Best Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets of 2017

Let’s get into cruise control with RyanF9’s Best Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets of 2017

0:10 – Black Brand Cutthroat Jacket:
1:53 – Joe Rocket Richmond Leather Jacket:
3:27 – Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Leather Jacket:
5:35 – Z1R 45 Jacket:
7:04 – Icon 1000 Basehawk Jacket:
7:51 – Black Brand Street Team Jacket:

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brett ursprung says:

I know u like skullz

attila-andrás kovács says:

hate skinny jeans…theygay braw…no offense but hey and yay finaly cruiser stuff thx bud

christian hill says:

Canadiens are filled with dusters…. Carey Price can’t get a W

Joby Varghese says:

my new fav channel. subbed.

Asad S says:

That Joe Rocket jacket is drop dead gorgeous. I cant find it anywhere here in the states though which is fine because I cant afford it.

pyruleanfire demon says:

Great reviews, was looking for a good leather riding jacket in the more classic style but u do see the appeal to these styles.
Also what do you think of the Street & Steel and the Bilt brands? Those are the only ones I can get in my area without going to Harley Davidson or trusting Amazon

Steven Corry says:

6’3″ of pure poser

Ironmaidenbabe says:

Can you review women’s jackets please??

Theo Arscott says:

Skull are soooooooooooo hack

Mud Roost says:

Those fucking Black Brand buttons……I can’t.

pyruleanfire demon says:

Whats your opinion on the Street & Steel Westwood. Vault CE approved armor in the elbows, shoulders & back; one forearm vent(weird); two bicep vents; two chest vents that double as pockets; two big exhaust vents; two hand pockets; north of 1.5mm oiled finished leather with a nylon twill lining (no inner pockets); belt loops to keep ur jacket on in a slide & brass snaps & zippers. Comes in ox blood, black & brown

Elros Alkarin says:

The joe rocket jacket is such an obvious roland sand’s ripoff!!!

Lucas Gorski says:

My dad gave me his leathers, still watched because you’re entertaining AF

Mason Jordan says:

The skulls: thank you. So tired of everything have annoying mid 90’s esq flames and skulls on it.

Kaven Mendes says:

god fuck i almost shit myself with that gunshot. beware headphone users

jason kundrat says:

Great review, Love all your vids.
One question, who got shot at 6:30?

Mike E says:


R.J. Ronquillo Guitar says:

Great reviews, excellent content.

Anthony Sciutto says:

Any opinions on the Joe Rocket Classic 92?

DankDank says:

I’ve been doubtful about letting myself get into riding because I’m already obsessively involved in cars but you have single-handedly convince me that I should just go for it because I know that I’m going to spend a shit ton of money and I have a good person to tell me what stuff to buy

Michael Friedman says:

Ryan, what size Icon 1000 Basehawk are you wearing in the video? I’m 6’5″ with a 40″ chest. You know my pain. Any other favorites you’d suggest for us beanstalks?

Rohit Pant says:

0:53-0:57 …lol..that made my day !!!

Leo Mirabueno says:


Brett Leisy says:

I like the details and knowledge of the individual materials etc, and glad you found out what those special pockets were for (hence the sound effect) before publishing it.

however… I see these more for naked bikes or the stereo typical street bikes (not to be confused with cruisers or sport bikes). they look (and feel) completely out of place on an actual cruiser bike. I find the more traditional leathers with lots of pockets more suited to that type of riding. they do often have new technologies and/or features hidden in the jackets, I will say at least the brand/model I picked up I should have picked their more traditional version as the ones with the zippered breather vents only helped minimally and I lost 5 usable pockets and I ended up going back to my 30+ year old jacket that’s been passed on through 3 riders. I’m just going to get the pocket liners resewed and keep using that one. I carry way to many things with me when I ride. (phone, pocket knife, earbuds + spare set, my bad nicotine habit and lighter, small medication packs, and a plethora of other things) and obviously long lifetime wear is a given. all for under 200 bucks. and Ive seen several barely come out scuffed at 70mph slides and more than usable slide protection beyond 100mph. brother and step father riding 2 up had a slide at 85 (all numbers mph btw) and all they needed was to wash the jackets, apply a little fresh leather oil and was hard to tell.

theoracle42 says:

Top shelf reviews, I’m a suber

Pawel Wisniewski says:

For the love of God:)! VANSON! TRY AND REVIEW VANSON:)))
Try Comet- cafe racer style, Chopper – funny enough still cafe racer style, or Hardcore- cruiser style. I bet(yup!) You haven’t worn a better leather jacket! Well… Unless you went Aero Horsehide.

Restin Peaceskull says:

Would i be safe to use this gear on say a bike like the Fz-07 or should i wear gear as if i were riding a Ninja 650

Eric Sansonetti says:

Just because you’re a young millennial, doesn’t mean skulls aren’t still a thing. Keep riding your foreign built “cruisers” while the real men continue riding our Harley’s, Skulls included.

pistolcort says:

Well done.

Papa Spaceflight says:

I got a tricky one for ya. A good balance of leather (for sliding), armor(for around town), and a reasonable budget.
Trying to find a good balance of these things because I spend as much time at 70 as I do at 7. Plus, I go about 6’1” ~270lbs, so I need something comfy.
Any ideas people?

David Griffis says:

when you introduce a jacket please clearly pronounce the name clearly and slowly…

toadamine says:

hint: a “motorcycle jacket” without a CE rating is just a fashion jacket.

November11Seven says:

Say you had a %50 discount on all jackets. What would you buy for a climate where the weather is mostly hot, and sometimes wet?

jay gaspar says:

This guy’s face pisses me off

Martin Fluke says:

Haha I still love skulls, great video, good advice.

Treizez34 says:

Can you do a video on the proper fitment of sport bike jackets? I’m 6’1 and 190lbs “with a mildly athletic build…” (to quote another channel) but have broad shoulders and I can never figure out how a jacket really should fit

Jennifer Jones says:

I love watching FortNine but I’d love it if he’d bring on some girls for a few of these things like the jackets. I can’t find anything good that won’t leave me feeling like I’m caged down in my chest and the other very few jacket reviews by women, well they’re mostly on the skinnier less endowed size, not that that’s bad. It just doesn’t help me.

Joe Swanson says:

Why am I even watching this I’ve just bought a jacket

Chris Davis says:

whats the best summer jacket with good ventilation and protection

HappyOwl says:

Ryan what size did you try the icon 1000 in? Im close to your size, and i am thinking of getting that jacket.
Ryan please!

David Hays says:

Motorcycle guys are gun guys, just sayin’

megadeth934 says:

Do a mashup with the Revzilla team. Make Canadian jokes. Trade banter. Have a good time.

Jacob Garrison says:

What do you thin about the Merlin brand stuff? I’m thinking about buying a Hamstall.

Eric Sansonetti says:

Why do you not open your mouth when you talk. Looks like you’ve got a dib in your upper and lower lips

The Velo In The Vale says:

Oh come on … if you REALLY want to be hip and ahead of the curve, you need to hang on to what the masses say is out of fashion and just wait until they come around again. It may take 10 years, but you’ll be way Hip when it comes back around and you can take the moral hiugh ground that they’re all Hipsters while YOU stayed true! So keep the skulls …

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