Sportbike VS Cruiser Motorcycle

Sportbike VS Cruiser Motorcycle
Cruiser Motorcycle VS Sportbike
Differences between a Sportbike and a cruiser motorcycle.
Differences between a cruiser motorcycle and a Sportbike.
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The list of differences:

Riding Stance & comfort.
Engine & Acceleration.
Fuel Economy.
Brakes & Suspension.
Riding Behaviors.

Each one of those points explains differences between Sportbike and Cruiser Motorcycle
They have their different respects the cruiser motorcycle and Sportbike.

PwnsJones Pwns Jones


Jordan Bryant says:

wrong on braking. youre suppose to use about 75% front brake not mostly bake brake as you said

Solomon Moriarty says:

Been riding cruisers for a while now.. I use the front brake more often than the back. You can fishtail by just using your back brake too easily… I’ve been there before and use the hand brake more frequently…

Paul Morris says:

just buy both

Hmm Thinking says:

Awesome video guys. Short, to the point, funny and very helpful.

Anyone got any ideas for a good sports cruiser? I’m kind of a beginner too so don’t want to splash out too much or get anything too difficult to handle at this point. Looking for the best of both worlds I guess. Still want something with some grunt but comfortable enough if I feel like going for a long ride. Ideas?

vincent yap says:

Cruiser rider got a clearer view compare to sport biker because the Cruiser position is straight

Liam Horton says:

What about on your motorbike helmets

Mike Larue says:

sorry dude, video sucks. way too much inaccurate stuff for it to be a good video.

RoadHunter72 says:

If you are “mainly only using the back brake” on ANY type of motorcycle, you need to learn to ride properly.

Tony Williams says:

Good vid. Now I need to decide which I want and you need to iron your shirt. 🙂

Landen Klouser says:

Stanley yelnats sounds like a fucking douche… lol

Jim Schwartz says:

“Cruisers mainly only use the back brake” (at 3:52 ). Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Jacob Thompson says:

sportsbike vs cruiser just do it

Tate Mushroom says:

Fuck cruiser bikes

Jeremy Park says:

Sport bike VS Cruiser Motorcycle

Adam Gomes says:

this was cringy asf

Corey c says:

you chose the douchiest pictures of cruisers to be honest

Austin Harr says:

Whats the sport bike in the thumbnail?

CountryBoy Motovlogs says:

Your allmost right, ive been riding heavy ass cruizers for 40 yrs, and no you dont use only the back brake. Its 70 front 30 back. Use only back and you will be changing pads every six months not to mention locking it up.

Navin Rajkumar says:

thank bro very helpful for me

Matt S says:

the cruiser seems better in every way……… but fuck it I look dope on my cbr 600

Kevin Imp says:

to anyone who owns a cruiser the 60s called they said they want their ugly bike back.

Matt S says:

the cruiser seems better in every way……… but fuck it I look dope on my cbr 600

Pete Goodwin says:

Sport Motorcycle VS Cruiser Motorcycle

DO IT!!!!

D Marsh says:

your comment about fuel mileage on sportbikes is wrong, my current bike consistently gets better fuel mileage than cruisers I have ridden alongside on more than a few occasions.

PlexusNervus says:

Fun vid, but also some BS included…

Jonathan Eaton says:

Is there a bike in between a sport and a cruiser??

Vlharlir says:

4.17 i wanna see him turn !!!!

JakeTheHuman says:

ape hangers are cancer

Matt S says:

the cruiser seems better in every way……… but fuck it I look dope on my cbr 600

erikleeblake says:

Fine video, but while sportbikes and cruisers are on opposite ends of the motorcycle spectrum, they share one thing in common: both are impractical and suboptimal for the streets most of us ride on. Sportbikes are confining, uncomfortable machines designed for the track. Your weight is forward on your wrists for max front-end feel you don’t need on the street. Bars offer little leverage. And that screaming engine you mentioned is configured that way for racers who can consistently keep the revs high. Again, not ideal for the street. Cruisers are heavy behemoth lounge chairs on wheels. They may have big engines, but their ponderous weight makes them unwieldy at low speeds and poor performers in nearly all categories (speed, braking, mpg, etc). They can be comfortable, but they often favor slouching to a truly upright posture.

Personal preferences aside, your ideal street bike is a standard, street-oriented adventure (ADV) or modern touring (possibly sport-touring) bike. These offer comfort, control and excellent performance over a range of surfaces, along with engines tuned for real-world application. Think Ducati Multistrada, KTM Superadventure or maybe Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

Avijit Debnath says:


Mike Andrews says:

You forgot to mention chicks dig Harleys and choppers and most riders look and sound 100 times better then sport bikes

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