Sport Bike vs. Cruiser Bike Comparison

A few basic differences between my sportbike and cruiser.


bhsbass says:

Bro you didnt even tell us what these make these bikes are..

Al GESBREK says:

I would say a good starter bike would be a suzuki s40 a 650 single cylinder or a xt250 yammaha dual purpose

sportbikefan1 says:

After owning a succession of sport bikes i purchased a suzuki m109r, 1800 cc of muscle, mountains of torque and deadly ( but fun ) in the wet, very easy to light up the rear tyre, but, after a while i found it boring, the power was too linear,handling terrible, gearbox like a tractor, wore the end of the pegs away, comfortable,yes, but not for me, enter my new gsxr 1000 ( traded in my m109r ) now much happier, back to my roots, there’s nothing like mental power and great handling to get the adrennalin going, stops well too, motorcycling is a subjective preference, some like the sunday ride in comfort, me, i like the nutter explosive feeling of the big sport bike, although if you like to spend more than 2 to 3 hours on a ride, don’t get a sport bike.

Jason Ngo says:

Great Vid man. Great view on both sides.

neonpolabear says:

whats your sport bike?

Cathy Key says:

What bike do you think is a good starter bike for a woman?

dasportbikerider94 says:

Hello, From what I observed in the video. The Triumph Speed Triple is (NOT) a sport bike. The Triumph Speed Triple is knows as a Roadster. The Triumph Daytona 675R would be considered a SportBike. There is a big difference in between a Naked bike.
A sport bike has much more power.

James Campbell says:

This one, that one, that one, this one? What the…? Which one are you pointing to? Great points and comparison it would have helped to say sport or cruiser instead.

StarvinMarvinLTD says:

why do you sound like a computer.. haha none the less, nice video

hemicud4 says:

not to be picky but most of the bikes i’ve ridden, didn’t have to counter steer below 20, more than 25 is when i’ve had to go completely into just counter steering.

Balgore8 says:

What are you talking about “counter steering”? I am a new rider and got an 800cc cruiser just learning the ropes. I am unsure how hard i can turn and it seems the faster I go the way less wiggle room there is for turning and stuff. Can you just lean right into it, or will it tip and fall over easy?

MrBoxxxed says:

What type of bike is that on the left?

Karun Mano says:

Can you tell about differences in daily cleaning or maintenance of the 2 bikes

Jarrod Hp4 says:

sounds like you got a deal on the speed! do you know how many of these were made?

CAElite says:

I love Adventure bikes. They are a great split between a cruiser a sportbike and a dirtbike

beanstalk41 says:

Which one is easier to turn. And which one is easier to control?

HoaryRider says:

So now that you have two bikes, which is your preference? Do you use one for as a townie and one for longer trips? Do you find yourself riding one only for special trips or occasions? Cheers.

Jamie Sharretto says:

First generation Honda Valkyrie F6 will give you the best of both worlds

Natas Selur says:

Thanks for the video. I ride a sports bike and find the seating position for more comfortable on the highway as I lean into the wind. I tried a cruiser and found the wind wanting to push me back and I had to hang on to the bars real tight. This caused me to feel insecure and unsafe. I feel much safer on a sports bike at speed. What are your thoughts?

Jacob Shouse says:

sportbikes hands down are easier to control

Wozza's Sports Cruiser Rides says:

I keep on thinking I could to with a naked sport as well. The MT09 Yamaha seems to be good bang for buck. I have a 66 Triumph project bike but I think I need to go the other way. More upright performance bike, don’t get me wrong the Fatbob  does a great job, even at lakeside raceway it did all right against more suited bikes for the track however a naked sports would have been more suited for me at the track.

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

most of the bikes i have riden was more like sport bikes, But before they came up with the sport bike term. My Honda hawk i have now is like a sport bike. But i prefer a cruiser because they set low to the ground. I have a small 250cc cruiser, and a 1300cc cruiser. The Honda hawk is a 400cc. The smaller cruiser turns faster because of the size. Not as heavy, makes it easy to turn faster.

Stéphane Le Cam says:

One of the problems of the sport bike is not only does IT want to go faster and not only do YOU want to go faster but OTHERS want YOU to go faster. I dont know how many times Ive found myself cruising on an interstate, doing the speed limit and people on their Mustang, Dodge or Corvettes want to race me. I find myself stupidly speeding between cars and losing the guy ALL BECAUSE Im on a sport bike. Anyways, just another experience that Ive had in my life…

Damian Williams says:

What’s the bike on the left called

SkullsRule says:

Great video… Keep them coming!!! Awesome job!!!

Art Star says:

What cruiser bike is that?

Alan Turnquist says:

Your discussion on steering is wrong. See Twist of the Wrist 2

Marinemiketobe says:

Leaning initiates counter steering, although not to as great an extent as turning the handle bars. Check out “Twist of the Wrist II.” =)

Miles O'toole says:

subtle differences that are kind of huge….lol   Good video though…thanks.

Gurra says:

Great vid, and congrats to the new ride!

spodzone says:

The reason you get stronger braking on the Triple is because, being shorter, the centre of gravity is nearer the front so it’s easier to bring more of the bike’s weight to bear over the front tyre, which increases the effectiveness. On the cruiser, the CoG is further back so the same caliper force will throw less of the weight forward, less effective. Physics and levers.

HypermaxZ says:

Body steering plays little to no effect. It’s all done with counter steering and lean angle. Check out the movie “Twist of the wrist” they spend a lot of time debunking it. Stay safe and have some fun.

WS S says:

l used to ride small bikes in the 125cc range in petite Trinidad. l want a long distance bike, and your video explanation was a bit helpful. l like durable bikes that can handle long-distance pressure. l feel comfortable with the cruiser bike, but the sport bike really made me have 2nd thoughts. Good video —
 l am American now , so l need to think long distance now, have no choice —

Thane Jones says:

What sportbike is that

kosmosleha says:

Also, on “sport” bikes, you can usually shift up uP UP really quickly, while on “cruisers” it usually takes a bit more time to speed up (unless you really hit it).  Cruisers are usually much heavier, but easier to steer in slow speeds.  Sport bike handle bars are of an “arrow” shape and you can’t really steer it, you have to use your body weight to lean the bike to turn.  Overall, I had from 250cc to 1500cc bikes, cruisers and sports … I found a middle ground to be most satisfying … for example Yamaha YZF600R or Honda Magna 750 (cruiser with a sport bike engine) are nice and sporty,  yet comfortable.  Sport bikes, you will hate after a while, because it’s just plain dangerous.  Cruisers get a bit boring.  Honestly, just get something with a big o engine that makes a bunch of noise and has power.  After all, riding is just having fun. Just don’t  underestimate the power.

Al GESBREK says:

good chat bud ,appreciate good clean language, I’ve got two bikes now my favorite is the suzuki 650 vstrom,a sporty adventure bike the other is a 750 ace honda cruser which I just got by trading my burgman 400 scooter for . .found your comparison interesting, I’ve only put 70 miles on the cruser so far I don’t like the wind on my legs ,as it has a wind screen, looks great sounds great but boring…think I’ll sell it in the spring. …cheers bud

Sam Ellis says:

Nice vid mate. I’m from England and personally used to sports bikes. After you’ve ridden sports for a while, do you find cruiser to be sluggish? I only ask because I am used to riding a GSXR600K1 but often think a powerful cruiser could be a lot of fun. Cheers

Steve B says:

Apples vs. oranges dude.

pjamese3 says:

I’ve been riding a cruiser for 6 years and am looking to get a sport bike. I’m on a Kawasaki 900 Custom and I want to get a Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS.

What do you think will be the most difficult adjustments for me to make?

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