Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots 2017 at

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots 2017
The best cruiser motorcycle boots are as durable as the v-twin thunder mobiles upon which they ride. Rugged in both construction and attitude, the top cruiser boots are built from the ground up to rest on the footpegs of heavy hogs for long miles on open roads. Whether you are saddling up a crisp new Harley Davidson, or a relic v-twin that you pieced together with your bare hands, the best cruiser motorcycle boots of 2017 have been designed with the features (and aesthetics) to make the most of the ride.

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SFSideburns says:

2:14 is the reason why I want a flat sole.

Jonathan Norris says:

I think I will stick with my military surplus and Wal Mart boot, thanks.

Rob C says:

Why is this guy shouting so much. Lay off the red bull and your reviews might be watchable.

Berta Griese says:

I have 2 questions for Anthony:

– Are you seriously the CEO of Revzilla? So you’re a rich boy – must be a interesting story behind how you managed that… 🙂
– Why the heck always the same T shirt?


Kerry McWilliams says:

I like the American boot the best. Great review, thanks.

Sérgio André says:

Rokker boots made IN Portugal? Well, all the best from, Portugal!

J B says:

Stupid expensive

DJ Baar says:

Helped me make my choice. That and finding BIG Foot wide sizes. 😉

Robert Stimmel says:

I’ve had the rokker urban racer boots for a few months now. I ride every day so they’ve had allot of miles in a short amount of time. I’ve never even spent half as much on shoes before but I have to say, I love these boots. they are just so damn sexy, comfortable, and well made! i usually tear through shoes like it’s my job and I can tell that these will be with me for many years to come.

ian says:

Great review as always, only thing else I want to know in an overview is which boots are CE rated.

weedahoe says:

IDK. I’m in the market for a new pair of boots and I ride a Metric bagger but I still wear and rock my Alpinestars MX5s from my gixxer days. Keep up the good reviews and sharing the gear info.

Eugene Debs says:

I’ve been wearing the bates bomber boots after I picked them up for an insanely low price of $65 and I can say it is a very comfortable boot with a nice solid feel to it when you switch gears since it’s not a very thick leather on the top which lets you feel the peg a lot better. Plus they look great, especially when you have a connection to the military which makes you more attached to the boot.

Wayde Aarthar says:

All these boots are just trendy stuff that are fashion items and not a useful motorcycle boot.Brand never matters to an everyday bike rider.Bike boots that don’t have a proper heel are not bike boots.all motorcycle riders know that a heel is very important. You have to be confident your foot is staying on the peg.The boots here are for newbies that think proper boots hurt their feet after a lifetime of wearing Nike.Jogger style motorcycle boots shouldn’t even be advertised as for a Bike.What do you think is going to happen to your plastis boots when they slide down the road

Pietro Stabile says:

to any of those boots come in wide sizes

Henry Boyes says:

what if my v twin is a (Buell?

Jonathan Garzon says:

I can say without a doubt as a cruiser rider and one who’s hung out with other cruiser riders…(apart from the Bates) none of these would be on anyone’s feet at a bar meet, horrible attempt at the classic boot style. it’s like what happens when you take an Dianese fanboy and ask them what cruiser looks better, they’ll pick a Gucci lol.
the truth when it comes to Motorcycle boots that have that work/military look is that the industry has not really bothered to apply any of the good features to the boots we like, if you want the style you’ll most likely be stuck with the old school tech (good toe protector and thick leather).
will say I’m usually on board with your choices, this one just made me depressed, you’ll only see these boots on hipsters trying to get into the cruiser “group”

Yamaha Trips says:

Icon anyone? 🙂
Bought Icon Patrol waterproof for $90

inuyashawave says:

Nice, no comments

Sid Raines says:

A few years ago if you wanted an ugly and expensive boot was just look at the sports section, now you find them in the cruiser section as well.

Just4FunDslee1 says:

At first glance i would not by any of them

Gumbo Thundereagle says:

You should carry RED WING

John Jacob says:

The Rokker and the Bates are both good looking boots that I would wear while riding a sportbike. The last one looked a little feminine to me, I don’t know exactly why though.

Fun King Fuss says:

Once again are any of these available in a Man’s US size 15. The world is built for midgets! At 6’10” it tough to find stuff that fits.

Dexter x says:

Bates look great

Juan V says:

I work in construction and i ride my HD every day. i wear Redwing boots. and i know this aren’t driving boots. but i love them comfortable

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