MotoUSA Urban Cruiser Comparison: 2014 Star Bolt

Motorcycle USA compares the 2014 Star Bolt to the 2013 Triumph Bonneville and 2013 Sportster Iron 883 in the Urban Cruiser Comparison. Click to Read the 2014 Star Bolt Comparison Report:


sratlover says:

This bike looks like cheap crap. I would take either one of the other two.

dbauernf says:

We need something between like and dislike, like a “meh” rating.

Timothy McNally says:

So if you don’t wana ride a harley buy this shitty knock off rice burner that will not keep it’s value once you try and sell it. Haha good advice dick heads and b4 you buy the bolt you can buy the big bore kit to convert the 883 iron to 1200. The bolts a piece of shit wana be harley don’t buy it you’ll be bored with it real soon I guarantee… Rather have an american made bike that holds it’s value… And come on trolls let me hear ah your just a HD poser haha stfu cunt buy a motorcycle then talk little 15 yr old brats

John Cox says:

The new Indian Scouts blows away all these bikes.

Salacious Crumb says:

ive ridden a few victories and man they are nice.

Okie Rider says:

These guys are idiots & have missed the point of the Bolt. It’s a Bobber style bike meant to be made ‘your own’. You can, like most people when buying a new bike, replace parts like the exhaust to your liking. Duh!

Glenn Guerrier says:

so if you don’t want to ride a Harley ride this shit. Harley’s are not for pussies….

steve chachere says:

For those of you saying this bike is for wannabe pussies, my reply is, if you are riding an 883, you may not be a wannabe, but you’re still a pussy! 883 is a chick’s bike

Arnold says:

144p? I didnt even know that was possible

Dialysisforever says:

  Harley now days has good fit, finish and dependability.  The Image is positive to some people and negative to others.  I like the lines of the Harley better.

lvcsslacker says:

Decent attempt for their first sportster-like entry… Give them some time to refine it, and I think it’ll be a hell of a competitor…

arcanum70 says:

He mentioned exactly why when I took one for a test ride last week, I brought it back after just ten miles and looked at other bikes. That engine guard with that metal rod that digs in to your left calf.

theirhighness says:

Tired of these Bolt promotions! This is not a real comparison but a paid advertising.

Okie Rider says:

Hey. arcanum70. You change anything on the Bolt of you want to, that’s what the bike was made for to customize it as your own.

tge4 says:

punctuation is nice it tells people when you are trying to stop running all your sentences together can be confusing people please try to use it

Shadilay says:

Lol some these people are crazy. I’ll ride anything on two wheels. HD, Bolt, sportbike or even a supermoto. Whatever you ride, I don’t care. I’ll see you on the back roads, I’m going riding.

Jonathan says:

Its called don’t vote 🙂

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