I Ride A Cruiser! Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Test Ride

Watch me giggle like a little girl as I ride a cruiser for the first time and attempt to review a motorcycle that I know nothing about!


Intro & Trailer Music Courtesy of Captain Cranky. An awesome musician and regular partner on motorcycle adventures.
Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/davy1960hill

Bike: 2008 Suzuki V-Strom DL650
Cameras: GoPro Hero3+ White, GoPro Hero3 Black, Drift HD170
Editing: Final Cut Pro X (early videos before Feb 2013 were edited on Windows Movie Maker. From late Feb to Nov 2013 all videos were created on iMovie)

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Docman Rides says:

Haha the little Vulcan. I owned one in 2009. Good little bike

SupaNautica says:

No thanks, cruiser with a 900cc.. nah, not that I’m a speed demon, it’s just that 900 would not be enough to get a me going forward fast enough. A 1200 might be enough, but I doubt it, a Victory with a 1700 maybe, yeah that would have more than enough balls. I was looking at the Vulcan in the shop only a few days ago, great looking bike, I like the colours, all blacked out with green accents is nice, competing against the Bolt and the 883 Iron, could see more people buying any one of them really

Performance Decal says:

You’re right, not a review about the bike. How many times did you say bizarre?

WM2869 says:

Sounds like you had fun on it, not sure with the age bracket that you put to it in owning one… Makes me feel older now lol.
Great review

hardcore188 says:

How many bikes do you get to ride per event?

Tim Kreitz Adventures says:

You’d probably like it a lot better with mid controls instead of forward controls. I’m the same way. I haven’t owned a cruiser in over 15 year, but I always liked them to have as sporty an ergonomic layout as possible. I never could stand my feet being way out in front of me.

l33tster says:

I got a used 07 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 (the little brother to this beauty) in the same colour and I absolutely love it to bits. It’s a bit small for me, a lanky skeleton of a guy at 6’2 140lbs but the style, durability, features and price point are just superb. Definitely looking forward to picking up a 900 as my second bike– or a stepping stone to the Victory Vegas 8-ball I’ve had my eye on. I’m looking forward to seeing how I’ll fit on one of these.

MrKiddo says:

It’s funny that the first Kawasaki you’ve ever ridden was a cruiser, not a Z or a Ninja 😀 
I’m sure it’s a very good bike, but the american-style cruisers of the Japanese brands have always seemed kind of weird to me. It’s like going to a sushi restaurant and eating a cheeseburger. I prefer when the Japanese design the cruisers in their own way (VMax, Rune, F6C, Vulcan S…).

MrCods says:

I love the seating position, Probably why I like to ride my sisters Boulevard all the time.

Shiroi Akuma says:

I’ve Been Riding A 650cc Yamaha Xvs650 Classic on l’s and p’s and I have loved it since I got it. I’ve ridden without and with a windshield on mine and I definitely prefer the windshield. As for the lowness of them if you ask me it makes it easier to handle at speed and low speed. Only downsides are the vibrations and the weight. If it falls past the tipping point RIP your legs XD

Escape Behind Bars says:

6:45 wooohoooo!…..nah not really is when i lost my shit!

Triumf Ant says:

I’m going to have to test ride a cruiser one day.  Just to see why so many people ride them.

Lee B says:

Amazing how many people seem to need big power plants to just cruise .
I met a Dutch couple in the 60s who were touring the UK on NSU quickly ‘s . they had done hundreds of miles
You can cruise any bike that is comfortable to sit on speed is not the point chilling out is cruising .

Angus Steven says:

Hello MrAusAdventure; everyone!
Well i’m thinking of moving to Australia. Will get a student visa and enroll on a australian university. Was wondering if anyone would like to chat with me about some questions I have from the country, I want to know as much as I can before i go!

Or you can just leave a comment about anything you’ll like to share, maybe?
Thanks everyone! ride safe 😉

As I Ride says:

Aaah !!! It must be giving u a majestic feel…I mean that commanding riding position….kind of I own it all feeling :-)…..some version of the Vulcan was rumored to be launched here in India…but till now it’s a rumor only…

Julian Francis says:

Enjoyed this “laid back” fun video thanks. I have been riding for 40 years and have had so many different bikes and they all have their pros and cons. I dont think any of us will ever find that perfect bike… So with that said and for those that can afford them have a couple of different low mileage minters and have a little of your favourites! Horses for courses and all… When its raining here in the UK (often) a nice shiny Cruiser is not the bike to be on but a fully faired, shaft drive (etc) big comfy Tourer would be. As soon as the weather changes though its time to ride the chrome 🙂

missy leigh says:

I have the 2010 model with vance and hines twin slash staggered, the riding position took me a while to get used to after 20 yrs of ‘other’ styles of bikes. Once I got used to it though it’s actually really pleasant. The handling on the VN is surprisingly nimble with lots of grunty goodness at slower speeds. My only quibble is that it feels a bit underpowered but thats because I am used to faster machines. 65mph + is hard work unless you have a screen. I absolutely lurrrrve my black VN900 custom se and I cannot recommend highly enough the addition of the Vance and Hines pipes……..the sound is orgasmic !!

Roger Kenworthy says:

Mr Aus; I agree, at first the riding position is weird, strange, unknown. But, after gaining a few hours experience, it’s really comfortable. I own a 2012 SE (metal flake orange)  and absolutely love it – it hums along all day and has a nice look. No problems mechanically either.

dale carpenter says:

20 liters to make almost 5 gls .the vibs are because its to low geared .way to low geared .i think it was some under handed deal so the harley can compete .they gear it low choce the cab and exhaust to dog them down. lean fuel injection so the commies in commiefornia won’t cry .but they do anyway because theyre cry babies that shit on everything .

AkDeluxeRider says:

This is like test driving a 2 door Ford Focus. Get on a Hammer or Road King and you won’t even associate this bike with cruisers.

Carmo Moto says:

Hehe, embrace the forward foot position!

Mach1 Aussie says:

A bit different than my little Kawasaki. I be it is a lot more comfortable though over long distances.

DashingBrunnette says:

that bike does look like you’re seated on a lounge but lol. P.S. every “review” i do on a bike I pretty much know nothing about ha!

My17A says:

Everything on the bike is not weird, it’s just different than what you are used to.

steelfabric says:

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your upper body in a upright position but with your feet out in front. Tried it on the lounge and it didn’t feel right. And how are you supposed to lift your bum off the seat over big bumps etc when your feet aren’t underneath you. Nice paintwork on the bike.

SoopaBee says:

Adventures on a cruiser! Love it! And being a cruiser rider myself, I’m biased of course. And by the way, not all cruisers have that vibration issue. My mirrors are always clear and stable!

Alan Wareham says:

I passed my test on a 125 intruder then bought my Vulcan vn900 and had her restricted to 33 bhp for 2 years then when I received my full leicence had the restricter removed .That was in 2007 and have never looked back .ok you can get bigger bikes,faster bikes and flashier bikes but for an all round cruiser that is easy to ride I can’t fault her ,but just remember that they are cruisers and do not pretend to be sports bikes.

Gurra says:

I love riding cruisers but 900cc is to small for a cruiser, feet forward is pretty relaxing for long rides 🙂

Angry Skipper says:

The wind noise is strong with the lack of screen isn’t it? 

Great looking and sounding bike. Wouldn’t mind riding one myself.

wyvernbiker says:

I enjoyed riding skeggys and suffolk andy’s but I would want a good test run before deciding to go for one.

Aussie Butters says:

i’ve looked into getting a cruiser for long trips but im but there is nothing in my price range :/ although the V-Strom 1000 is starting to catch my eye 😛

Drone Girl says:

Wow that was epic 🙂 love the bikes 🙂 Greetings from Ireland! 🙂 I love taking aerial footage and some castles! 🙂 Thumbs up from me! 🙂

troyboy986 says:

No sense in being politically correct when on a cruiser. You said it felt like you had your feet up on the “poof” at home. I like the look of the big bore cruisers but I doubt I would ever buy one either.

kushbeaar paintz says:

hows the braking on these with the stock tokico calipers?! anyone???

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