Lightweight vs. Middleweight Motorcycle Cruiser Comparison

In this video, I compare two cruisers in different classes – a 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1300 vs 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50.

UPDATE: I have modified the exhaust on my V-star and it now feels much like the M50.


Demond W says:

You should have checked out the M90 I used to have one of those and it was a beast. I ride a M109r and its a joy to rideRide safe Bro

Michael Myers says:

I have a 2006 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100cc. I’m pretty sure it’s a middleweight bike, but not quite sure since I’ve never ridden anything lighter than that, is it a lightweight or middleweight? Just out of curiosity.

Earl Guyton says:

Those both look nice. The thing that seperates cruisers from touring bikes is stroke length and top gear ratio. On some cruisers under the 1200 cc category you can get lucky if you go lower size on the rear sprocket and taller on the trans sprocket. I did these two sprocket changes in 1988 on this 250 honda rebel, LOL and it made it equivalent to a 500 cc honda on the freeway and these sprockets were actually available for this bike when it was new back then. Im now riding a 2002 siftail harley standard which really belongs in the touring class even though its in the cruiser class which doesnt fit because this 1450 cc has a 4 inch stroke and the bike weighs 670 lbs and has a 2 inch longer wheel base than a harley road king. Go figure

kempflar says:

why take the highway when you have twisty roads to ride on? I always avoid highways when i’m on my bike if i have a parallel road

Michael Marine says:

ffeelll likke i’m trippppingggggg

a ! says:

2 very nice bikes.
Thank You for sharing.

Danny Hurst says:

you RIDE a bike not drive a bike….just saying…

Joe Gardner says:

What do you mean you’ve updated your exhaust and the bike feels like the M50?

Rodrick Dubose says:

thoughtfully done…no biase just telling it like you feel it…good info. i put cobra black two into one and fuel pak one my star 1300…great sound and a bit more juice

bibal imreka says:
Richard Darlington says:

Playback at 1.25 speed. Much better.

Brent Fox says:

Alberta Canada.  Man I love Calgary and Banff.   I’ve from Houston Texas but,  I love Alberta.  Great place.

Tim Nelson says:

I have a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 and let me tell you.I do not get fatigued riding however long I ride and it has a windscreen and heated grips plus chrome radiator cover and some other creature comforts plus stirrup foot pegs an 819 cc motor,or as they say a real 50 Cubic Inch Engine.So do not sell the M50m short even though the engine is smaller.Stay safe out there and peace.


Do you think the M50 is a good choice for a first bike? How does it handle low speed maneuvers. Any thoughts on the Honda 750 Shadow Aero?

vulcanman64 says:

Nice little bikes.

savage010 says:

It is kind of funny in 2008 summer I have bought the exact same Suzuki I bought it used for 5100 USD with only 1200 miles it was smooth cool bike but I had to upgrade to something bigger since I am a big guy and I wanted to ride with a passenger so I felt the M 50 is not enough. I have searched in the market and I liked this vstar 1300 I have got ok deal on the Suzuki since the gas price was very high that summer and the people were looking for bikes less than 1000 cc.
what I remember in addition to the size I have get the Yamaha coz my M50 have had engine vibration with I cruise on 55 to 65 mpr!
and once I was searching on like and I have seen that good number of guys have had the same problem with their M50.
I agree with you the sound of the Suzuki is better that is why I got cobra piped instead on my yamaha.
Wish you safe rides

caper001 says:

Compare the M50 to the Yamaha of it’s class. This is apples and oranges. I have the Boulevard C50T which would be closer to the Yamaha with bags and windsheild and still, cc wise there is no comparison. Compare cruisers but try and get them close in engine size.

The Joker HAHAHA says:

Would the m50 be a good begginer bike for someone who wants to start riding except start on a cruiser bike?

caper001 says:

Sorry, I missed the start where you said it was a unfair comparison. My bad there.

jiannolino says:

I love my 2014 Yamaha V-star 1300, it is a great bike!

J Abr says:

Both are beautiful bikes! Please ler me know whether due to the heavy weight of the 1300 model, there is any loss on handling above curves or not, if you compare to the m50.

Kevin Buys says:

Hi Tim, I have a Suzuki M50 and I am trying to get the Exact wind shield you have on your bike. Can you point me in the right direction please?

D Meag says:

Good video, the tempo is a kin to watching paint dry, but thanks just the same.

wellsie says:

I have same bike 1300, does your engine make a ticking sound ? Mine does , wondering if it’s normal

Dylan Brown says:


Nedim Kačar says:

Intro song plssssss????!?!?!

Gaming-Scortech says:

Both are nice cruisers..What’s wrong with your camera…It goes blurry then sharp and blurry again.

Ahmed M. says:


cn 250 says:

why the loud LOUD stupid music, why?

Pan tera says:

suzuki boulevard m50 a legend? *cough* yeahhhh

Corey Klippel says:

both nice bikes, I owned a Boulevard but have since switched from Japan to England and bought a Triumph rocket 3 touring. 2300cc . nothing comes close . not harley not indian .
if the Rocket is too much bike then the thunderbird is the one, for commuter the Bonneville. Worth your time to ride before you buy Japanese.

John Freemantle says:

I would have the Yamaha, has a much more sensible and practice cylinder angle, not copying stupid Harley’s with their narrow degree angle that compels them to put the carburettor on the side of the cylinders. Did Mr  Harley and Mr Davidson forget about the Carb’ when they built their dinosaur back in the 1910s

Nick Rawleigh says:

kid rock intro surprised me but it’s awesome!

rihel says:

Tim, thanks to your video, I decide to buy a Yamaha V Star 1300, I love. I bought is used, four moths ago, a 2009 model with only 6,300 miles on it. I rode all the way up from Tucson, Az, to El Paso, Tx. and was a perfect ride. And sensibly cheap. Thank you for your video and I’m now the happy owner of this masterpiece.

Coya Campbell says:

Vstar Fap Fap Fap…

My4thSuzuki says:

So Tim, just wondering, why you did not up grade to the boulevard C90 class?

MigSu pue ram says:

Waao man, so nice, both.

PhilHewkin says:

at 120 kmh in B.C. they impound your vehicle for “excessive speed” ! anything 30 k over the posted maximum limit. What about insurance rates for larger displacement?

heathcandybar says:

Good video. Have question about your windscreen on your M50. Looks like a national cycle fly screen or maybe the one just larger. Does your screen keep the wind off you chest on the highway? Does it feel like it just shoots it into head and shoulders? Any buffeting issues? Thanks.

Roger Luman says:

i wouldnt trade my 03 Fatboy for anything

frank younger says:

very nice , tim .   2 nd time  viewer , 1 st  time reply !   this is very nicely done with video and sound ,  I do how ever  think you lost your mind , going 120  on a cycle , until  I saw  alberta plates  :  120  kilo  around  70  75  m p h     thanks for the work !

Gerald Leggett says:

Hey, I have the Vstar 950 Tourer. I am interested in knowing what kind of pegs you have attached to the floorboards. Thanks, Gerald

Rob Cornwell says:

Crouched down low with a narrow field of vision, insulated from the wind and noise, sacrificing everything for MPH and the risk of certain death if something goes wrong at 130+, or sitting back and enjoying the panorama, feeling the noise and the elements, and drinking up the beauty of the machine. One of them is a computer game with a self-destruct button. The other is motorcycling.

metudalu1 says:

I love the pegs on the V-Star. What kind are they? Do they sell pegs for the floor boards or those custom setups? Thanks. Would love to get some on my V-Star.

Jeff Thomas says:

dayyyum! u pushed them bikes up to 120 mph??? wow!

Conker The Cat says:

800 is lightweight? ….no, just no.

mrfishbone60 says:

Hope this helps? Yes, bigtime! Looking for first bike and was on the fence about what direction to gi. Thanks. Now time to find an expensive Boulevard my man.

rihel says:

Tim, here is a very helpful article I Found about 2007 Yamaha V Star 1300 and Honda VTX 1300T. Is very interesting and very well documented. For whoever wants to decide between the two, this article is what you need. By the Way, the Yamer beats the Honda but, decide by yourself. you very much.Tim Estimado Tim, aquí tienes un artículo muy bien escrito que encontré a cerca de las Yamaha V Star 1300 y las Honda VTX 1300 T , ambas modelo 2007. La verdad que el artículo está muy bien documentado y es muy interesante. Para quien, como yo, tenga que decidir entre la Yamaha y la Honda, este artículo es lo que ustedes necesitan. De hecho, la Yamaha supera a la Honda pero, mejor saquen sus propias conclusiones y lean el artículo. gracias Tim.

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