Best Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets

Cruiser motorcycle jackets product links and video timestamps:

0:24 – River Road Drifter Leather Jacket:

2:22 – Joe Rocket V-Sport Leather Jacket:

4:35 – Icon 1000 Basehawk Jacket:

6:30 – River Road Laughlin Jacket:

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1990 says:

The Joe Rocket V-Sport is a lovely jacket, but I wish I could get hold of the River Road Laughlin in England.

Frank Shooter says:

I need one for Hot Weather

TheNortherner says:

Thanks for the great videos! It’s great having a tall reviewer on gear being 6’3″ myself, finding gear that fits is always a challenge. Fortnine should consider doing a video on riding gear for tall riders. Thank you for the consideration

hb garments says:

hi sir i Like. your Product

Георги Стоянов says:

I have the same problem with leather jackets – the sleeves and the whole jacket are too short while the fit around my chest shoulders and waist is pretty loose which spoils the look.

Dave Owens says:

Ryan, these vids are great – thanks for doing them!

Samantha Barton says:

Still waiting on that video……….

Steven Henderson says:

HAY RYAN! AWESOME vids as always. I was wondering if you could throw a video our way for cafe styled helmets??? currently working on a yammy sr 250 to cafe racer!!!! Thanks man 😉

Tim Sala says:

so king joefrey is reviewing leather jacket now?

M says:

Dont forget about the Rev IT! Stealth

IknowrealTV says:

I am new to ridding I purchased my first bike used from a dealer I have no gear and I don’t get my license till this weekend.i bought a ninja 300 which is a sports bike but I like the hoodllum jacket. I’ve been slowly watching your videos everyday. I’m torn between saving A crazy amount maybe never ridding the bike the aria helmets are crazy expensive am I saying I don’t care about safety by not getting the highest end gear. In Maryland it rains its cold its warm it even snows. Thoughts.

Michelle Munera says:

Great vid!!

Descarabia Dehtanin says:

Best leather motorcycle jackets? Please?


Would be great to have a
fashion;high-end jacket.
(Belstaff, jackets carried at union garage;Robinson,Aether Skyline).

Just my two cents on it 🙂

Rizky Antoni says:

try Dainese Stripes Tex. it costs 200 bucks but offers protections too

Cody V says:

Personally I want the Rev It Flatbush Air Vintage… even though I plan on being a sport bike rider I want to look casual off the bike, and the Flatbush looks like a regular old leather jacket.

Angry Medic says:

Great reviews bud. I’m a sport bike guy, but I’m just not a fan of that motogp look. Think Dr House and his CBR, that’s kind of where I sit at lol.

raset1786 says:

i recently bought a motorcycle leather jacket on wish, i order it XXL is asia size that i think is Large in USA size, i dont know if gonna be more big, i use small and medium shirts, do you think the asian size XXL could fit to me or going to be big to me?

jhendka p. says:

as a tall stick figure myself. we share the same short, boxy clothing curse.

Matthew Herron says:

laughlin is discontinued

eierkuchen001 says:

5:53 are those pockets for key-less ride?

NoNamesLeftFuk says:

beer drinking gives you arm muscles? awesome thanks fort nine i know how to gain now.

Toby Knight says:

I love my Basehawk. I’ve been down with it at highway speed and survived with just a bruised elbow and a tiny scuff on my wrist. I can confirm the ballistic nylon actually holds up pretty well in a slide. Also pretty sure the D3O saved my elbow from some serious damage, still couldn’t move my arm for a week, but expect it would have been way worse without it.
Still wear it with pride despite a bit of scuffing on the leather and nylon 😀

Awesome review Ryan, top notch production as always.


The Speed and Strength Off The Chain 2.0 would fit great on this list!!!

Guns4Texas says:

Laughlin already discontinued?

Eleazar Duenez says:

Dang love these videos

MedyoBadBoy says:

i think that name tag is for you to be identified if ever you get into an accident.

oğuzcan öz says:

Siktir git amk

Ken Page says:

Ryan- Please do a Top 5 for Tall Riders. I have the same issues that you have, everything is too short in waist, and to get the arms to fit, I have to buy a jacket that is ridiculously over sized. Most manufactures think that arm length is directly proportional to waist girth. Not true. I know there are some options that are out there, but I would like more and a review on them.. Thanks.

Major Diarriah says:

I was wondering about adding belt loops to jackets which lack them. Is that safe, practical, and worthwhile?

jakesta104 says:

any good gps trackers to keep our bikes safe?

connor jones says:

how do you not like the smell of leather man lol good video btw

Chance Mordecai says:

Are there any jackets like the base hawk?

Nicholas Paraskevas says:

Ryan!! How is the vents on the icon 1000? I would like a jacket that is using D03 armor but also giving me safety. Sadly the river road laughlin is discontinued. I also liked another icon jacket you reviewed in the best jackets under 200 i think. It was blacked out and had no pockets at all outside the jacket. Which do you think is the better of the lot?

E Brown says:

I’ve had the Drifter for a while now and really like it. Mine didn’t smell that much, though. Yes, it’s hilarious when someone picks it up and discovers the darn thing weighs a ton – my sister asked if I had lead in the pockets! You’re right about the sleeves – I’m pretty fit and they are tight around the biceps.

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