Midsize Post Modern Cruiser Shootout

Kawasaki’s new Vulcan S forced us to ride these motorcycles again, and now we’re glad we did. Harley’s Street 750 and the new Vulcan are within 10 pounds, 1 horsepower and 400 dollars of each other. And the different-but-still-growing-on-us Honda CTX700N belongs in the mix as well. For the kind of riding most of us actually do most of the time, 700 or so cubic centimeters for around $7k seems like a pretty good place to be. Blatting around town, that is, in pursuit of one of MO’s secondary missions (keep Starbucks afloat), with the occasional blast out into the hinterlands to sniff the wildflowers – courtesy of the recent merciful rains here in SoCal – and ride like MOrons a little.

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kramerguitars204 says:

Midsized post-modern sounds like a sub genre of metal haha!

NumMr says:

The sound recording of the cafe conversation sucks a**. Please consider using boom mics or something else that will prevent the background noise which you try to cover with the music.

usabadone says:

And I do have to say you can fix the Harley but Arlen Ness cannot fix those two jab bikes those things are freaking ugly

Simon Moore says:

The bad and cheap parts on the Harley can be replaced expanded and added, but the street rod is a much better bike at this stage

FR says:

The senior editor votes for Harley only because it is american brand, who can honestly sit and say that they shall buy a new bike and start change brakes etc. Embarrassing.

Jefferson Smith says:

Haven’t I seen that same guy hating Harley’s before? Maybe they can just mail in his opinion and get someone else in there so we could get some useful input?

Amy Niehaus says:

i loved your review, i have been thinking about purchasing one of these bikes…your review helped alot…again…………fantastic review. i really felt what you guys felt, the fit and finish on the harley leaves alittle something to be desired, the kawasaki felt choppy, honda is where its at.. thanks again

MattC0621 says:

Will a shock upgrade fix the kawasaki’s suspension issue?

Jackson Hammersmith says:

I’m a Harley technician, The street has a great motor. Everything else kinda sucks. Should have put that motor in the Livewire chassis and it would be a great city bike

SGTJDerek says:

You left out the most important part about the Vulcan. You tailor it to fit YOU without having to spend a dime.

Sumit Jindal says:

why didnt u include hyosung aquila gv 650 pro in this list???

☣droid☣ says:

Notice they didn’t let us hear any of the bikes? heh

Manny Gul says:

This summer Im gonna ride my Vulcan from England to Gibralter. Yes cant wait.

Raul Ramirez says:

I want that Kawasaki Vulcan s as my first and probably only bike for years to come. Especially as a student that commutes cruisers seem perfect. Plus I got my M1 license over a year ago but never got a bike but I’m really tempted now.

Cladblackninja says:

This guy looks so confused as to what he doing or where he is at the start.

Ahmed Chilmeran says:

too casual

D. Paul Riderman says:

Very nice roundabout!

Adam Schultz says:

2016 Street 750 : 489LBS wet
2016 Vulcan S: 498 LBS wet

these guys really need to do more research before filming.
Also they failed to mention you will need to spend $800 to have a passenger on the Vulcan. I looked into buying one but ended up with a street 750 and couldn’t be happier.

Marie Hermans says:

Military slap promotion structure lawn effective fresh chaos.

Dan Favata says:

Honda best mpg and most reliable

kizz Jus says:

what language he speak

D Moore says:

I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 45 years. Have owned just about every make and model. The best all around bike for going 15 miles or 150 miles to me is still the Honda 750 Shadow Spirit. I still own the one I bought in 2008, in addition to the Harley and Yamaha I also own. I would love to try one of these new midsize bikes- I just don’t see how any of them would improve on the Honda 750.

chris nuhfer says:

no m50 suzuki

Wade Guidry says:

All 3 are really ugly.

Florida Man says:

Ctx all the way.

Drunken Hamster says:

Slap the Kawi with a 1000 that’s decently tuned, give it a slightly taller seat and more neutral pegs and I’d go straight to it.

Basically, a sub 600-pound cruiser with a neutral seating position made for a 6’0-6’2 guy that has at least 80-90+ ft-lbs and 100-110+ HP.

egon says:

Harley 750….. yes sure…. fantastic gay bike

Omar Ramos says:

name of white of white helmet?

Daniel E says:

i LOVE the Kawasaki.. i really want it..

Dipsy Games says:

“They dont want to hear us” Why would we be watching the video if we didnt want to hear you talk? I didnt hear enough!

Stafford Video Productions says:

Why would you pick a coffee bar with ambient music blasting to do a sitdown interview? Always, always monitor your sound. Would you go on a ride without checking your fuel gauge? Good camera work as usual.

M R says:

Why fwd control on all these bikes, don’t really like that.

mokeydudester says:

Only thing I liked here was the Smiths in the background

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