 miles before they sold them…didn’t want to ruin the resale value. They thought a “ride” was 30 miles…I thought it was 400 miles. We parted ways. I took that bike everywhere, even off-road (back side of Mount Hood, Mount Shasta, Mount Baker) and into the interior of the Canadian North West Territories. Most of the riding was alone…because, yes…I was that strange Uncle Nerdy. Old age and financial troubles…no more bike. Nothing but life-long great memories! -)


Mr Dave says:

I’m #3 Japanese Cruiser bro, tweaked.
Never wanted a camero or T top anything.
Ride a classic 1982 Honda cb900c with 10 gears (5sport, 5 highway).
I ride to enjoy, not race.
I’ve throttled it out on highway rides but back off and remain around 90.
Bike is relatively quiet and I like that.
I get props, thumbs up and “suhweet” comments for “Betty White” because it’s a throwback to basic cruise riding (not Tom, “need for speed” cruise riding.)

Omar Perez says:

I will join the V bro club… if I’m Hispanic am I allowed to join?

Adam Oloufa says:

Really disappointed you didn’t include muscle bike bro

Altis Fox says:

I sense some bias in this video…

Toal Fact says:

Well, this makes me a Japanese Cruiser Bro. Off the last video I watched and posted, my 650 was a V Star 650 custom, fun bike, easy to work on, almost never had problems… other than the final drive always blowing gaskets and leaking… Now I have a Yamaha Stryker, and I love everything about this bike.

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