5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles For Tall Riders 2017!

I did a video recently on the five best beginner cruiser motorcycles of 2017, and a lot of you have asked if those bikes would be good for tall riders. Some are, some aren’t. So I decided to do some research and find out what is the best beginner cruiser motorcycle for tall people. And that is what we are going to discuss today.

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► 5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles of 2017:

► Victory Motorcycles Shutting Down:

► The 2017 Suzuki Boulevard C50
► The 2017 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom
► The 2017 Victory Highball
► The 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse
► The 2017 Harley Davidson Low Rider S

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Mitch Clyman says:

Hey Dan , have you actually ridden some of these bikes? I wouldn’t recommend a beginner to drop $18k on a bike. I’m 6′ 1 230 lbs and would not not take a lo rider S or any of the S models. These were actually produced for shorter people. Put your feet down at a stop light and they’re half bent. In any case the S models sport the 110 engine, way to much HP for a beginner. Just my 2 cents.

Lil_Alchemist says:

Wow, I mean… I’m not early but, I’m not late either.. cool

NewZona Rides says:

I think the Yamaha Vstar should be on this list. Either the 1300 or the 950. Both are great bikes. I prefer them over the C50 or the Vulcan. I have ridden all three for a while. Buddy bought the C50, My Dad bought a Vstar and My buddies wife bought the Vulcan Custom.

Capsule Corp Anime Breakdown says:

how are 900cc’s good for beginners and $10k plus..Okay great advice

Ed Mathews says:

So at 6’4″, I guess I must look pretty ridiculous on my ’96 Honda VLX600.

Randy Schwanke says:

I have a 08 Vulcan 900 Custom, I am about 6′ 4″, and it is real comfortable. Only drawback, that skinny front tire don’t like going over about 60mph. Over that it don’t like.

Silversurfer Tim says:

This may sound stupid but are you a reel fire man if so that is very cool

Dean Dragon says:

I recommend a Harley Davidson fat Bob

ピーター says:

Are you in Arizona? Looks like it!

ricky ticky says:

Is there some unwritten code to wear 3/4 helmets in motorcycle add video’s? Seems like every cruiser company is trying to sell to hipsters lol

godwhomismike says:

Do one for us short folks. 😛

Marc Michael says:

maybe do some test rides

Mark Samek says:


Road Glider says:

Dan my man how tall are you?

Ian McPhee says:

Hi Dan
Very informative videos, thanks for posting them. I’m 6ft3in and I really like the Triumph America, or Thunderbird, and, although I appreciate it’s more of a bagger than a cruiser, the Moto Guzzi MGX-21 ‘Flying Fortress’. I know Moto Guzzi are a rare machine in the US, but if you get a chance have a look.
Keep up the good work!!

jason pollacek says:

Are any of the low rider models good or only the low rider s? I’m 6’8″ and bikes like the road king are far out of my price range.

Kevin Bowers says:

I understand why everybodies saying “starting on a 1700+ cc bike isn’t a good idea” but if we’re gonna try to protect everybody from themselves why not just put them in a cager and call it a day. I’ve been riding for all of 4 or 5 months now and I started on a 14′ Victory Vegas 8 ball. 1731 CC’s and I feel its plenty safe. 24 years old, haven’t killed myself yet. You can kill yourself at any speed. I’m a big advocate of buy once cry once. Buy something you actually want and are comfortable on, not something you’ll buy now and then be wishing for something bigger in a few months when you’re still making payments or can’t get your money back out of it. that’s just me. but you’re just as dead in a wreck at 70mph as you are at 100+. that’s just me though. in the mean time, rubber side down.

yousefah says:

This video is pointless. You say you did research to find the best beginner bikes for tall riders, but you didn’t even tell us why you chose the bikes. Are you tall, and have you driven each of the bikes on your list for at least more than an hour to find out? It isn’t just about seat height or handlebar position, it’s the combination of many factors that create a pleasing riding experience for a tall rider on a motorcycle. I’m 6’4″ and I just bought a Suzuki Gladius and it cramps my right leg and left hand, and the seat is uncomfortable. I watched this video thinking I’m going to come away with a useful list of bikes to check out, but I’m coming away empty handed.
On top of that, you ask us to subscribe within 15 seconds, and I click “show more” a gigantic list appears where you’re begging people to follow your social media and links to more of your videos. I recommend you focus on delivering actual good quality, well researched content, where you’ve personally tested the motorcycles, then I’ll actually subscribe. Good content makes people subscribe, not asking people to subscribe within 15 seconds and creating clickbait videos where you haven’t even tested any of the bikes.

Frag4U Rides says:

I wouldn’t exactly call the Indian Dark Horse a beginner bike, but it is a bada$$ machine.

Kalibac 357 says:

My Dear Victory

Matthew Carter says:

Nice stuff man, im 6’6” and have a lot of issues finding good fitting bikes.

ciprian boros says:

what about a review for FAT people’s bike? or just big fellas out here.

jrhunt414 says:

The chief dyna and victory are just too heavy and powerful for any beginner rider. Lighter more nimble bikes are better for beginners however finding cruisers that are light and nimble yet fit taller riders is more difficult. And no beginner should buy a new bike. I would look for a used bike that a tall rider owned and modified to suit them. A tall rider can always learn on a bike that’s too small but no one can learn on a bike that’s too big or too heavy. I’m 6’4 and I learned on an old Yamaha XJ650. Very tiny bike. Then I got a VStrom 650 and also bought a dyna street bob. I find that I can modify any bike to fit to an extent.

Harry Bosch says:

Nice bike.

Assassin81 says:

Nice video

javier madera says:

best used bikes for big and tall maybe on the low end for begineers under 5k

Lil96millie says:

the suzuki boulevard c50 is a great bike it was actually my first bike that i owned im 6 feet tall and its very comfortable mine was a 2006 but i dont know what all they have changed in the newer models but i know that older models like mine, the engine has more power for a 6th gear mainly to be able to ride on the interstate easier and more comfortable, after about 65 the engine is screaming probably around 4500rpm to 5k i dont know what the redline is because it doesnt have a rpm gauge but the engine revs high for such a slow speed and since they have a straight drive shaft and drum brakes in the rear all in one housing its a con because its not as simple as just changing a sprocket to help with the gearing problem, other than that its a great bike even for a beginner its very forgiving and walnt spin out of controll or pop off the ground at all and ive riden mine prity hard trying to see what it can do

Shadow 3091 says:

at 6’5 and 240, it’s hard to find a good tall person bike for beginners

chaosmucker says:

low rider s is not a beginner or a high ball

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