5 Things You Need To Know About Cruiser Motorcycles

Are you looking into getting a motorcycle? Thought of a cruiser? Here are some things that you should know when it comes to cruisers!

➡️Heavy and Low To The Ground
➡️They Usually Go For The Older Look (Tech)
➡️Long Distance Riding Made Easy…er
➡️Adding Luggage Is Easy

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John Kelly says:

I wanna make mine look like a bobber rat rod style

CockSmasher9000 says:

I got a cruiser and lowkey grew 1 chest hair. Look at me, I’m a man now!

camgere says:

Low center of gravity brings up an interesting point. Which has to lean further: A bike with a low center of gravity or a high center of gravity? Before you jump to the answer consider a 10 speed bicycle following a cruiser down a steep tight twisty road. Who leans more?

DanDanTheFireman says:

Special thanks to Old Pueblo Harley Davidson: https://www.oldpuebloharley.com/

Paul Gianni says:

Thanks for the videos! I took the MSF Beginner Rider course at Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson in Sunrise, FL for a SWEET price – the special is offered to veterans and first responders. The knowledge and skills I gained are worth every nickel and now they treat me like family.

eldiabllo1989 says:

Please anyone know the bike at 5:44 ??

Rusty Butcher says:

My 1993 sportster has a throttle lock for Cruze control only bad thing about that is if I need to slow down I have to unlock the throttle first witch is scary

Edward Valentino says:

What is your opinion of this bolt on mod called ShiftFX, which basically turns any motorcycle into an automatic transmission bike?

MotoOutdoors says:

Cruiser bikes are street legal wheel chairs.

david miller says:

there’s a throttle lock that you can use as cruise control you damn dummy

paul1x1 says:

If you’re looking at a cruiser cause you can’t assume that shape you have to to ride a sport bike try the new Ducati cruiser it is stupid fast and corners like a Ducati

Der Sora says:

Where can I get your gloves? They are looking amazing !

Mick Ronson says:

man’s a gibbering fool

n0xxm3rcyxx says:

Question. I have a ninja 300 (just learning) and I feel like the engine breaking is very harsh, it’s a newer bike 2017 only 2.5k miles on it. But if I let off the throttle in a lower gear its slows way down, and some times it feels like it jerks alot. cuz on the throttle I’ll be rolling off and then engine breaking kicks in so it lunges and if I get back on the throttle it lunges back… so it’s like a very jerky ride some times… why is that???

Pezqueda says:

what kind of bike is at 5:40?

Keith Singleton says:

Don’t forget about the Indian Scout, Scout Sixty and Scout Bobber. They are Water cooled, 5” clearance and super duper comfy to ride.

dragon joe says:

Fuck Harley Davidson! and a special fuck you to Thunderbird Harley Davidson in Albuquerque, N.M! greedy crooks and crap bikes! I pray you go down in flames!

Charlie Lord says:

I have an 18 Low Rider with the 107.. Base model.
Kinda more like an old “standard” of the 70’s and the tech of today..
Lots of torque and good power out of the box with a LOT to add on to make even more HP.
You showed one at 1:42 (Duel gauges and Black..)

Dale Schell says:

Yeah Sporty is a cruiser but baggers are Touring bikes and that is why they have things like cruise control, navigation, radio, and other comfort stuff. Last trip I went on we put almost 700 miles on the first day. Rode from Atlanta Georgia to Lima Ohio that day. Next stop was Niagara Falls in Canada day two. Weaved all the scenic byways from Niagara to Portland Maine and then headed back south. There is a whole country out there go see it!

Adam A. says:

The sporster is not a girls bike , I do not have one , I started on one . I would not however consider it a cruiser.

Wayne Murphy says:

Hey Dan. Get yourself a Kaoko throttle lock. I have one one my GSX and it makes long haul riding a breeze. Certainly worth a look bro

Canned Beans says:


Bobby Doyle says:


Bos SOS says:

Advertising right off the bat. Thirsty

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