5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles for Short Riders!

Let’s talk about us short riders and cruisers. We need special treatment haha. So i decided to look up and talk about the 5 Best Cruisers for short riders! At the same time, these can also be the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners! They all had to be less than 650cc (to cut weight) and have a low seat height. Hope this helps some of you in the decision process. With that said, ride safe, and wear your gear.

► Yamaha V-Star 250:
► Honda Rebel 500:
► Harley Davidson Street 500:
► Kawasaki VULCAN® S ABS:
► Suzuki Boulevard S40:

► Footage in Background:

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Only 883 says:

Why I like the UK/EU ABS and security come standard.

Mr 11 says:

These bikes don’t have back seat for an extra passenger ?


good eye on picks for your video, functional, cost efficient and keeps the rider on that edge of improving their soon to be skills and not go broke in doing so.

DanDanTheFireman says:

Here is the best beginner cruiser motorcycles of 2017! https://youtu.be/kPmAFvO5-fU

swzarsa says:

Excellent review. You just cut down my “must try out list” to 5 bikes. Thanks!

Doug Wallis says:

? ?. . ? ? ? . ? . . ? . . . . . ? ? ? . ? . . ? . . . . . . ?

InnerCityX says:

smh why didnt you specify what actually counts as short/light. without a frame of reference its just extra words :/

ironcleat says:

Hey I’m 5ft 3, i was at Harley davidson checking out some bikes and loved the Iron 883, heard it was a great first bike for shorter riders and yet I’m still on my tiptoes, would you suggest lowering the bike or maybe just changing to a lower profiled seat? If so what kind of a seat. Thanks!

European American Vanguard says:

I started on a Honda VTX 1300c

christian ballard says:

Harley sportster 48. Is good. I’m 5ft 2. I just had them lower it an inch. My feet are flat on the ground. 1200cc

Silvertrigger says:

Thanks, man. Always dig your straightforward and succinct videos… this one in particular (i’m 5’5′). Waiting for the 2018 Rebel models to come out. Have been riding a Vespa GTS for five years now and I’m ready to upgrade. Keep up the great work!!

Ieuan Ritchie says:

Will you be doing one for tall raiders? I’m 6’3 and the Kawasaki Vulcan can also work for taller riders apparently


If I use the links I. Description can I search something on amazon and will it still help you if I go through the links in description

Austin K says:

Iv started on a 750 and its been perfect

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