First time on a Cruiser / First impressions /2015 Victory Motorcycles Gunner

I went to the Coleman Powersports in Fallschurch for the Victory Motorcycles Demo Truck. This was my first experience with Victory let alone a cruiser type of bike.

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Cody Slab says:

*what if there are potholes, can you rise up, or the legs are too forward? = only for smoother roads?*

Hollrrr Grl says:

Great video man!!! I ride a 2015 Gunner and yeah, the shifter is a bit clunky ;). It is a fun bike just to cruise around on. A different ride than my V-Strom but so far I’m liking it. I’ve never ridden a sport bike so I can’t compare it. I’m with you on the ape hangers. Not at all comfy for me but maybe I have T-Rex arms!!

archinuk417 says:

I’ve ridden the Victory Gunner. It was a huge bike to me. I didn’t feel that it had enough acceleration for my liking. But good bike in general. Sounds amazing stock.

P.S. Subbed.

Mr T says:

Love the look and performance of victory bikes. I prefer them over Harleys any day

Nathan Manwaring says:

your voice turned into a double demon voice XD

whoispriest says:

Brand new bike with shifting issues? think ille stick with what I got ty.

Sergiusz says:

weird sound…

Mick Hulme says:

How tall are you ?? and it appears you had comfy riding position.

Brendan Doyle says:

I have a victory myself, and shifting is clunky, but I’ve never had any trouble with it. You’ve gotta give it some force. May have been the test bike as well.

Catalin Nechita says:

when will You show your face?

Mario Ortega says:

Jasmine is getting jealous

Hugh Jorgen says:

1st gear on a bike that size are engineered pretty much for getting you out of the hole

SaiyanR6 says:

Nut crunching is a negative on sport bikes but I honestly don’t see myself on a cruiser. I did use one when I was doing my MSF course but didn’t enjoy it. The bike does look good though!

Audfile says:

Easy with the vocal inflections, it’s a bit much.

JoeGo101 says:

Anyone ridden Victory Motorcycles Before?

Iron Will says:

This seat is so comfy!!!! I can’t stop laughing

Vanoss gaming Even says:

That’s a awesome bike

DJ MotoVlogs says:

You should try out a Indian Scout. Thats a great little cruiser. Also, the first time I rode a cruiser it felt really weird to me too.

The physics channel says:

Can people steel your bike ?

Jack Krauser says:

0:25 that is turdbucket ?

dooke 6762 says:

Those Victory’s are gorgeous, wish I could afford one lol. Hoping my kawa vulcan s will satisfy.

The physics channel says:

Where do you get your boots and jeans

Tyler Ingram says:

u should make a video burning the tires off

José Ramírez says:

Sometimes you sound like Boomhauer jajajaja

Wrongboarders says:

Might be a dumb question but I’m VERY NEW to the motorcycle world. I’ve learned a lot from your vids but I still don’t know enough. I’d like a recommendation on what my first bike should be. I DONT have a need to go crazy fast and my “personal preference” is a motorcycle cruiser(if that’s the style of bike I’m thinking of) and I’m guessing 250cc is slow enough for me lol
Any advice is helpful, thank you!
Great channel!

Dylan Trott says:

you got off on the the wrong side of the bike….

Freddy Fox 500 says:

The plastic back on the bicycle is a smart idea if it´s raining. When you get back to the bike you just take off the back and your ass will stay dry. Bicycle saddles have a tendency to be like a sponge.

Escape Behind Bars says:

Yeah man cruisers are just like a recliner on wheels! and yeah i don’t know if i could do ape hangers ether, enjoyed the vid mate

Hummer Geek says:

ape hangers are for thugs, not bike riders!


It’s so quiet.

Blakbox21 says:

pennsylvania roads?

ecirprman says:

annoying voice. couldn’t finish this.

asordid reality says:

7:49 I’ve seen that a lot at college. It’s to keep the seat dry in case it rains. Some people have spongy for bike seats that will soak up the rain, which I never understood.

Fat Harold says:

I don’t think a sport bike rider has the wherewithal to do a decent review of this type of bike.
These are great bikes but you just can’t compare them to a sport bike.

piecutie100 says:

Maybe that person on the bicycle didn’t want the seat all wet. Why do you think it was so hard to shift and do you have a video of you riding the bike with the ape hangers?

Anass El says:


elite shot says:

the cruiser of my brother gearbox when first test drive it he said the gearbox was OK easy shift

servicarrider says:

I ride a Victory every day and I love it, including the way it shifts. Mine is equipped with Brembo brakes, so in a word, premium. I ride in Seattle traffic (3rd worse in the nation) and the bike, although large, is very maneuverable and not encumbering in any way. Grateful for the cool running air / oil cooled motor in traffic jams and on warm days. The one thing that gives me the most benefit is the sense of security from the Freedom motor and Victory engineering. Never the fear of catastrophic engine failure or broken frame, Harley death wobble and the like, that is always present and a constant concern on a Harley. I own both.

Madcatdave says:

I like the victory gunners looks it likes like a normal bike. the touring victorys look like UFOS to me. I am sure they are awesome bikes but the UFO look isn’t for me.

rico lebo says:

that reverb is annoying !

Dr.Madfate says:

Watching this a year later xD nice bike btw

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