Jake Rides a Cruiser and Likes it? Kawasaki Vulcan 900

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 ride.

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TwoToes Moto says:

God that guy is tough!

Jongajeep says:

by thumbnail I thought it was GTA 5

Millermacs says:

“I was thinking of getting a super moto”
*Cant reach the ground*

Motorbike Mike says:

Broken collarbone hurts like shit, when I broke mine I kept skateboarding… it was a very dumb idea

Tacoma FAN says:

i have same bike in my garage! more comftable then vstar or shadow !

killershark90 says:

Should try a Harley 103 (1685 CC), lots of balls on a 103 fatboy lo, thing tries to rip your shoulders out lol

ANYTHING 23 says:

1960s Dodge Challenger.

Crash Test Zac says:

Older video I know, but that’s the same bike my dad rides. I’ve borrowed it on occasion when mine was broke or I was in between bikes. It does central Florida to south Georgia easy, and it’s super comfy on long trips too.

Colin Justin says:

He keeps landing bikes

fatmike4713 says:

holy shit, he mentioned where i used to work at the end

TheBeastlyBeaver says:

I broke my collar bone and I couldn’t even put a t-shirt on I can’t believe he was able to ride a bike

Mr.VissTM says:

that mirror was like, *USE ME PLEAAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!*

Matthew Guzek says:

i hove a vulcan 900 and a klr, both fun

Emillex says:

best intro ive ever seen!

Panhandle Auto Enthusiasts says:

that cuda in the thumbnail though…

servicarrider says:

Floorboards, Jake. Cruisers and Geezer Glides have floorboards. Platforms are shoes from the 70’s which is what the Geezers on the Glides wore when they were young. Yep, them and the brothers.

Matthew 1 says:

I don´t think this is a right bike for him and definitely is not supposed to keep up with supermotos.

Paul Ogburn says:

I heard vulcans make great bobbers … and they do … its beautiful …. great job … I have a vulcan 900 and not sure what … if … anything I wanna do to it …

MrCamoman12 says:

I got a older 750 as my first bike, I’ve not had it a week and already have put almost 300 miles on it. I love it.

angela says:

“I’m getting waves from the cruisers now!!!”. So true. That kid was tough riding with a broken collarbone. You the man, Jake, much much love.

Eddie Misiewicz says:


Bigfoot And Bananaman says:

I came here just to see the Barracuda

Chris McDonald says:

I feel bad for the guy who got hurt did he take any safety classes be for he dropped money on the bike. I prefer big cruisers i am just layed back.

MiNi MoToVloggeR says:

it’s a Himi Cuda

FutureMarinecuv902 says:

why is a supermoto easier to ride than a cruiser?

joseph b says:

Maan…i havent seen such a gaggle of hyper- retards all in one place since revenge of the nerds..

surjitstyler says:

You are a good friend my biker friend. Ride on…

cailco gaming says:

looks like a storm

joseph sinclair says:

I would drive that cruiser Jake

Daniel Kagarise says:

reminds me of where I am at here in Ohio

Slavic Kovalenko says:

I like that idiot Putin dancing in the beginning that was funny

David parent says:

How did u disable the safety switches

Brett says:

Its not a cruiser unless its ‘Merican…
Just kidding.

krovek says:

so funny thing that bike is the exact bike i’m getting its the one that jake rode im buying it from the guy that crashed it… kind of cool lol it will be my first bike and im buying it friday woo. kind of funny how jake got me into motorcycles and that im getting a bike hes rode

Sad Hollow says:

A class act Jake is.

Papakap22 says:

jake the homo snake

Warrior230F says:


Bike Life Motovlogs says:

Jake is such a nice bloke! He can ride with me anyday! Cheers to you mate!

Jānis Dimitrijevs says:

i am 19 years old but I really enjoy cruisers, they are surprisingly comfortable and sound great!

Darth Yoshiii says:

Would this be a good starter bike ?

col bikes says:

I tip my hat you to you good Sir,and also to the poor guy on the Vulcan..broken collar bone and kept riding..and to you not giving a fuck about him dropping the bike..gentleman you are.

Joe Knight says:

lmfao he dropped it twice

Murica's Modeling Headquarters says:

pretty strong dude

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