2018 Big Dam Bagger Shootout: Indian Chieftain Dark Horse vs. Harley-Davidson Road Glide vs

BMW K1600 B vs. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse vs. Kawasaki Vaquero vs. Harley-Davidson Street and Road Glides vs. Moto Guzzi MGX-21 vs. Yamaha Eluder

The Big Dam Tour was originally conceived as a multi-day moto-carouse way up to Northern California, where we’d swoop by a few of the state’s many impressive dams, including Shasta and Oroville, as an excuse to ride like maniacs over some great roads. The exigencies of the modern workplace, however, dictated an overnight blast to Hoover Dam via Death Valley – a ride of about 300 miles each way. Actually that’s probably just about right for a “bagger,” which is really just this side of a touring bike, and built for just such overnight hauls as well as around-town use and commuting. Mr. Hoover’s dam is also Los Vegas-adjacent, where a quick search for cheap accommodations had us booked into the Hooters Casino and Hotel quicker than Dirty Sean could say “hot wings.”

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Al Lamano says:

Good review. My only issue is those that chose the BMW kept stating it was the most like a sportbike. Since they are baggers, and those that buy one of these bikes are looking for a bagger, I don’t think that should be a reason to choose it. But that’s my opinion and I didn’t do the review. The information given was quite useful though.

shegocrazy says:

Is the HP on the Eluder real or a misprint? 75hp with a 1850cc motor?

Northern Rider says:

Socialism fails every time knucklehead. You opened that can of worms. Here we go… MAGA

44tszal says:

F6B anyone?

Anders D says:

Seven guys, riding T baggers, by themselves in the desert, no women around…Hmmm…unless they’re planning an invasion of a small Caribbean country this looks like a gay pride parade to me…

Joe Nobles says:

Have to say it would be a BMW it’s made in Germany and they back up what they say tell Harley your not gone yet what you waiting for see ya

steve villemaire says:

where is the Honda Goldwing

BassasaurusRex says:

I think every person made about three votes at the final vote section. Way to be decisive, guys.

Larry Egnor says:

The only two Baggers I saw in the whole video was the Road Glide and the street glide. The other bikes are just well s***

Scott Edwards says:

Socialist word drop. Exited video.

Zaco6.0 says:

Harley’s also have the self adjustable mono shock… so the rider hitting hard in the rear is y’all fault

biggyrat57 says:

Goldwing hands down

Richard Mccain says:

I pick the Vaquero as the winner. Why the Vaquero? 1. Price 2. Water cooled 3. Technology ahead of Harley and Indian 4. Cheap to upgrade. 5. $350 ECU flash by Ivan in NY. 6. Extended warranty only 700 bucks for six years 7. Looks as good as any of the others 8. My money is on the Kawasaki.

Matrox One says:

Motorcyclcle.com….depends on who’s stock they dumped there money into this week as to who the winner is. Fake News. Consumer Reports is famous for that.

Luiz Carlos Laba says:

Absolutely NO QUESTION if I liked the video, this is awesome…
I am in the market for three of the bikes you guys rode…
Road Glide
Star Eluder
NOW…number one looks goes for the Eluder, second the Road Glide and third the K16B, but according to all reviews read, the Eluder was a mistake by yamaha in many ways and that scared me as many people are saying the depriciation is going to be HUGE, the Road Glide is the REALLY NICE being a Harley, but TOO expensive and little technology comparing to the others, and BMW the techiest, power, comfort, but do not look like a bagger, even though I am a sports bike guy, but I am now 52 years of age and I want a CHANGE.
Dificult choices to make…I love the ELUDER, I like the Road Glide and I care for the BMW, but that does not solve my problem…
Thanks a lot guys…

Little Switzerland says:

I’d buy the Indian, BMW and Eluder. Harley’s are garbage, they’re Yugo’s of the motorcycle world.

Doug Jr JAKUBOWSKI says:

Too bad they didn’t do a Honda in this test. The Wing is hard to beat!

Richard Mccain says:

I don’t know why the BMW is in here with all theses V-twins. Honda and BMW need to build a V-twin .

shegocrazy says:

Pity Triumph didn’t make a true bagger out of the Thunderbird or Rocket platform. Euro emission regulations have put an end to that idea unless they do a (rumoured) makeover.

Jim says:

if I weren’t an old school Harley die-hard I’d get the Beemer too.

Jeron Campbell says:

Which is best and/or most comfortable for taller/bigger guys. I’m 6’4 and 270. I’m also a beginner rider, though middle aged and could get any of these that was right for me. I liked the Indian and BMW comments. Just want to avoid the tricycle look! Thanks to anyone that offers suggestions.

Indy Vin says:

Never trust a fat guy with glasses

George says:

There REALLY IS an ass for every seat!

AnglerX says:

They’re all sweet bikes but I’d say if you plan on doing some trips I highly doubt you’d get the same dealer support from any of these manufactures other than Harley, that was a big reason (other than I love the Road Glide) I bought a 2018 Road Glide Special. I also have had 08 Yamaha 1300 V Star I bought new and both Yamaha dealers here locally could care less about Yamaha bikes. In fact I asked about the new Yamaha at the dealer I bought mine from and he didn’t know anything about them!!!

kidluk says:

Is there a full dresser version of this shoot out eg Road Glide Ultra, Gold Wing, Star Venture TC etc. Thanks

Randemonium says:

Not really interested in this type of bike, but found the video interesting, if you know what I mean? Some of these bikes are not available in the UK – I guess they are more appropriate for the US roads.

max imod says:

Like bmw

Daniel Clint says:

Odd that the 2018 Honda Gold Wing was not included. I think the 2018 Gold Wing with its wonderful front suspension would be number one hands down.

Gary Thomas says:

Unfortunately, while BMW makes a very beautiful reliable bike, they are boring. Just. Boring.

I really wanted to like the Indian. In fact I did. Except for the front suspension, which wallows like a whale in a tanker’s wake. Both the harleys are better, as is the Guzzi. Haven’t ridden the Eluder yet. Indian needs to decide that it’s not a rebranded Yamaha for me to spend the money on it.

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