2017 Honda Rebel 300 ABS Review of Specs | Motorcycle / Cruiser Walk-Around | CMX300AH

2017 Honda Rebel 300 ABS Review / Detailed Specs including HP / TQ, Weight, MPG, Pricing and more at http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2017-rebel-500-review-specs-cruiser-motorcycle-bobber-bike-cmx500

● 2017 Honda Rebel 300 ABS
• Model ID: CMX300AH
• MSRP: $4,399 (ABS $4,699)
• Colors: Black
• Colors non ABS: Black, Matte Pearl White, Matte Silver Metallic, Red

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GenX228 says:

I want it… Can someone buy for me…thanks in advance.

Oscar Ramos says:

do they make a 50 cc rebel. 300cc is too much. lol

Lucky Wize says:

beautiful baby
but the price is gone crazy in my country, too bad

John Scott says:

Damn that’s a cool bike

ravi gupta says:

waiting for it to arrive in India

DoubleEdgedSword3 says:


Kalash Operator says:

I’m thinking of getting one for my first bike. What do you think?

Joshua Clark says:

Would this be a good first bike for someone thats 4ft 8in ?

Gabbos Ironfist says:

test ride them both please

Mr. McMan says:

Idk if I should get this or shadow.

Jeremy DiPilato says:

I live in Hawaii and my dealership charges $1500 on top of msrp, is that too much?

Variety Of Music says:

It’s beautiful <3

Kunal k says:


ItsNyxdrah says:

Great review! Honestly impressed with the new Rebel. Sure it’s still a 300 but I think it looks better than the og 250’s. Maybe include a test ride with the review! Thanks

Alonso Valenzuela says:

Why are the tires gigantic

sly tacit says:

Wow my dream bike

Alan Hayward says:

If it’s water cooled, it should have a temp gauge. It should of been fitted with a belt drive also and the ignition switch location, is a joke right? Major Honda fail…

metro7416 says:

Is there a way to tell ABS from non-ABS from just looking at it?

shea stanford says:

Hope I can get this. Probably gonna be my first bike for the cross country trip me and my dad have planned

spambryan17 says:

Only thing I hate on the 300/500 is the too quiet of a ride.

Yoko Kurama says:

Does the 500 vibrate less when doing highway speeds?

queens alx says:

It sucks that motorcycles are heavily frowned upon in the United States. I’d definitely want one over a car

Least_Square says:

fuck me thats a nice bike

Halverdog says:

I have the original Rebel 250 84 MPG so doesn’t cost much to ride around but this new Rebel sure looks good Thanks for video Awesome bike

Ronnie says:

cute little bike, I love it

Gordon Tickle says:

I bought my wife a new Rebel 300cc this year she loves it, Prior to that she had a Honda PCX 150. we paid THB 150k that’s about $4,500. great review Thanks.

Shanmuga Vel says:

when will it launch in India and price for 300cc kindly update

megytetra fauzan arnold says:

i see plastic radiator

Darrell Eidse says:

it is the so fugly with that tank sitting so high above the frame or else I would have one

Riek Opo says:

I really wanted to hear the engine compared to the 500. Please charge the battery.

Buwsur says:

Bilp Clinton male motorcycle vids?

Debiprasad Mishra says:

Why you sad bro? XD

Steven Benitez says:

Since when did Bill Clinton review bikes?

akshay thakar says:


Jon C says:

getting this as my first bike. I’m a smaller gut, 5’7 150lbs. Sat on this at the local store and it felt great. Very light. I could touch the ground flat. Very comfortable seat.

davedalessandro8189 Dalessandro says:

I just love this bike!

ZIPPER says:

hey nice walkaround. i like the slower paced style. dont change it.

Mati Garcia says:

Es hermosa

Drpks _0005 says:

When it is supposed to be launched in India.?

Hailey Phillips says:

These good starting bikes ? And cruising bikes?

Felipe González says:

Great review. I cant wait have one for myself

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