HAYABUSA rider Tries a CRUISER!!

My first cruiser ride on a Suzuki 800cc Volusia

I usually ride a 2007 Hayabusa.Some buddys came over with their bikes so i had to try one! It was an impromptu ride so i will give a full review vid later!
My name is night rider i am a new motovlogger having fun on the streets subscribe and comment.


Tyler Sanders says:

That thing tops out at 80? What kinda garbage bike is that? You should be able to do 100 in any modern bike. I ride a cruiser and I can break 100 like nothing

The Real Dino says:

when you kept saying its comfortable, you sounded like charles Barkley lol

vincent yap says:

you need to ride a couple of time in order to get used to it, alway more comfort than any sport bike, good for long distant ride

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

I take the Hya. Custom bikes City or a night out at the Blue Oyster bar.

Nella Sipes says:

Holycrap, best video on earth

Lily Leclercq says:

scandal comment experimental voldkg ultimate shower supervisor.

Ron Thompson says:

I wouldn’t buy a bike without a tach.I want all the bells ,and everything else

Cj L says:

7 minutes in, before he vocalizes his understanding, of the meaning behind cruisers. I don’t mean that as a negative, but a confirmation his presumed (on my part) opinion on cruisers flipped from his initial expression. Sport bikes are for younger people, to express their aggressive qualities. Cruisers are for mature riders that appreciate the relaxed relationship between man, machine and the road, but not ready to settle down in a large displacement Touring tank.

Thomas Farmer says:

Your speaking voice is kinda sexy. It reminds me of porn star Brian Pumper, who I am a fan of. #just saying


U laughing at the bike u Cruz n on lol

Daniel Powers says:

I ride a cruiser and also wear a full face helmet trust me even with all that you’re still gonna want that windshield especially if youre considering highway riding. With the sport bike you get low on it for better aerodynamics but with the way a cruiser is set up you basically become a kite.

john clark says:

Don’t get me wrong sport bikes are awesome but I would take a cruiser over a sportbike any day because they’re designed for long-distance riding sportbike is designed for the track

Ron Thompson says:

You didn’t seem to have any problems ridding ,show you no what you are doing,I think you liked that more upright position

MrJimmy1437 says:

Harley is an over priced anvil with wheels

Helen Burnley says:

what kind of cruiser is that? The brand and year?

MyWorld says:

You definitely shifted like you were on a sport bike at first. I love all motorcycles as well, glad you got to taste a different flavor.

Victor Hawkins says:

NR — I had to laugh when you kept missing shifts to 2nd! I went from a 49cc Vespa twist-n-go to a 2053cc Kawasaki VN2000A, and trust me, the learning curve was STEEP! Turning radius, heel/toe shifter, weight, power, all that. And I never wanted a cruiser until this one fell into my lap, so to speak. Now, I live for my V-Twin…the sound, the power, the torque. And yup, she will jerk a knot in your head if you romp on the throttle! No, she’s not a sport bike. Ain’t meant to be. And that’s great. After watching you, I think I’ll sneak out for a quick ride!

Xero says:

You should try a vmax or diavel, they’re cruisers but also fast as hell and have great brakes.

Dennis B. says:

Who needs this fuckin idiotic Hyabusa shit, when you can have this mean great Sound of a cruiser? Hyabusa is for kids and a chopper/cruiser is for REAL MEN!

Estuardo Morán says:

If you didn’t have that windshield you’d feel your head buffeting a lot.

Richard Neal says:

cruisers for long range adventures and sports bikes for making you feel young again. Thus why I have one of each.

no name says:

If you go on a long drive for the day, you’ll be glad you had a windshield. You’ll be less tired and less bugs splattered on you.

gregg ferns says:

Most bikes have some redeeming features,and if you get a test ride,you may feel that you gel with the bike.BUT,ask yourself”can I live with this”,before you commit..At some point in your biking life,you will know what you like.For me it is 4 cylinders,and a fairing,and at least a 1000cc engine..Currently a CBR 1100xx.This wouldn’t stop me enjoying a bit of time on another style of bike,but I know what I always going to return to.Good vid.

Big Red says:

Thanks for that, lots of giggles, it’s definitely a different world being on cruiser.

Derek S says:

Interesting that you keep missing 2nd gear. I’ve had the same bike for four years and still have the same problem. I’ll pull away in 1st, press my heel down to change up and often find myself in neutral, I have to press down again to engage 2nd. I had been wondering whether mine had a fault but maybe it’s just that you have to press down really firmly to get it to engage. I never have any problem changing down from 3rd to 2nd.

sonofursus says:

Gorgeous country roads!

ghostryder94 says:

funny video, not being familiar with a cruiser is understandable.  I was once younger and a demon with dirtbikes and streetbikes, then I got older.  I love my cruiser, but its not a hot rod in any way shape or form compared to a modern sport bike.

Dean says:

Cruisers are just more badass, I cant help it. If I see a sportbike I don’t even bother looking, but when I hear a cruiser, I just stare until its out of sight

Adam Fridenburg says:

That neutral gear between 1 and 2 gotcha a couple times 🙂

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