5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles of 2018!

Here are my 5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles for 2018! Below you will find links to all the bikes I mention

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom:
► https://www.kawasaki.com/Products/2018-Vulcan-900-Custom
Indian Scout 60:
► https://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/scout-sixty/
Honda Shadow Phantom:
► http://powersports.honda.com/2018/shadow-phantom.aspx
Bonneville Bobber Black:
► https://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/bikes/classics/bonneville/2018/bobber/variants/bobber-black
Honda Rebel 500:
► https://powersports.honda.com/2018/rebel-500.aspx

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onelasttitan says:

glad to see the Rebel 500 make your list. I plan to get one as my first bike.

Trust NoOne says:


Physics_rabbi says:

If you are cruising in India get the Thunderbird 500 cheap sexy and comfortable

Brian Scrivener says:

I am sorry, but no beginner should be on anything bigger than a 650 for a cruiser. Too much power and they will probably get into trouble. Start on something small and work your way up once you have the confidence. Jumping on an Indian Scout when you have never ridden a bike is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention the price for insurance will be astronomical.

Пам ПаРам says:

My first motorcycle was Kawasaki VN1600 nomad, it’s to much for beginner

Steve Brown says:

What Do you ride please?

sachin andrews says:

I want all those five bikes

Mudar Bahri says:

I have a HD Street 750 and it’s a wonderful affordable bike that is perfect for beginners to intermediate riders. In my opinion it is more suitable for beginners and way cheaper than the Bonneville and the Indian Scout.

Touch of Gray says:

Dude, what are you talking about on the price of Harleys, the Street 500 & 750, 883, even a 1200 Sportster falls right in the same price range as every bike you named, save the Rebel, and the Street 500 only costs a little more, and Harley guarantees the trade-in value for an upgrade after 1year.

urban cr33p says:

Just curious why the bolt wasn’t on this list as an air cooled option because I believe everything on the list was water cooled

Eduardo Ponce says:

Mmm Yamaha bolt

blackcape22 says:

Nice! I didn’t think there were any Motovloggers here in Tucson. I’m going to get a Rocket 3 here in a few months.

Nicholas Oliveira says:

My 1st sport bike was a Kawasaki 750 and my 1st cruiser was a Honda Sabre 1100. Both bikes are super reliable and have enough power to keep one entertained while cruising nice back roads. My opinion is Japanese make the best bikes. They are just more reliable and offer more bang for ones buck.

Freddie Riboni says:

Harleys are not very fast .. i think they ride with a low Gravity and i see a lot of women riding them. I think they should have made your list

Saúl M says:

What can i get for like 2k? :’v

Bruno says:

Hi DanDan, can you tell us more about your helmet? Looks great!

Sagar Nautiyal says:

triumph bonneville bobber black is love. Its my laptop wallpaper! Want to know about your views about Triumph thunderbird. Love that one!

Larry George says:

Sportsters that’s all I gotta say about this no Harley list

Joe Virnig says:

I was with you on the long range bike being the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 … Until you said Custom – the floorboards and heel/toe shifter on the Classic give you more space on long rides – after 15 hours on the Classic w the upgrades of a windshield and seat upgrade, my opinion is Classic

araragikoyomi99 says:

Gotta argue with you about the price point with a Harley. I got my 06 XL1200C for about 2 grand with 16k miles. Maybe someone else would consider that expensive, but for me, I’d say it was a pretty damn good deal.

Malek says:

You’d have to be a very rich beginner to be looking at a Bonneville Bobber…Probably could’ve made a better choice for this slot…something a bit more financially friendly

david maynard says:

I am new to riding and your channel has helped me with my confidence, I am a truck driver and I saw an accident the other day an it got me to thinking; a motorcycle was riding next to a truck in front of me rider was by the trailer tires and driver had a blow out and sent the rider into the median rider was ok but the bike was unridable, me and the driver stopped to make sure the rider was ok.
As a driver of big rigs I get service around motorcycles because they are hard to see

Jack Robinson says:

Nice to see someone recommend a lighter bike for beginners. Up where I live they all gotta have these huge land yachts with stage 22 kits in them. Been riding for over 40 years, all I’ve got is an old 04 Triumph, it gets my fat old ass down the highway just fine!

Bram Vandepoele says:

What about the Yamaha xv950r? I think it looks great. You think it’s good for a beginner?

6FeetDeep4U says:

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS is a bike that needs to be on any 1st bike list. Excellent ergos with the fitting system for your height & it’s quick enough to satisfy most people. Great gas mileage, light weight & abs brakes! I still think Harley should have been on the list, at least an 883. People make fun of it as a chicks bike, but its another great 1st bike. Very comfy, decent power for around town & a manageable weight. Plus you should be getting 50+mpg with it. If you could swing it, go for the 1200 custom with the larger gas tank. A MUST…. keep an eye on cycle trader for deals on new bikes. They were running brand new Honda Shadows for $5k or more. Pretty much any leftover from a previous year bike can be had at a significant savings. Still your best bet… Read up, all you can handle, any & all videos, but go on as many test rides as you can & find your own favorite. Then live happily ever after.

Motorcyclist says:

Any bike over 750 cc is too fast/powerful for a beginner.

cembandit says:

Agree on the Scout 60. I have a 6 speed scout. You can save around 3k with the 60. Its also 999cc so you may save insurance $ vs regular scout that is 1100cc. I went regular scout because I wanted the blue/white two tone ABS, and I can afford it. If money is an issue, the 60 is amazing. You can even get a 60 and a used Honda Rebel to practice on for the price of a regular 2 tone scout. Or buy gear.

Green Bullitt says:

HD Street Rod 750 ?

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