2018 Indian Scout Bobber Ride Review

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Review

This is my first impressions of riding an Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber 2018 model. And what a positive impression it made.

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Special thanks to Josh and the team at Indian Motorcycle.

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chuckyz2 says:

The only review that say it leans. Obviously there is something off. Rider not balanced. Wheels not mounted properly. The bikes are balanced and this one just needs some minor tuning if it isn’t the rider.

Dapper Dan says:


Kevin Tunaley says:

I ride a sportsbike, are you not supposed to counter steer a cruiser bike ?

Wesley Sanders says:

The lean to the right seems to come from new tires, and should balance out after a while.

Oleg Aguirre says:

Look so amazing but that sound sucks

keratubes says:

I tested one today to see if it was just a beautiful bike or a “real” bike. I can confirm the bike is gorgeous.

Ernest Lemonway says:

Ehat are those doodles on the road? Awesome review btw.

akcream says:

So does it tell you when youre about to dun outta gas?

Jonathan Sanchez says:

Does it have a gauge or something to tell you how much gas you have in the tank?

Sixchuter Hatesgoogle says:

The bike doesn’t lean when you let go of the bars. Try not pushing on the right foot-peg. The bike is very nimble and will lean either way if you push on the foot pegs.

MickMaan says:

How the heck do you insure these things? I’m looking to get my bike license this year and am looking around for bikes I like the looks of for the future, this Scout being one of them, when I have a few years experience behind me. Putting 5 years riding history and 9+ years NCB (from my car) in to quote sites I am getting ridiculous quotes coming back to me. I don’t wanna be riding a 125 for 10 years. What’s going on here?

cvsisinthehouse says:

Love the English slang- Crackin’, Brilliant, and Pony? Got to ride one of these myself mate. Nice review.

Volebien says:

that counter steer would be a no no for me but everything is great it seems. Just that this counter steer would make my back ache so much.

Luis Freitas says:


Specialized 29er says:

Very sexy.

TheLastLordOfEmber says:

can anyone tell me the name of the intro song . moto has such good music on this videos but no song names xD

A Rational Gentleman says:

Looks bloody fantastic. I might have shifted from getting a Harley to an Indian considering pricing and the great aesthetic.

S G says:

Love these bikes, they look so good. Only thing I’d do is wrap the exhaust pipe (not the muffler) with Kevlar for a contrast I colour against all that flat black, and offers your leg a bit of comfort.

Clint Beastwood says:

Would this Make a good book for a beginner?

Harry Bath-Barranco says:

Didn’t realise you could get these in the UK.

okrum says:

You sound so much like like Tim Canterbury from the office !! Timmmmbo 🙂 Great review btw.

eric heine says:

It’s a big motor man.
Iron American Dream on YouTube.

ron weasley says:

And harley win

John Smith says:

The scout is the only Indian that doesn’t look completely retarded. Those signature front fenders on all the other models look like a cartoon snail shell. This bike actually looks sharp.

LoversLane4Me says:

Thank you for all the details captured in your year drive

krishna kant vyas says:

good work

Neal Beard says:

Irksome voice.

Jim Foster says:

What does very pony mean

Whiskey Groove says:

Nice run through and great video. I noticed a gas light indicator on the speedo? Did they add the gas indicator for 2018?

Mike Owen says:

As a longtime offroader, the pegs are too far forward .. you can’t weight the outside peg if the rear slides

Viker Rhamnosus says:

Very nice review.  A bit wary of that lean, but nice job overall.

Fakkoo63 A says:

Good concise review unlike most of them on YouTube .

Lance Wright says:

I’ve literally watched this video like 6 times. Your review is one of the reasons I’m buying it! This was also the first videos of yours I watched. I was subscribed to DanDanTheFireman and when he mentioned you I thought, “Hey that was the guy who reviewed the Bobber…if DanDan recommends his channel I’ll have to subscribe”. Glad I did too!

John Izzo says:

Would this be a good bike for a first bike? Considering getting my first bike and I’m really into this one

Soldier Of Light says:

That is a gorgeous little bike! ON THE REAL! I would pick this over the sporty.

Pradeep Singh says:

Tell me the price

Just A Man says:

how the hell do they release a bike that veers right by default?

2manysecrets says:

But nothing will ever again have the sound and feel of classic motorcycles.
Sure reliabilty etc are far superior, but all new bikes have that electric honda sort of sound and feel. Personality?
1000x more efficient, but I’d prefer an old shovelhead flh anyday.

Brilliant design and bike though. Well done Indian

Autist Memes says:

He said straight away,it’s stock. It’s a beast when it’s tuned to your liking,the counterbalance is off but easily fixable.

Balken Kreuz says:

How would you compare this beauty against Harley’s 2018 Fat Bob?

Lordjanuz Lord says:

nice video

noel neenan says:

The lean to the right is 100% due to the big heavy stock exhaust! I just changed mine out for some Bassani 3″ slash cut, half the size probably half the weight. Totally balanced the bike up, no pull to the right anymore.

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