5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles of 2017!

What is the best beginner cruiser motorcycle of 2017?! Here is my opinion!

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Luciano Quezada says:

are harley touring bikes good for beginners

aravindF430 says:

beginner. really

Victor Reyes says:

Lol, ur recommending a shit HD , ur an idiot.

Joons World says:


TapisBack says:

Well I’m looking to start rideing but I don’t want a 600cc+ bike to learn on. How about some nice 250s for less than $5,000? I dont care about the whole, “If you ride anything under 1000 ccs your a pussy” that most asshole riders say.

yeldurmot says:

safer to start on a 125 imo but then again for cruisers a 125 is going to run slow as a motherfucker

Andrew Fennell says:

What about the Honda Shadow Phantom?? Seen a few used for around $5-6500

Eric Butterfield says:

Any of the 2010-current year Honda VT1300 custom line bikes would make great first time bikes as well.

Cesar Calcaneo says:

hey man what you think about the royal einfeild himalayan for a scrambler? regards from southeast México

Angel Symmetrika says:

A $10k liter bike is a good “beginner” bike? In what universe?

David Goldfeld says:

My first bike will be a Honda Grom and then i will buy a Harley V-Rod Special yup I am crazy

spiggidyyy says:

What chin mount are you using on the Bell Bullitt?

Epileptic Nun says:

Anything under 5k ;-;

Yoelvi Serrano says:

If you own a sporty and you ride with a passenger you need to check out this video oh my installation of a passenger seat, real cheap on amazon and really good quality https://youtu.be/SiHm09GRpzk

CaptHollister says:

The Suzuki S40 sells for less than the Rebel 500.

0TransAtlantic0 says:

Hey Dan, can you comment on the RAM phone mount that you have mounted on the Harley you’re riding in the video. I notice you aren’t using the rubber secondary retainer. How would you rate the performance of this mount at highway speeds without any sort of front fairing? I’m going to be purchasing a new motorcycle in a few weeks, and would love to hear an objective review on it. I use a RAM mount in my truck, but really want to know if I can trust putting a phone in it getting blasted by the wind at 70+ miles per hour.
Great video and some really nice camera work. Is there a link for purchasing through Amazon that credits to you? More than happy to support a fellow rider.
Keep the pegs up, and the wheels down!

rboniii says:

No Moto Guzzi’s?

John Perez says:

What kind of an idiot recommends a 1000 cc bike to a beginner. You do not know s**t!

NorthVan Larry says:

I have a Honda 750 Shadow Aero. I like it. I think that is also a cruiser.

ThePandagansta says:

What is the name.of the helmet you have ? Does it come with a mirror visor ?

TWmissionWT says:

How is 1000cc a beginner cruiser 😀

Trayvon Moore says:

can someone tell me what bike is in the thumbnail?

wwvette says:

David Jones

I Totally Agree With You! “This Uploading SOB Does NOT Have A Clue About Motorcycles, And Riding Them!!!”

Ride Safe Buddy, WW

Omar Ahmed says:

Honda Rebel over Honda Shadow 400cc? What’s your opinion?

Maureen Dow says:

Between the Honda Rebel 500 and the Kawasaki Vulcan S which would you think a person would be happiest with? I have been riding for 3 years and I am moving up to another bike. I don’t want to go above 650 cc. I have read a lot about both bikes. I just wondered which one impressed you more. I want to be able to do highway riding because my spouse has a R1200 GS BMW. We want to travel a lot.

Carison Wade says:

what kind of helmet is that white mirrored one?

Tommy Kelley says:

honestly i always thought craigslist bikes or used bikes were best for beginners. they don’t have to be great or exactly stylish as long as they met the need until you were ready to upgrade

Josh Lawler says:

I would love to have a late 90’s sportster but every bubba around here in Ohio thinks they deserve to get 5k for a 20 year old bike that’s ragged out. I would gladly pay a little more for an old sportster than an old japanese bike but that is just insanely price gouged in my opinion. If I could find one I would build mine almost exactly like yours. (Looking up sportster scramblers was what originally brought me here after all). Have a nice day and greetings from the boonies of Ohio, where the drunk guy playing spoons never stops, and neither does the construction.

lance schustereit says:

enjoy trying to sell an 883 when you want to upgrade

hamza kass says:

fore me yamaha bolt he is the one

Heya Xoxo says:

Indian all the way! The few and proud!

Adrian Wall says:

What jacket and helmet is that!!!

Sumit Jindal says:

why didnt u include hyosung aquila gv 650 pro in this list???…this is also the good option out there

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

“HD sportster is cheaper, it’s 9 thousand dollars”

You dont know the meaning of cheap do You?

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