Best New Bikes For Under $10K: IRON 883 vs VERSYS 650 vs RC390 vs DRZ-400S vs FZ-07 | On Two Wheels

So you bought a used bike as your first motorcycle and rode it until it would go no more, and now you’re ready to buy a brand-new motorcycle. Which bike should you buy? In this episode of On Two Wheels Ari and Zack exploring five major categories of motorcycling and list the bikes they recommend for each. And, because the idea is that this could be your first brand-new bike, all of these bikes have MSRPs under $10,000.


Nodas Z says:

how tall are you guys??

Eric says:

Just buy a Scout over the Harley. You’re welcome.

djredohio 83 says:

Man I loved this vid guys. Been talking to my wife about getting a new Versys. Have you rode the Versys 1000 yet? If so, I can’t find that video!

Wanderlei Santos Filho says:

For about the same price, an indian scout 60 would be a better option than the HD iron 883.

Jason J. Ayala P. says:

My ignorant notes 2 years later: RC390: Best performing small sports bike. Get it if you’re matching it with a race suit, but get the Ninja 400 if you need to be comfortable on it off the track. DRZ-400s: Dual sport has not been a healthy segment for many years. If you can live with 250, get a KLX250 (CRF is milder on road for an offroad deficit, WR250R is not worth the extra 1K). If you need interstate speeds, get an ADV bike. 400-650 Dualsports are shockingly old and overpriced and you’ll spend another few thousand upgrading them. Get em only if you know what you’re doing and accept the huge tax. ADV: Versys is still the one to beat, though none are bad. Consider BMW 310 GS if you can live with 34hp. FZ-07: Still a top value in new bikes, but competitors (SV650) are closing in. Consider Duke 390 (the other best value in motocycling) for 6K and 44hp. Cruiser: Don’t get a harley unless you want to join the club, which includes a 15K+ entry fee (loan).

kiraanimerawr1 says:

I love how capable my gen 1 KLR650 is. With the correct tires and skill set you can carve up canyons, you can tuck in and go faster than you legally need to on any highway, and it can go off road. Reliable SOB. Only qualm is that it’s not super comfortable, but that could be remedied with proper wind protection and seat cushioning. Slow, heavy, clunky, and “ugly”, but a damn good machine for a new rider to abuse.

Drew Harris says:

Great work on the style of this video. Absolutely impressed!

Charlie Football says:

RC390 is pretty expensive for what you get :/
The Honda CBR500R is a much better deal 😀

JP Stone says:


andytnurs says:

Which classic styled bike would you go for? I keep looking at them but don’t know which one. Triumph bonneville maybe?

Radcliff Music says:

Whats with supermotos?

tb marq says:

great vid but i’d pick the scout 60 over the iron 883

Tahnish Nongthombam says:

Sir what is your height who ride iron 883

FPSPhilippines says:

Versys = Versatile System

For those who didn’t know

Angry Goose says:

Do you recommend the Iron as a beginner bike, I have always been under the impression that you avoid harleys as beginner bikes.

joetca says:

If this video was remade they’d say Ninja 400 instead of the KTM 390.

Addy Adderson says:

I like how you humor the HD set. Among the bikes you’ve featured here, the Sportster is in a class by itself – the “ride 35mph in a straight line” class.

Orta says:

Is the ER6N like the versys?

Wingstar says:

The Iron 883 is beautiful

hairlesheep says:

Whats the song at 2:45?

R C says:

No Honda?

Brandon Hoover says:


fanglemeister says:

I came back to riding last summer after 30 years away, last year I split seat time with my 19-yr-old son for his first few weeks of road bike experience, we were sharing my dual sport, a KLX250. I think he’s going to stick with it, he asked Santa for a good riding jacket for Xmas, so I’m ready to give him the keys to the 250 and go buy myself a comfy midsize ADV type of bike (that stock KLX250 seat is a nightmare after 20 minutes!). We live on and drive over several rutty gravel roads here, neither of us does much 65+ mph highway riding. The Versys looks like the best deal for me: a Tiger 800, better if cost were no object, but it is, so… And that little KLX has been dirt simple to care for, dirt reliable. I figure the Versys will be just as tough. Looking to get a 2016 or 17 leftover this spring, getting the itch here bad!

Jose Omar says:

Are these prices MSRP or OTD?

Charles Stiles says:

“What the *fuck* that was good stuff!”

Jesus Chrysler says:

No wr250 or wr450? I loved my wr and personally is my favorite dual sport


How bout a Harley Davidson fat bob

Hr BeStalkinMe says:

Versys, its not an off road bike. Its not a sport bike. Its not a cruiser. Its not a touring bike, its not an adventure bike… Its a…….. Bike. Lol

Vaclav Adamek says:

Where is Honda CB500X?

Bharath Sudharsan says:

Keep it going…..wonderful work…..enjoyed the iron 883 part of it


Yep, the FZ-07 is an awesome bike, so glad I picked one up

Cody Castello says:

FZ-07 is my first bike, love it, but i feel like i outgrew it pretty quickly though

trikstadude3 says:

You guys just earned a sub – finally a decent review channel …

A ride away says:

If only KTM came out with a 600 or 800cc vtwin sport bike…

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