Riding THE BADDEST CRUISER EVER! – Yamaha Warrior 1700cc Test Ride

You guys know I love my test rides so when the opportunity presented itself for me take this beast of a bike out for a ride in Bear Mountain I jumped on it. This isn’t a comprehensive review of the bike but more of a first impressions type video.

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Thank you so much for watching everyone!

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Johan Hagdahl says:

I love this bike! So much raw power! You dont need to shift gear so fast. Just let it ripp!

Viper6 says:

What? you’re on a cruiser! Like I always say, my FJ-09 is exciting, while my cruiser is badass. Ride safe bro.

Brad C says:

I really like that area you ride in, so beautiful. I’m going to be NYC for about 24 hours in November, don’t think I’ll have the time to rent a bike and ride but that would be cool.

VoodooCru says:

Bad Ass bike! Wish they brought the Yamaha MT-01 to the US, same motor but in a naked bike!!! @djmotovlogs, have fun in the motherland!

ToastToGo says:

Cruisers kinda scare me, because I feel like they don’t have enough braking power or reach to slowly to corners so it feels a little number to me… but that just could be my lack of experience on heavy laid back cruisers haha.

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