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2018 Yamaha Star Venture Preview: http://www.ridersdomain.com/magazine/motorcycles/previews/yamaha-star-venture-preview-2018/

Yamaha wants you to go farther for longer with its transcontinental touring-ready Star Venture (starting at $24,999). The machine appeases motorcyclists desiring the traditional heritage of a V-Twin full dresser and provides all the modern amenities of a luxury touring motorcycle. You name it, the new Star Venture’s got it, with the Tuning Fork brand releasing what may be the most advanced heavyweight touring bike ever made…

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Travis Valentine says:

Rides in with Dress Shoes and Black Socks LMAO!!

brandon acevedo says:

Adam is that you?

Baird's Bikes Videos says:

That is a good looking bike. It looks mean.

Brian Martin says:

This thing is going to sell Like hot cakes I’m pretty damn sure

Jimmy Two Times says:


Red Ninja says:

I was interested in possibly buying one until I heard what engine they are using and boy did Yamaha ever drop the ball on this bike. Like Honda they took what was once the best touring bikes (the 83-87 Venture Royal) and completely destroyed it, like Honda did with the Valkyrie. The Japanese had perfected the 4 and 6 cylinder engines why would they even think they could compete with Hardley and go to 2 cylinders.  Hell even Hardley has warned people that they are going to look into 4 and 6 cylinder liquid cooled engines. They want to get out of this “old school” mentality and start building engines people will actually enjoy driving, and when they do I will… hell most of my friends and I will be in line for that bike.  Shit when Hardley comes out with a 4 liquid cooled engine and with the paint an electronics they already have it will devastate the Japanese market. So if any of the Japanese manufactures are reading the comments, be aware Honda and Yamaha now Ducati is owned by Hardly a 4 or 6 cylinder liquid cooled engine more powerful and faster than Gold Wing and Yamaha has ever produced  is coming. .but until then Honda Gold Wing has nothing to worry about.. Well off to buy  a Hardley

Robert Brenner says:

Hoffentlich kommt dieses Schiff auch nach Deutschland!

Kenterion says:

Wow – wow – wow! One of the most beautiful and interesting designs ever made! And definitely best looking bike made recently. Nothing else even comes close. An era of state of art designs is finally coming? Hopefully!

Mehmet Ali AVCI says:

does anyone know whether or not the bike has passed euro4 emissions test? I do plan to buy this bike if it will be on market in europe..

89342 Mike says:

957 lbs…. any reverse gear???

Helenea Isambert says:

Wow. That’s one ugly bike

Ahmet Hanay says:

Bunla ne paket atilir ama

bikeboy0012 says:

Motorcycle prices are a joke all around.

Marco Debart says:

that’s some fugly ish

Dean Nederhoff says:

Its about time they bring the venture cruiser back.i had an 83 2 tone gold venture royal.loved that bike

Shinyo Yamamoto says:

微妙にダサい GL?ハーレー? 真似バイク 器用なバイク屋さんのイメージが払拭できないね こんな風にするならもっと前衛的に作ればいいのにノスタルジーな感じを残したかったのかそうなったのか どっかで見たことあるようなバイクだね

Joe Schlabotnick says:

Just too big, too heavy, and too expensive. Cool though.

Jc Carole says:

Copie de harley electra glide

infinite monkeys says:

1:16 Subsidiary. 5 syllables, not 4.

Noob Hooligan says:


rob wells says:

wow very ñicę bike

Scott Collins says:

Nice looking cycle, but not one of my favorites! I got to ride the STRATOLINER DELUXE a few years ago, and I fell in love with that bike! I really wish YAMAHA still made the STRATOLINER DELUXE! Beautiful sounding motor…and RELIABLE AS HELL!!!

Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299 says:

It looks very nice is it heavy?

Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299 says:

Does it sound as good as a Harley?

Angel Torres says:

Beautiful but I want it

Mark H says:

Well it’s not a Harley it’s much better but not helping American Economy ?? Video lacks two things we never heard it run and NO PRICE

butcher bill says:

When Yam’ create a bike that looks better than any Victory or Indian….

Jessee Michael says:

At this price, why would it not be liquid cooled?

Milan Vasic says:

2 words….GOLDWING

Frank India says:

Great looking bike, and for the guys that like the big twin touring rigs this is another great choice.  One of the features that many comfort and control seeking riders now seem to want is ‘dynamic’ suspension…(suspension that automatically adjusts to road conditions as you ride).  I don’t see any mention of that on this bike, which makes me wonder if Yamaha didn’t think it important or desirable for some reason.  Their FJ1300 hundred has it as an option, but no mention of it for this bike. I have to say I think at this price point it should have been included, or at least as an option.   It wouldn’t keep me from considering this bike however as it’s that nice of a total package as is.

Fábio Muzi says:

aí já acho melhor um carro…

speedytoo says:

Air cooled, Vtwin, belt drive, 900lbs, and it’s a Yamaha. Terrible MPG and range. What a joke if I wanted an outdated motorcycle I’d buy a Harley. This bike is a loser plain and simple

Wisam Frm. says:

Awesome bike

Peter Lamoureux says:

I’d prefer a liquid cooled V4

classic company says:

woow it so amazing thanks to yamaha company i will love to have one

Sub Sonic says:

Battle Ship

Helsing says:

That’s going to look very nice next to my new ’17 R6 !

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