Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Single-Speed bicycle – $119 at Walmart

The Nel Lusso is a cruiser bicycle available at Walmart for $119. It’s heavy, has very few parts that aren’t steel, and has a single speed. The bicycle features a coaster brake and a dual spring wide saddle for comfort and ease of use.

This bike looks and functions like an old bicycle from years ago. If you’re nostalgic to relive times when bikes were simple and didn’t have all the gears and components of today’s modern bikes – this may be the bicycle for you!

That’s my issue with big box bikes. Most of the bikes you find on department store shelves are loaded with features and component like a full suspension, a front suspension fork, 3 gears up front and 6-8 in the rear. They sell many of these bikes for under $99. If a company is adding features but not increasing the cost…they’re making the difference up in other areas. Areas like component quality. This can be potentially dangerous. If someone buys what looks like a full suspension mountain bike and tries to mimic what their buddy on a high end bike that looks oddly similar does – they will likely end up with a broken bike and possibly worse.

The Nel Lusso is simple goodness. I did have a problem with the brake, but i’ll have that looked at. If it requires repair I can swap it out for another. My long term goal is to see if a basic barebones single speed bike of today can hold up like the bikes from childhood that were ridden hard and never pampered.

note: this is a corrected video. In a previous video I incorrectly stated this bicycle as a fixie bike. This is not a fixed gear bicycle. It is a single-speed bicycle.

Stay tuned! More great bicycle videos to come!


1312 AHAB says:

great bike stretched my drop outs by 10 cm and laced a 3 speed nexus hub on a 29er and a set of springers on the front and a wooden rack on the back looks sweet as

SpaceMan says:

For me this bike looks like motorcycle from 60s without engine , so heavy and ugly. )))


Smooth is good! Very smooth is awesome!!!

jason flaig says:

they look nice but all huffy bikes are made in china, back in the day they were all about being made in the usa, they got cheap chrome and paint now of days

Adam Colbert says:

I just built a motorized bike with a Huffy Cranbrook, EXACTLY the color here. The crank assembly was NOT correct (the right side’s bearing set was BENT, and there were two BBs rolling around; I just took the BBs out, thought “5 outta 7 BBs aint bad for now”, took needle nose pliers and bent the bearing casing back to a true circle and put it back together; the peddles, before this, had a lot of side-to-side play). The coaster brake wasn’t correct somehow, either. (And that night, for a few miserable and frustrating yet ultimately productive hours, I learned how to reassemble a coaster brake assembly from an array of “in the right order” pieces before me on a towel.) BUT…….these solid steel Cranbrooks are SOLID!!! And I say that as someone who has spent much time taking apart, reassembling, and modifying one. I had my doubts about a “modern Huffy bike from Walmart”, but those doubts were removed in taking the thing apart and adding a bicycle engine kit to it! I’ll say it again, the Cranbrook is just plain solid. However, the quality of its ASSEMBLY depends on whoever put it together. So, a quality bike with quality parts (mostly) may not necessarily be put together with utmost quality and care.

puertoriqueno24 says:

My friends mom just bought her one ☀️

L S says:

That’s not a fixed gear bicycle bro


Awesome looking cruiser, but I must have at minimum 3 speeds, and preferably a 7 speed.


Hopefully Kent international and Pacific Cycles, start including a cup holder on the big Beach Cruiser Bikes. Well for the 2019 year anyway 😉
The BCA Margaritaville 26″ comes with a Bottle Opener, and no Cup holder… Hmm…

RetroMaticMike says:

I am in Wisconsin in 1960’s and 70’s we rode on trails as good as any today but not as large we had a trail carved by the older generation before us we had jumps and stream crossings those bikes took a beating and we fixed them ourselves.

SantaMuerte livE says:

So you can’t even put a bike together yourself …

Joseph Mingle says:

……………….needs a small motor attached to it.

Nikko Rocks GAMING says:

I added a motor to mine and it’s a nice ride!


♡ me some Walmart bicycles!!! 😉

Cesar Torres says:

Yo compre una en $2500

Brandon Graceffa says:

I have a Bell (brand) pump and I’m having a hard time inflating it

Jack Duffy says:

I started to ride bicycle’s in the U.K. back in the 1950s, And 4 or 5 of them had a kick back brake, The older the bike, The better the brake worked. The oldest bike, All I had to do was rest my foot on the peddle in the right position, And the wheel locked up good and firm, That bike must have came out of the 1920s.


All steel makes this a good buy. I got the girls version for my daughter. I think it will last a very long time.

RayTheBoss says:

I remember riding these old fashion bikes when I was younger

Blue Mountain Edward says:

Dude it is healthy to walk 2 and a half miles to a store. Wear a book bag if your gonna make some purchases.

maddog says:

old lady bike

fasignal says:

I remember my friend had a huffy 3 speed banana seat , it was smooth , the tires are wide on that bike

Brandon Mayweather says:

Hi sherice

Amresh Khatri says:

…The good thing is that it will last very long without seeking much maintenance as its not equipped with multi speed gears and other bells n wistels.

ShadowWraith220 says:

I can go 30 mph on my 1900s cruiser

Doctor Skipwith says:

Riding with no helmet!? ABSOLUTE MAD LAD!!!

My Business says:

I use to tell anyone that bought a pre assembled bike from Walmart… As soon as you get it home, break out the toolbox before you even ride it. You’ll most likely have to tighten things or adjust things. I’m glad you realized you should wear your helmet.

Dank Games says:

5:40 cracked me up

Ed Gufler says:

Awesome review. I’m thinking of getting one. tc Kev

Herman Andrango says:

cool video, man. I really enjoyed it!

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