Best Cruiser Motorcycle Gear 2019

Best Cruiser Gear 2019

Ready to take your cruiser ride to the next level? Check out RevZilla’s Best Cruiser Gear for 2019 for a close look at the year’s top picks for the open road. Our extensive testing and reviewing cuts through the sprawl of choices to make your decision an easy one… so you can spend more time riding! Jackets, gloves, boots, helmets… You name it, we’ve covered it for the cruiser segment. So gear up and get back to what you do best: putting rubber to the road on your favorite cruiser.

Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet – 1:37
REAX Folsom Leather Jacket – 2:53
TCX X-Blend WP Boots – 4:42
Speed and Strength Double Take Women’s Jacket – 6:27
Bull-It SP120 Lite Fury Jeggings – 8:16
Alpinestars Vika V2 Gloves – 9:47

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Grren says:

What about Vtwin sport touring?

K Lum says:

Calling motorcycle gear a “collection” or “pieces” sounds sadly like fem marketing gibberish and a turn off. Sorry… give you’re head a shake. lol..

The Wild One says:

Women look terrible on a cruiser. Either supersport or naked is what a woman should ride

Mr. Gold says:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes….. I am a young bloke in my early 20s, I don’t care what anyone says, I love my cruiser. Cruisers are epic bikes.

William The Great says:

Hate cruisers only gave this a thumbs up because of Alessandra.

John says:

I just got into Motorcycles, and want to get the best helmet to keep my noggin protected. What are some suggestions?

Peter says:

The BEST of 2019? The best what? Price? Looks? Value? How quiet is that multiangled thing you call a helmet. I would NEVER own a Simpson helmet. Arai, Schuberth, Shoei, even HJC modulars are way better than Simpson. Why are you pushing them as premium?

The jacket and boots are good picks. Well thought out and worth the money.

This channel has been really going South IMO.

Jason Previlon says:

I’m not even into cruiser, but some of their stuff is pretty cool.

Jeremy Garcia says:

“A smaller bike, like a Sportster, or a _Dyna_ ” she says… where the entire family has a 1.7L “Big Twin” Twin Cam and runt of the litter is called the Fat Bob that still weighs in north of 700lbs.

vine1313 says:

Would a Scooter fall into any specific category? I view it more of a cruiser, but I do take mine off road quite a bit. Just asking so I know what type gear to look at, even after 3-4 years, I still consider myself new to this.

Caleb Short says:

You guys really need to start including the prices in these videos just flash it on the screen for a few seconds
Unless you already are and I just keep missing it

Dudeineedaname says:

Just go buy yourself a half helmet, leather cut, and a shit ton of flannel. congrats you have the cruiser look

nbadunker89 says:

Male gloves ??

RevZilla says:

Each of the winning pieces of gear has a full detailed video review with everything you need to know to make the right choice for you:

danny williams says:

Nice looking gear guys. I’m impressed love the boots and the jacket for sure.

Tyler Williams says:

Hey guys I’m a newer rider looking for a good pair of riding jeans problem is a lot of regular jeans fit me really tight through the thighs given I’m a bigger guy 38×30 in most jeans I’m looking for something that’s going to let me ride comfortably with a little room in the thighs and crotch area. Any suggestions?

HexBike says:

Hoping you guys put together a “Daily Commuter” segment that tackles 3-4 season weather and discusses gear dynamic enough to wear all year. A budget friendly and a premium version would be awesome too!

john hanrahan says:

I have come close to dropping my bike do to the laces getting hung up, almost keeping me from putting my feet down when needed. You guys should really address this. Either go to lace-free or a secured-lace design.
My next boots will definitely be lace-free. Buckle, Velcro or Wellingtons. Anything BUT lace up.
I will say this though: the shifter pad is a nice touch. Kudos for that.

ILoveCostcoPizza says:

Simpsons are terrible helmets and to swap out the Face Shields is a pain in the butt. They look good but when it comes to safety and noise reduction their are better helmets out there (and cheaper too) . My Choice for a modular helmets, better off with a Shoei Neotec 2 (expensive ) if you want the best or the HJC RPHA 90 (best value) if you don’t want to break the bank. I’m researching for a modular helmet to replace my old helmet and these 2 keep coming up as the best safety, value, looks, etc.

Caitlin Vasconcelos-Ortiz says:

Finally an added best gear for women! Definitely checking it those leggings

mose717 says:

How about a video showcasing gear for riders who are more heroically proportioned. It can be tough to find gear if you’re a fat guy.

BRKN _SyNc says:

I was on your website buying something

DangerSandler says:

That transition static needs to go

Justin Meyer says:

Waterproof liner aka sweat keeping in liner lol

Ben Dixon says:

Nice work guys, I recently went with the same look helmet and jacket. Looking for some decent fitting jeans/jeggings but maybe not as tight for men. I did catch your review but the fitted ones were pretty expensive so still browsing. Gear looks good!

Charles Byrd says:

“Awesome Video.”

Ojisan642 says:

Gotta say, long time viewer of this channel and I’m not a fan of this gear guide format. What the hell is a v-twin helmet? There’s no such thing, and you know it. I’d rather see a gear guide that talks about all the options within a gear category, like you used to do for years and everybody seemed happy with that.

Kelly Finnamore says:

The jacket is nice, but it’s a little too shiny for my liking.

Doyle says:

Full face helmets very rarely look cool. In fact the only one I’ve seen that looks cool is the Scorpion Covert. They’re for dirtbikes and quading not the street imo

80sruler says:

I have that very low rider at the beginning ! You aren’t showing the standard Harley fare of wife beater and do-rag with some shades

Steven Corry says:

Wamen….yeah,but it’s got great looks with it’s high waist and it’s accented arm padding thingies…like, know…it looks super!

VVoltz says:

Honestly, while the Reax jacket might be versatile and well thought, the fit is too baggy and the leather has a too much of a shine, overall it looks hideous and I’ve seen that thing in person.

Wirabhaya says:

I wish i had a cruiser

Russell Horn says:

The jacket is not suited for summer. The fit on the helmet is very important, and you don’t mention that.

abhijeet gyal says:

nice!!!cheers for Lemmy!!!!!

ThisIsxSc0pE says:

MY HEART JUST SUNK WITH THE INTRO! Got a very similar setup on that exact bike 🙂

Eramus Moto says:


Otsuka-ode says:

I would rethink that transition animation. I think it’s wery annoying. If you really like it, I would suggest, to at least skip the first part of the animation, tt’s way too slow, since you allready think that the transition is gonna happen, but then it dont, but after after like forty frames it does.

Guilherme B. Walter says:

Could you make a “on a budget” version of this vid?

M FOX says:

I have to agree about the Transition format being annoying but not enough to close the video. Some you tube vids I just had to close

Shep Dog says:

2000 Honda Shadow Aero here!

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