How Not to Ride a Cruiser

I jump on a Honda Shadow 400CC, a learner approved (LAMS) cruiser and proceed to ruin the foot pegs.

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mandark357 says:

I had a Shadow 750, scraped pegs, filtered through traffic, took hairpin turns, commuted through city traffic. Nothing wrong with this bike. Its the skill of the rider that makes a difference.

starcommtrey says:

Nothing wrong with scraping the pegs…..

Dustin Bromley says:

you get better with some practice

jeff wind says:

What a great demo course

Mathieu Gauthier says:

those beach bars tho haha

Jeff Rost says:

You can scape pegs/floorboards, it’s just a warning you are reaching the lean limit, you did alright, you just need some practice on a cruiser, it’s a different style bike than you are use to riding, ride smart and good luck.

Bulldogzbruce says:

That’s what bike riding classes are for mate. I think he may have used too much front brake into the corner to slow down. This will only send you wide. Back brake most of the time into corners unless you have already washed off all your speed beforehand. Let’s face we’ve all done that and if you think you know it all then stay the f*#k away from me

James Haydon says:

I think the problem you had was riding with another bike and you felt the need to keep up, you would probably be better on your own without the pressure. Cruisers are a laid back type of bike so need to be ridden at a slower pace round bends so brake a bit earlier and relax, also look farther round the bend, remember the saying you go where you look so look at the kerb or the white line and that’s where you go, it works for me. Ride safe.

Tearnofear says:

All those people complaining bout Cruisers. Come and hunt me if ya can 😛

Luedog says:

100 kmh. not 100 mph?

Tricia Collins says:

Suggest you go back to a riding school

Natasha Thompson says:

Bahaha slow maneuvers suck on a big cruiser. The key to turning is just look where u wanna go. Your body will make adjustments

Pat Kittle says:

Damn YouTube soundtracks.

mohanned alamin says:

Turn a bit earlier from the outside lane mate. Do all your braking before you get there and slowly roll on the throttle as you’re halfway through the turn.

Alan Gibson says:

I Love my Shadow. you can do some pretty effective counter steering with it and it’s a shit tonne easier when you’re relaxed

Jamie Montoya says:

Lol, that first turn. I prefer cruisers but I work on sport bikes so every now and then, I get on my Roadliner after work and *scrape* “oh yeah.”

Mike Parrish says:

what the f*** is a Honda Shadow 400 interesting did not know Honda Shadow made a 400 I know they make the Honda Shadow 750 for sale again this guy doesn’t know what the f*** you’re talking about

Dennis Kelley says:

It’s kind of ridiculous that people are saying that he shouldn’t be riding. He was new, and learning. That’s what a motorcycle class is for, so you can actually learn how to do it properly. I doubt anyone was absolutely flawless their first time.

shane fowler says:

I see some advise being given here and im baffled. Cruiser or no pick a line (outside inside outside), LOOK, counter steer, and stay on the throttle a little. A little maintenance throttle goes a long way!

jedicazador says:

You get used to the diff style of bike and will find comfort in the corners, dragging floorboards is norm and are replaceable, counter steer lean and crank on that throttle! You got this buddy

RedGod Firewalker says:

all my foot boards and highway pegs springflex and are totally scraped up hardcore

Martynas Valūnas says:

Probabbly depends on a bike, I can corner pretty well on mine and it also is fast for a cruiser. I sat on it from a CBR600 aaaand can’t say I was faster on it.

Michael Ogden says:

Being a cruiser guy for about 40 years, I’d be the same way on a sport bike. I’ve never ridden one.

Edward Wade Jr says:

what an idiot, learn to ride before doing a video. dumbazz with no skills.

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